Photo Credit: Asher Schwartz

It was all well and good for the Biden Administration to provide repeated warnings in the days before the invasion, but words will not stop Russian tanks from destroying a nation’s borders and words will not provide air cover for patriotic Ukrainians digging World War I-style trenches outside their capital city.

Were Ukraine to fall, it would mark the second time that this Administration has catastrophically miscalculated the battlefield as the images of our retreat from Afghanistan are now an indelible part of our nation’s history.


A unified America now stands appalled at the brutality of the Russian invasion and they are looking at the Democratic Party, and its standard-bearer, President Joseph Biden, to offer something more than words. In his deliberate act of war, Putin has redirected history. How this administration and the Democrats respond will determine who will rise and who will fall.

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Lawrence Kadish, a Long Island real estate investor, is a trustee of the Gatestone Institute.