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What Obama does not say but write on personal emails now is known to Russian hackers.

It appears that more and more Americans are now re-assessing their opinion of Barack Obama’s fitness for the office of President of the United States.

I am of the view that this “President” has pulled off one of the greatest cons in US history, fooling (not once but twice) a gullible electorate, including the majority of US Jews that he was born in the USA. As the US Constitution clearly states that a President must be native born, any deception on this issue would and should clearly be an impeachable offence.


Actions to date lead me to believe that the current occupier of the Oval Office has no allegiance to the US or its Constitution and is an outright enemy of Israel and Western values. He has members of the Muslim Brotherhood in the White House as advisors, appointed by executive privilege to avoid senate confirmation hearings as to their suitability.

By dragging the negotiations with Iran on and on, one can only come to the conclusion that his aim is to ensure that the Mullahs of Tehran obtain nuclear weapons, unless Israel does something about it.

Below are some further issues in relation to this POTUS.

1. In my opinion Obama supports radical Islam.
2. As an act of subservience in Islam, he bowed to the waist to the Saudi monarch a few years back (his supporters of course claim he was tying his shoelaces!)
From his Muslim religion (see below) and heritage, Obama appears to have an abiding hatred for Israel and is doing everything in his power to bring that country to its knees or worse and if that requires throwing Israel under the UN bus, then so be it.

In Israel’s recent war with the terrorist organization Hamas, Obama held up the resupply of vital missiles to that country. Additionally, he threatened Netanyahu in 2014 that if Israeli planes took action against Iran, US fighters would be ready to shoot down any IAF fighters that crossed Iraqi airspace to get to Iran.

He has instructed that Israel cannot upgrade its fighters in the way it does best, so that the Israeli version can never be better than the version supplied to Saudi Arabia or other Arab countries.

With all this going on, it is incomprehensible to me how so many Americans who refer to themselves as Jewish, actually work for him alongside their Muslim Brotherhood co-workers inside the White House, treating the man I describe above with awe.

The following is an extract from my simple research on this POTUS, research which anyone could obtain.

The US Constitution requires that only a native born American can assume the Office of President of the USA. All evidence indicates that there is no record of Obama’s mother Stanley Ann Dunham ever having given birth in Hawaii as Obama and his supporters claim.

A simple Internet search revealed that former elections clerk Tim Adams had signed an affidavit swearing that he was told by his superiors in Hawaii that no long form hospital generated birth certificate existed for Barack Hussein Obama in Hawaii and that neither Queens Medical Centre nor Kapi’olani Medical Centre in Honolulu had any record of Obama having been born in their facilities.

Before his election, some in Obama’s extended family in Kenya had stated that he was born there, but were immediately silenced. Additionally, Michelle Obama had slipped up one time referring to “Barack’s home in Kenya.” All indications are that the current resident of the Oval Office came to the USA as a Muslim foreign exchange student from Indonesia who went by the name Barry Soetoro (just Google this name for yourselves) whose student ID Card showed the religion box being stamped “Islam”. Subsequently but prior to his entry into the US Presidential race, every shred of evidence relating to the activities of a Barack Hussein Obama in the mainland USA has been sealed. Not even purported university attendance records are available for scrutiny.

All requests to this President to produce the hardcopy of the original birth certificate were rebuffed for years. An Internet version of this document was finally released prior to his re-election but forensic examiners who have analyzed it say it is a forgery. All letters contained therein should be that of a 1960s typewriter but it apparently includes font types from a current day computer. With a compliant press, critics seem to have been exhausted and given up on this issue, instead of standing fast and insisting on the release of the original hardcopy which is the only legal vital statistical record of a person’s birth parents, birth location and birth date. This will probably go down as one of the greatest cons in American political history.

Obama’s policies could very well be the cause of a conflagration in the Middle East and who knows where else.

What will it take for Congress to even consider impeachment?


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Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author.