Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib / Flash 90
In keeping with its long-standing policy of funding anyone who seeks to destroy Israel or kill Jews, Iran has decided to pay stipends to the families of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip who were killed during attacks on Israel.

Kite and balloons make for primitive weapons. But they are working wonderfully against us. The Arabs know we are too obsessed with world opinion to take out the “kids” launching them. They know the ultra-liberal chief of staff, Gadi Eizenkot, will never allow the army to respond normally. They know both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Defense Minister Lieberman support a policy of restraint.

And so, the most powerful military force in the region is chasing its tail without any end in sight, unable to prevent Arabs from literally torching southern Israel.


The solution to the problem is rather simple: Expel the people launching the terror kites and balloons together with the population supporting them. For it’s not the balloons and kites that are the problem. It’s the people using them to murder Jews.

In the United States, people often regard the economy as the single most important factor in politics. But Israel is not America. Bibi can wave his impressive economic card, but if recent polls are any indication, every balloon launched from Gaza is popping Bibi’s political balloon.

Israelis are not buying this nonsense about “purity of arms” or a policy of restraint orchestrated by timid politicians who show mercy – the mercy of fools – so as not to anger non-Jews.

The majority of Israelis want to see a creative and bold leadership neutralizing the Arab threat, not merely responding by taking out balloon and kite warehouses. They want blood for blood and an end to this madness.

Right now, Israel destroys balloons, so the Arabs send kites. Brilliant Jewish scientists discover a method to reroute the kites, so the Arabs move on to drones. Before that, the Arabs built tunnels. Israeli geniuses found a method to detect the tunnels, so the Arabs launched rockets above the ground. Israel then invented the Iron Dome, so the Arabs set off the Iron Dome with machine gun fire, causing damage to Jewish homes close to the border.

Israel spends millions on fences and walls? The Arabs cut the fences and infiltrate into Israel. Israel builds obstacles under the ground? The Arabs send naval commandos to swim into Israel. Israel spends millions to create a water obstacle course to prevent terrorist-swimmers from easily reaching Israeli shores? The Arabs move on to vehicular ramming and knifings.

There is only one solution to Arab terror and that is expelling the hostile enemy. Simultaneously Israel must create an open-door unlimited Jewish settlement policy in Gaza and South Lebanon. Courageous Jews must be permitted to return to these buffer zones and create a security belt to protect the rest of Israel.

Let the Arabs know that when they raise a finger against a Jew, they risk losing that finger, and the rest of their hand too. And when they commit terror, they risk losing territory. Let them know there are consequences for their actions.

Before the Jews were expelled from Gaza, The Committee for a Referendum asked Israelis which type of expulsion they preferred: An expulsion of Jews from Gaza and Northern Shomron or an expulsion of hostile Arabs. The overwhelming majority of the more than 100,000 respondents said they supported the expulsion of Arabs, not Jews.

Unfortunately, the government of Israel never bothered to ask the people their opinion. The rest is history. The Arabs used the very lands Israel gave them in 2005 to more effectively launch rockets, balloons, tunnel terror, and beach-front terror.

Last month marked 25 years since the signing of the shameful Oslo Accords. We must reverse course. Surrendering land and other appeasement tactics simply don’t work! Israel has no choice but to retake the areas it ceded in the past. And expel the Arab enemy. There is no other way.