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Jews are white when the left wants to exclude them from participation in, for instance, the Women’s March. Jews, on the other hand, are anything but white when the right wishes to exclude them from normative society.



Isn’t it nice that we’re so malleable a people that you can make us be whatever you want to fit your own personal dynamic—to exclude us from all your ranks at either end of the spectrum?

How accommodating of us.

The truth is, of course, that Jews can be any color of the human rainbow. The first Jews were nomads in the Middle East, so they were likely somewhat dark in color. Then as now, however, color was an unimportant factor in determining one’s Jewish identity. What was and is important is a belief in one God, matrilineal descent or conversion, and circumcision for males. These beliefs and activities, rather than the color of one’s skin, determine whether or not one is a Jew.

If you are a Jew, or you become a Jew, you were standing there at Mt. Sinai when God gave us the Torah and the commandments. There was no white privilege in play. We all received the same Torah, the same commandments. We all said naaseh v’nishma: we will do and we will listen. We were as one and our God was/is/and always will be one (and not some trisected or multiple being).

Professor Gunnar Heinsohn, of the University of Bremen makes the case that Jews were murdered in the Holocaust not because of race, but because of their Torah values. It makes sense if you think about it: if the Final Solution had been about skin color, blacks, Asians, and Hispanics would have been killed in the same numbers, in the same fashion.

This was obviously not the case, which leads Heinsohn to view the Holocaust as an event that is uniquely unique, and not comparable to any other genocide. Hitler’s real goal, according to Heinsohn, was to exterminate the Jewish people so as to erase Judaism from world memory as an ethics system. This would enable the Germans to break whatever commandments they liked with a free conscience. They could do whatever they wished: murder entire groups of people, weak people, handicapped people, and minorities; and plunder and conquer territory, without being hampered by morals or a guilty conscience, all the while claiming superiority over other beings.

Heinsohn lays out his evidence in a paper called “Hitler and the Jewish People.” He explains, for instance, that Hitler didn’t believe in a racist antisemitism, sharing from a letter written to Martin Bormann, on February 3, 1945:

I have never been of the opinion that the Chinese or Japanese, for example, are racially inferior. Both belong to old cultures and I admit that their tradition is superior to ours. […] I even believe that I will find it all the easier to come to an understanding with the Chinese and the Japanese, the more they persevere in their racial pride. […] Our Nordic racial consciousness is only aggressive toward the Jewish race. We use the term Jewish race merely for reasons of linguistic convenience, for in the real sense of the word, and from a genetic point of view there is no Jewish race. Present circumstances force upon us this characterization of the group of common race and intellect, to which all the Jews of the world profess their loyalty, regardless of the nationality identified in the passport of each individual. This group of persons we designate as the Jewish race. […] The Jewish race is above all a community of the spirit. […] Spiritual race is of a more solid and more durable kind than natural race. Wherever he goes, the Jew remains a Jew […] presenting sad proof of the superiority of the ‘spirit’ over the flesh.

Only when it comes to blacks, in fact, does Hitler betray a streak of honest-to-goodness racism, as in this passage from Mein Kampf:

From time to time magazines call the attention of the bourgeoisie to another case of the first Negro ever to have become a lawyer, teacher, even a pastor or star tenor or the like. While the feeble-minded bourgeoisie marvels at this miraculous feat of trained performance, full of respect for this fabulous result of present-day pedagogy, the Jew slyly takes advantage of the opportunity to construct new proof of the correctness of his theory of the equality of human beings which it is his mission to hammer into the heads of the nations. It does not dawn on the degenerate bourgeois world that in truth what we have here is an offense against all reason, that it is outrageous lunacy to keep drilling a native anthropoid until one is convinced of having made a lawyer of him.

Hitler’s racism was real, but racial theory, says Heinsohn, fails to explain the Holocaust. “According to the logic of the racist theory, Hitler’s main war should have been waged against black Africans. But since it was waged against Jews, reasons other than those of racism must be investigated.”

No. It wasn’t racism, but something else. Hitler wanted to be free to act without conscience, free to violate the commandment: “Thou shalt not kill.”

In the first edition of Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote that infanticide is preferable to the modern practice of prophylactic birth control.

“The exposure of sick, weak, deformed children, i.e. their annihilation, was in reality a thousand times more humane than the deplorable lunacy of our present-day time,” writes Hitler, who goes on to speak of an emerging “obsession” with:

“Saving” even the weakest, even the sickest, at all costs. […] A stronger race will banish the weaker ones, for in the end the instinct to survive will always break the ridiculous bonds of a so-called humanity of the individual, allowing the humanity of nature to take its place, a humanity which destroys the weak to provide space for the strong. Therefore, he who wants to ensure the existence of the German nation through a self-limitation of its reproductive process is depriving it of the future.

In case you were wondering, Hitler tells us straight out where this, in his opinion, false humanity, comes from. “In recognition of the consequences [of birth control], it is not, coincidentally, the Jew above all who so skillfully sets about embedding such mortally dangerous ideas in the minds of our people,” writes Hitler.

At the 1929 party convention in Nuremberg, Hitler publicly condemned the Jewish way of thinking, in preference to what he suggested was an older, Indo-Germanic right:

If one million children were born in Germany per year and 700,000 to 800,000 of the weakest eliminated, the final result might possibly even be an increase of strength. The worst danger is that we are interrupting the natural selection process ourselves (by caring for the sick and weak). […] The most far-sighted racial state of history, Sparta, systematically implemented these racial laws.

Hermann Rauschning, the Nazi leader of Danzig, wrote a book about a meeting with Hitler in the early 1930’s. Rauschning summarized Hitler’s remarks in his report as follows:

Our lawyers and lawmakers make a fundamental error in assuming that one can create life with a code of laws and a constitution. Our revolution is not merely a political and social one. We face a tremendous upheaval of moral principles and the spiritual orientation of man. With our movement the intervening age, the middle age, has come to its end. We terminate a wrong path of mankind. The Tables of Mount Sinai have lost their validity. Conscience is a Jewish invention. It is our duty to depopulate, just as it is our duty to provide appropriate care to the German population. We will have to develop a technology of depopulation. What do I mean by depopulation, you will ask. Do I intend to eliminate entire peoples? Yes, more or less. That is where it will lead to. Nature is cruel. We therefore have the same right. […] For centuries people have been driveling on about the protection of the poor. The time has come to address ourselves to the protection of the strong from the inferior. One of the most important tasks of an eternally valid German politics will be to use every possible means to prevent the further growth of the Slavic peoples. Natural instinct commands every living being not only to defeat the enemy but to destroy him. In earlier ages there existed the good right of the victor to exterminate entire tribes, entire nations.

Hitler saw Jewish values as a kind of infectious organism that prevented lebensraum and with it, Aryan national survival. As early as August 7, 1920, Hitler wrote:

Do not think that you can fight a disease without killing the causative agent, without destroying the bacillus, and do not think that you can fight racial tuberculosis without seeing to it that the nation is freed from the causative agent of racial tuberculosis. The influence of Judaism will never fade as long as its agent, the Jew, has not been removed from our midst.

“The Jewish race is above all a community of the spirit,” wrote Hitler, almost 25 years later. In one of his efforts to destroy this “spiritual bacillus” he ordered four priests hung in Luebeck on November 10, 1943, because they distributed a sermon of Bishop von Galen which spoke of the Lord pronouncing “Thou shalt not kill” “amidst thunder and lightning on Sinai.” Their crime was WehrkraftZersetzung, the destruction of a soldier’s will to fight and kill.

If Hitler served to dehumanize Jews in the eyes of the people, it was only a means to an end: to motivate the people to do away with the Jews, so that Germans could be free to murder and plunder and have the world to themselves. They felt they deserved this, after so many hard years with a busted economy. Annihilating the Jews was a means to an end.

By the same token, the contemporary Jewish leftist wants to destroy Judaism and its brightest symbol, Israel, in order to absolve himself of the guilt of not recognizing God and His Torah. If Judaism is declared immoral, therefore moot, Jews on the left need not feel guilty for not following the commandments. This tautology of the contemporary Jewish left offers a perfect dovetailing with Hitler’s 20th century Nazi ideology.

Hitler gave the Germans permission to be morally bankrupt. The fact that they fell in with him so easily, and cooperated so well, speaks not to Hitler’s force of personality, but to the fertile ground of the German soul, so conducive to breeding greed, hate, licentiousness, and murder—as long as all is done in an orderly fashion and properly recorded for posterity.

What then, is the excuse of the Jews?

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