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Member of Knesset Moshe Feiglin (Likud).

I don’t understand how Knesset Members from the Jewish Home and the more nationalist Likud members do not stop the horror of the torture of the Duma suspects. After all, they are severely torturing the children of your constituents. There is no excuse for this. They are not suspected of being ‘ticking bombs’ or anything even similar to that.

In a coalition of 61 Knesset Members, it takes only one person to topple the government and to stop the horror. And you are not doing it.


Not only are the lives of these boys and their sanity on your shoulders. The future of the State of Israel depends on your vote.

What kind of Sodom has the State brought upon us? What kind of state will be left after this horror, taking place with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’?

Today it is the Left torturing the Right. Tomorrow the Right will torture the Left. As long as it is all with the authorization and oversight of the ‘law’…

When it was necessary, I voted against the Coalition (when they released terrorists and on additional matters of principle). Why can’t you do the same now? The government and the Defense Minister are perpetrating this horror with your vote!

Not one of you can say, “The Coalition enjoys a majority even without me.” Even if the Opposition would support the continued administrative detention and torture (and it won’t) at least the blood would not be on your account.

If the Right was in the Opposition today, this horror would not be taking place.


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Moshe Feiglin is the former Deputy Speaker of the Knesset. He heads the Zehut Party. He is the founder of Manhigut Yehudit and Zo Artzeinu and the author of two books: "Where There Are No Men" and "War of Dreams." Feiglin served in the IDF as an officer in Combat Engineering and is a veteran of the Lebanon War. He lives in Ginot Shomron with his family.


  1. The only ones using the word torture are the detainees and their supporters. These charges have been checked out over and over by different bodies. Many of the statements are outright fallacies. There is a big difference between torture and perhaps stern or vigorous. I’m sure it was not pleasant but torture ? The word is being used to inflame the masses and is doing a good job of it

  2. I wonder what you would say if this were one of YOUR children! If they haven’t found proof to put these young people on trial after all of this time, it is highly unlikely that they are guilty of anything untoward. Firstly, at the time, arabs/moslems in the neighborhood of the Duma family said that there was another family who was feuding with the Dumas. Secondly, there was another incident a week or two later with the Duma family…AFTER these Jewish kids were taken into custody. Thirdly, people said that the Duma home was fenced in and that only arabs/moslems who knew the neighborhood well could figure out how to even get into the property to set the fire…that Jews who don’t live there couldn’t figure this out quickly enough without being seen by locals. This is a TRAVESTY OF JUSTICE! SHAME ON ISRAEL!!!

  3. I have heard that they will be charged soon and then the evidence will be public knowledge Vital information has been shared with many government and religious figures who were initially dubious until seeing the evidence and then changed their words. I can understand the feelings of a parent but they are not helping the child by denying whatever turns out to be the truth. It is very hard to imagine a parent involved in a child’s life to have no inkling of his associates, activities and ideas

  4. They have not been allowed to see a lawyer, a rabbi, or a family member. You're right, we have no proof (yet) that they have been torturered. We do have the testimony of one boy who got to see a family member for a few minutes (since he was a minor, and since he had already signed a "confession") that he was definitely tortured, and so were his friends. The Geneva convention defines rules for prisoners of war. These fellows are not enemy soldiers; they are Israeli citizens. Actually, some of them don't count as "citizens" yet because they are under 18, a fact which should entitle them to more, not less, protection. I doubt the Geneva convention s relevant in this case.

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