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I read all the recent pieces you have carried on energy healing, and Rabbi Noson Leiter is absolutely correct. The practitioners of energy healing are utilizing an avodah zarah technique for which we are commanded to forfeit our lives rather than benefit from.

That Mr. Blum is, according to his own testimony, “shomer Shabbos, tefillin-wearing Jew” is totally irrelevant. The early Christians also wore tefillin and kept Shabbos. A meisis u’meidiach also keeps mitzvos. A navi sheker who is able to make miracles but tells you to practice idolatry also wears tefillin and keeps Shabbos.


All that is meaningless because “kol hamodeh b’avodah zarah k’ilu kofer b’chol hatorah kulah.” We are not discussing some minor point in kashrus or tznius or frumkeit. We are talking about the most severe prohibition in our entire religion!

Avraham Avinu battled the civilized world to reestablish the belief in one God. Both he and Channia, Mishoel, and Azariah, were tossed into a furnace for this belief. Countless of Jews throughout history have forfeited their lives rather than accept avodah zarah.

The testimonial miracle cures referred to by Mr. Blum and Dr. Slaten are no different than the miracles performed by the navi sheker, which the Torah warns us not to be misled by.

Mr. Blum’s claim that he is utilizing a force created by Hashem is of course true.  Everything is created by Hashem. But he is not appealing to Hashem for a cure. He is trying to use Eastern Religion idolatrous concepts, which is prohibited by G-d.

I am afraid that in the absence of a Sanhedrin, we must assume that Rabbi Leiter’s position is correct. Any wine touched by Mr. Blum must be treated like yayin nesech and any kisvei kodesh written by him must be burned.

If one doesn’t want to wait for a Sanhedrin, then convene a beis din of truly extraordinary recognized poskim. I would propose the two sitting Israeli chief rabbis along with Rav Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, Rav Yitzchok Zilberstien, Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Hershel Schachter, Rav Yonassan Sacks, and maybe a few others whose halachic decisions are recognized and respected.

Let the two sides present information and have this beis din study the issue for a week and issue a psak halacha for Klal Yisrael. We owe it to Hashem to treat this topic with the utmost attention and halachic discipline.


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Dr. Yacov Tendler practices Internal Medicine in Rockland County. He graduated from RIETS and Yeshiva College and Albert Einstein College of Medicine and did military duty in Israel as a flight surgeon in the IDF. He is a son of Rabbi Moshe Tendler.