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What can one say about Europe? I imagine that if one wants to be bitterly truthful one could easily say that Hitler has in effect triumphed. He branded the Jews as the root of all troubles and proclaimed that the “final” and only solution to the “Jewish problem” was to eradicate all Jews from the face of the earth. And as we all know, he followed through on his genocidal program.

A great deal of Europe, its leaders, intellectuals, and common folk, willfully and almost gleefully cooperated in this genocide. Many did it actively while many more Europeans did it passively.


Once the extent of the horrors of the Holocaust were revealed after the war ended, this irrational and pathological hatred of the Jews went underground. After all, it was too shameful to admit that the continent that prided itself on the advancement of civilization could be guilty of such organized government-sponsored inhumanity and cruelty.

So most Europeans shielded themselves from any true feelings of guilt by simply stating that they were ignorant as to what was occurring. The Vatican and other Christian churches aided many Nazis and other war criminals in escaping from Europe and settling rather comfortably in other continents, notably South America.

As penance for their atrocious behavior, many European countries, though not all, voted for the establishment of the state of Israel and granted the nascent nation diplomatic and sometimes even economic recognition and help. There the matter seemed to rest during the decade of the 1950s.

But Israel, always being the burr under the world’s saddle, would not let the matter rest. The wound was too deep and raw and the world would not be allowed to so easily forget what had happened.

In 1960 Israel captured Adolf Eichmann and placed him on trial for his crimes against the Jewish people and humanity. The trial, which lasted almost a year, revealed in a stark and graphic way what had happened to the Jewish people on European soil from 1939 to 1945. It was not only Eichmann and the Nazis who were the defendants in that most bruising and bitter trial, but also, in a very real sense, Europe itself.

And when Eichmann was found guilty and executed for his crimes, Europe, at least subliminally, was also judged to be guilty and complicit in the horror of the Holocaust. Europe has never forgiven Israel for the trial and verdict. It is well aware that it is guilty but can never own up to that guilt.

In line with its time-honored obsession with the Jewish people and its innate necessity to scapegoat Jews for all of Europe’s problems, Europeans have turned their enmity, in an unremitting fashion, against the Jewish state. Israel is pilloried and boycotted, delegitimized and isolated, while the noble Palestinians – formenters of worldwide terrorism, intifadas and recurring wars – are worthy of diplomatic recognition, media support, financial aid, and moral justification.

This is Europe’s revenge against the Jews for surviving the Holocaust and thereby instilling the unease and guilt that Europe feels toward Jews, Judaism, and the Jewish state.

To use a Christian phrase, Europe is sorely in need of redemption. Catholic countries such as Ireland, Portugal, and Spain have not digested the lessons of history vis-à-vis the relationship between the Church and the Jews over the centuries.

Leftists, meanwhile, refuse to deal with the oppression and anti-Semitism that Marxism, the Soviet Union, and the Left in general has inflicted on European and world Jewry.

European countries are again banning circumcision and kosher slaughter, all in the name of some lofty ideals of infant and animal rights. All of this naturally occurs against the backdrop of rampant child abuse and slaughter of humans, the repression of women, the elimination of minorities, and other pernicious facets of intolerant social norms that characterize Palestinian and Islamic society.


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Rabbi Berel Wein is an internationally acclaimed scholar, lecturer, and writer whose audiotapes on Torah and other Jewish subjects have garnered a wide following, as have his books, which include a four-volume series on Jewish history. Formerly an executive vice president of the Orthodox Union and rabbinic administrator of the OU’s kashrus division, he founded Yeshiva Shaarei Torah of Rockland in 1977 and moved to Israel in 1997.


    These continue a war against women that started with a coward serpent attacking Eve in the Garden , avenged by The Lamb , though the BLESSED Virgin Mary and HER JEWISH PEOPLE , NOW the defeated serpent responded by hand selecting Mohammed the pedophile to bring his revenge upon all women young women virgin women and the nation of Israel for their part in IT’S DEFEAT , as one of my BELOVED new sister responded , wait L the White never defeated the serpent , not sure if she meant my LORD or not , but I pointed out to her that even as Mohammed tasted death immediately with the poison , but suffered for a long time and agony and pain and misery awaiting on final death , during this time , Mohammed’s followers propped up his nearly lifeless body to convince his followers to complete his agenda , in the same manner followers of the serpent profits lifeless body up to convince us that it was not defeated but much like Mohammed only one awaiting a final judgment , do Muslims openly admit that Mohammed was defeated by a Jewish woman who also brought a gift of a lamb and the lamb also did all the work and defeating Mohammed do Muslims admit this ? NO they do not and likewise neither do the serpents followers admit that he actually was defeated why for deception deception deception , now God uses a woman a Jewish woman to again defeat the followers of the serpent ,The LAMB of God is victorious rejoice rejoice rejoice this is the hope of the Christians this is the fate of the Christians that our enemy has been defeated this is the information that we must share with our sister beloved Israel , so they may know that we both have victory and then the following thing will happen
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  2. Don't generalize: Europeans are NOT ALL anti-semites, just because their media and many politicians are. Most Europeans do NOT trust their lefty media or their politicians. Israel ought to wage a much more forceful information campaign to debunk lies and half-truths. The IL Govt. ought to look into ways to hold the Ha-Aarets types accountabe for their supplying EU media with biased info. And use harsher methods to hinder EU (and US) reporters from entering Gaza and the PA from Israel to then spread Arab lies and libelous statements – from their cosy hotels in J-lem.

  3. Jews made the blunder in ancient time to call in romans to help them fight the greeks and it all ended with titus as we alknow! Jews seem to have made the same blunder when they called in the french in the 60s to help them and france turned against Israel and since it found it was not strong enough to destroy Israel called in all of europe help france weaken Israel so arabs could destroy it(they used the same method with the nazis in the 30s).However we are lucky france and europe are DECANDENT and will not be able to make it wqhile rome was at its top at the first century. They will probably bring about ww3 and destroy themselves which could well be IMMANENT JUSTICE after all.

  4. Thank you Rabbi Wein for stating the truth…and stating it so concisely and accurately. People seem to turn a blind eye…but the truth is the truth and cannot be refuted.

  5. Just wondering why all the repugnant Jew haters take the time to show up here and post their odious opinions? Rodriguez, your post tells me everything I need to know about you!

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