If George W. Bush was treated shabbily by those he defeated, Republicans have a special obligation to do better. Those of us who differ with the new president must speak out, of course, and make our voices heard, but he must be accorded the respect and opportunities so many of his own supporters failed to provide the present White House occupant.

Were Bush the “dictator” and “fascist” so many ceaselessly moaned about, would Barack Obama be standing astride the gateway of history today, preparing to take the oath of office and govern a nation that, even in our own lifetime, was still struggling to fulfill the promises it made in Lincoln’s day?


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Stuart W. Mirsky, a former New York City official and longtime Republican activist, is the author of several books, including a historical novel about Vikings and Indians in eleventh-century North America (“The King of Vinland's Saga”); a Holocaust memoir about a young Jewish girl trapped in eastern Poland at the height of World War II (“A Raft on the River”), and a work of contemporary moral philosophy (“Choice and Action”) exploring the linguistic and logical underpinnings of our ethical beliefs.