Photo Credit: Flash 90
Israeli police shoot tear gas to disperse Arab rioters throwing rocks in Isawiya, October 2014. (archive)

Deterrence has two prerequisites: (1) overwhelming military power, and (2) the will to use it ruthlessly.

Israel has the power, but the leaders of Israel’s government lack the will. By the “government” we mean the political and military echelons.


Apart from obtaining crucial information, Israel’s security forces should eliminate any apprehended Arab terrorist. Even former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, when asked what should be done to terrorists, replied: “Kill them!”

Deterrence will also be improved on the streets of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv when the IDF mission in Gaza is to completely eliminate any vestige of terrorist groups, such as Hamas. The policy of “self-restraint” should be limited to children.

Arab rock-throwers should be charged with the crime of attempted murder. By being lenient with minor offenses, the government only encourages major offenses. It was by applying this commonsense teaching that former New York Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani drastically curtailed crime in that multi-ethnic city. Arabs need to know that they will no longer be mollycoddled, indeed, that the standards of civilized behavior will be applied to them as to any other citizen of Israel. To do otherwise is tantamount to racism!

Therefore, any Arab citizen of Israel who aids or abets Arab terror attacks should be stripped of his citizenship and of all benefits accruing to Israeli citizens.

Arab students in Israeli colleges and universities who engage in demonstrations in support of any terrorist organization, or who call for Israel’s destruction, will forfeit his student status and emoluments and be subject to criminal prosecution.

It should be known to Arab citizens of Israel that any Arab that perpetrates or aids a terrorist attack against any citizen of Israel, whether the latter is Jewish or non-Jewish, will forfeit his or her home. And if that home was used as a haven for any terrorist, it will be destroyed.

Further, if the Palestinian Authority encourages Arabs to commit acts of terror against the State of Israel or any of its Jewish or non-Jewish citizens, it will forfeit any and all tax and other privileges it enjoys under Israel law.


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Professor Paul Eidelberg (Ph.D. University of Chicago) is a political scientist now residing in Jerusalem. He has drafted a Constitution for the State of Israel. His primary interest is the convergence of science and Torah. His magnum opus is "Rescuing America from Nihilism: A Judeo-Scientific Approach" (Lightcather 2014).


  1. The propositions outlined in this article make a lot of sense, and they should be applied. I don't know how feeding the beast is helping. I commend Israel for showing such restraint against such violence, but you can only hug your enemies so many times before they finally stick a dagger in your back.

  2. Of course,I agree but this is still not sufficient. Rock throwers should be deported to ramallah as well as student demonstators and their parents HELD RESPONSIBLE AND GIVEN HUGE FINES THEY CAN PAY ONLY SELLING THEIR HOUSES SO THAT THEY CAN BE DEPORTED TO RAMALLAH AS WELL ONCE THEY HAVE NO RESIDENCE IN ISRAEL ANY LONGER. AND OF COURSE THEIR HOUSES GIVEN OR SOLD CHEAP TO JEWS.

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