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Obama was all smiles for Israel's Ambassador Oren when they met in the White House.

(Originally posted to the author’s website, Abu Yehuda}

Rabbi Eric Yoffie is offended by Michael Oren, on behalf of (non-Orthodox) American Jews. These Jews, like America’s “first Jewish president,” turn out to be very easy to offend: just suggest that Israelis are more qualified than they are to decide the future of their country.


Oren’s new book has offended both Yoffie and the Obama Administration, which has launched an all-out media blitz against him (as far as I know, Obama spokespeople haven’t called him a ‘chickenshit’ yet, but give them time).

Obama is angry because Oren has exposed the fact (which Obama believes he had managed to hide) that despite his words to the contrary, he could not care less about Israel’s security; the empowerment of Iran and the partition of Israel to create a ‘Palestinian’ state take priority over our survival. And I might add that it doesn’t help Obama’s case when Oren describes the way he and his surrogates have treated our country and our Prime Minister with contempt since day one back in 2009.

But what about the liberal Jews that Yoffie represents? He explains:

What actually happened, according to the book, is that Michael Oren came to see American Jews as unreliable in their support of Israel, quick to criticize the Jewish state, and unable to appreciate Israel’s vulnerabilities. In his eyes, they were unsure of their own position in America. This made them incurable do-gooders, forever babbling about Tikkun Olam, and more inclined to help others than their own. To Oren’s dismay, the harder he worked, the more critical of Israel the community became. …

“I could not help questioning whether American Jews really felt as secure as they claimed [Oren writes]. Perhaps persistent fears of anti-Semitism impelled them to distance themselves from Israel and its often controversial policies. Maybe that was why so many of them supported Obama, with his preference for soft power, his universalist White House seders, and aversion to tribes.”

This, then, is Michael Oren’s message: American Jews flee from commitment to Israel and the controversies that Israel provokes. They prefer weakness to strength, the universal to the particular, and the weak-willed Democrats to the stand-tall Republicans. And the reason for all of this is not conviction but fear — fear for their well-being in America and fear of the anti-Semitism that lurks beneath the surface.

He continues,

Oren’s words here say nothing about the pride, power, and toughness of the American Jewish community. They say nothing about how indispensable American Jews remain to Israel’s standing in America. They say nothing about the relative cohesion of American Jews at times of war and crisis in Israel. And they say nothing about the obvious fact that disagreements between American Jews and Israel are natural and flow mostly from the same questions of politics and values that divide Israelis from one another. … [H]e gave us a book dripping with contempt.

I must say that I can feel for Michael Oren, because I was in almost the same position in my last few years in the US. No, I wasn’t the ambassador, but I was deeply involved in pro-Israel activism and the Jewish community. I was the treasurer of our local Jewish Federation, and my wife was the president of the Hadassah chapter (more than once). We stood on street corners in small groups facing huge anti-Israel demonstrations every time Israel was forced to defend herself. We went to meetings, lectures and films put on by the well-organized anti-Israel groups and distributed our material. We obtained speakers, showed films, and held panel discussions. We thought it was important for American Jews to support Israel, because if we didn’t, who would?

We tried to bring the local Jewish community – the organizations, the synagogues and individual Jews – along with us. With a few exceptions, mostly people like us who had lived in Israel or had relatives there, we had to drag them kicking and screaming. Most of our pro-Israel events drew the same few supporters.

The local Reform temple was probably the most frustrating. A film critical of J Street, followed by a discussion? Absolutely not, it would be ‘divisive’! The Jewish Federation and Hadassah were better, but it was always easier to organize an event about Jewish culture than Israel.

Is Oren right that American Jews are more interested in helping others than their own? Certainly they were far more upset about terrorism in Charleston than Jerusalem, and far more ready to criticize our Prime Minister than their own administration. The Reform rabbi threw himself into activities to help the poor and homeless. He is seen on TV on panels with the Imam of the Islamic Cultural Center. He is an outspoken advocate of liberal causes, but he did not give a sermon in favor of PM Netanyahu’s speech about Iran before the Congress.

Is it because of fear of anti-Semitism? I can’t say, and Oren exposes himself to quibbles when he speculates about motives. But the sheer obtuseness of Jews who insist on calling for an utterly impossible “two-state solution” despite the other side’s willingness to kill and die to prevent our keeping a state within any borders, and the ones that supported and still continue to support the administration’s Iran policy (which even Yoffie calls “profoundly mistaken and dangerous”) despite overwhelming evidence against it make me wonder. What drives their irrational attitudes?

Why was it that even after we showed them that J Street was funded by the anti-Zionist George Soros and received contributions from people associated with Saudi Arabia and Iran, they continued to support J Street? Why was it that they continued to contribute to the New Israel Fund after we showed them that some of its grantees advocated BDS and some called for the “de-Zionisation” of Israel?

Oren admits that he despaired of trying to win over US Jews. Just this week I heard a veteran American pro-Israel activist say that she was going to concentrate on building non-Jewish support, because working with people who can’t be persuaded by facts is a waste of time.

Yoffie is wrong about the “cohesion of American Jews at times of war and crisis in Israel.” They didn’t cohere when we needed them for counter-demonstrations during Cast Lead, and they haven’t cohered against Obama’s plan to empower Iran with nuclear weapons. If not now, when?

And he is wrong when he says that the disagreements about Israel in the US are similar to those among Israelis: in Israel, the great majority of Israelis agree that negotiations with the PLO are fruitless, that Gaza must continue to be blockaded, and that the US-Iran deal is a disaster. Yes, there are sharp political disagreements, but except for the extremists (the small academic/media/artistic Left) the disagreements are about personalities, style and domestic economic issues.

In a recent interview, Oren repeated the joke about two Jews who are about to be murdered by the SS. When one of them refuses to be blindfolded, the other tells him “don’t make trouble.”

American Jews don’t want to make trouble. They want to be like their non-Jewish liberal friends, with whom they complain about those troublesome settlements and that stubborn, ungrateful Netanyahu. They get a warm feeling from saying that they support “their” president. It makes them feel good about themselves to say that “Palestinians have rights, too.”

And if the war that results from Obama’s destabilizing policy ends up killing a lot of us, they will be sorry it happened, but they will read with approval in the NY Times that it was our fault for not “making peace” when we had the chance.


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  1. I am an American Jew and I also feel the frustration with Jews who seem as blind as any non-Jew about how to view what is happening in and around Israel…Those who are willingly blind should not be trying to direct the sighted…

  2. Why continue calling them American jews? We all know who you are talking about and they abandoned Judaism for liberal dogma and outright apikorism some time ago. Real American Jews, that is 99% of the various so-called orthodox jews still support Israel 100% Time to call heresy heresy, it doesn't serve Israel to call reform jews etc "American jews" it lends their perspective legitimacy it does not deserve. The average American gentile is less delusional regarding Israel by far.

  3. American Judaism is empty of soul, content and honesty. It will not survive another 50 years. Who needs a religion that urges secularism, humanism, and atheism. American Jews have replaced Judaism with being a good liberal Democrat … so who needs it. Then they scratch their collective heads, wondering way the Bar Mitzvah has become an exit out of the faith to oblivion.

  4. Those "unjJewish Jews" in USA, must not forget that they are those "damn Jews" wherever they go.
    HJow many clubs accept Jews? Many of them will find out that 'THEY ARE OVER SUBSCIBED" AND CANNOYT TAKE IN ANY MORE MEMBERS>

    They must not forget that if, GoD fobid, the jews have to flee from US, Israel will be the only country in th world to accept them. We now have our own Jewuish state. HAd we had Israekl before 1930, then 6 million Jews would have been saved.

  5. This is not about secular vs. non-secular or Orthodox vs. non-Orthodox as many of the bloggers claim, but about ashamed and intimidated Jews who don't want to make trouble and those who are willing to face up to the anti-Semites, as the author suggests. It is a replay of the reaction of American Jews to the impending Holocaust when, under the leadership of Rabbi Stephen Wise, they hid their faces and squelched any outcry against America's inaction, out of shame and fear. Disgusting cowards.

  6. I’m a Reform Jew and a huge supporter of Israel, I’m a proud Zionist too. I didn’t vote for Obama, I’m a Constitutional Conservative as is my Rabbi. You can’t generalize, there are many Orthodox Jew living in and outside of Israel who refuse to recognize the State of Israel because the Messiah didn’t bring it into existence. They refuse to serve in the IDF in defense of Israel. I do know however it’s not all of them.

  7. Exceptions do not make the generalization less true. Besides that reform judaism is an organization with official positions in contradiction to pro Israel values. I can’t really comprehend why you would associate yourself with an organization such as that if you are as pro Israel as you claim to be.

  8. Robert Greenspan It is you who is a fool and an exceptionally stupid and ignorant at that. First of all to have a third term as president (incuding non consecutive terms) would require a constitutional amendment and that is not going to happen. Secondly, no matter what you think an executive order must still be legal and violating a constitutional amendment is not legal. You may be one of the ignorant idiots out there who think every executive order that President Obama has issued is illegal, but not a single one was illegal. If even one was actually illegal the repubs would have hauled him into court and used this as a real basis for impeachment and expulsion from office. The fact that they have not should tell even someone like you that he has not broken any laws. Before you make statements you should know that they are in fact true. The sad part is now everyone knoes just how stupid and ignorant you are!

  9. They are not fearful of their position in Israel. They are committed liberals and some are committed leftists. They completely buy into the view of the left wing that the reason there is no peace in the Palestinian/Israeli dispute is the settlements and Israel's refusal to retreat to near '67 borders. They don't believe the Palestinians are serious about their version of the "law of return" for Palestinians and they believe that a Palestinian state will not be like Gaza – a launching pad for terrorist attacks on Israel. They apply much of this ideology to America as well although not as quick as the far left to see America as the great source of war and evil in the world. But they do see America as a fundamentally racist country with an unjust economic system. These American Jews do not have Judaism as their primary religious values. If LIberat values are not consistent with certain Jewish values they will opt for the liberal values. Well actually they believe that liberal values and Judaism are identical so they will interpret Jewish values in light of those liberal values and see them as identical.

  10. I should have added that until we see the conclusion of the negotiations with Iran we really can't draw conclusions. If Obama does not cave in and give them a deal that will lead to the development of nuclear weapons then he will indeed prove himself a great supporter of Israel's security. He actually believes (as do many Israelis and Israel-loving American Jews) that dismantling most of the settlements and giving back most of the land captured during the '67 war will bring peace and security to Israel. So it has to be admitted that they are in fact committed to Israel's security. It's just the tactics they have for reaching that peace and security are suspect in the minds of many Jews and Israelis who do not believe that approach will in fact work. So I don't say that Obama in his mind doesn't care about Israel's security. He probably actually does. I can only speak to policy and not to motive. His policies may in fact flow from a concern for Israel's security even if many believe that such steps would in fact endanger Israel's security.

  11. Markus Brajtman – You are an ignorant idiot and now everyone knows it! First of all, Jewss do not want to belong to any club that would exclude them because they are Jewish! There are very few if any of those kinds of clubs left.
    NO MATTER WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK, PRESIDENT OBAMA IS NOT A MUSLIM AND ONLY A STUPID IGNORANT IDIOT WOULD CONTINUE TO THINK SO! It is ignorant idiots like yoou who cause people to hate Jews and you need to stop being so damned foolish!

  12. Janet Zwiebel – When people like Markus Brajtman, Ofra Bendavid and Robert Greenspan write the God awful and pathetic comments about US Jews not being REAL JEWS, it makes it difficult to support people and a country who hates Americans, the ones who support Irael!

  13. They stayed in the original Babylon before the second Temple was built and now the same kind of lowlife Jews are staying in Mystery Babylon too. But Mystery Babylon will be utterly destroyed soon. 🙂 See Daniel 11, Isaiah 13,17 and 47 and jeremiah 50 and 51. Shalom

  14. Paul Painik – It is ignorant idiots like you who cause American Jews to think it is not worthwhile to support people who say stupid and gnorant things about them. Don't want me to support Israel and to continue to be Jewish I say to you it is conservative nuts like you who have no idea of what terrible didhonest things you say.

  15. Yeremaihu Rueben Yonteff – You are an ignorant idiot who has no idea of how terrible a thing you are saying! Without the aid of American Jews you and Israel would no longer exist! I am a very Liberal American Jew and when Israel is right I support them 100% of the time, as do all ther American Liberal Jews. The issue is that even Israel is not 100% correct all the time otherwise there would be no need for Bibi or any other politician or leader. Everyone would just be the same like lemmings and follow what might be wrong off a cliff!
    I personally believe that all the land in dispute belongs to Israel but I would be willing to listen to the bad guys and try to work out a solution to make a lasting peace. If the bad guys broke that piece, what Hitler tried to do to the Jews would be nothing compared to what Israel should do to the bad guys!
    But when ignorant people like you say terrible things about me and all Liberal Jews in America, it makes us not want to support you!

  16. Iti Chito, just because I do not agree with you does not make you correct and me incorrect. I too am an Americn Jew and I do support Israel, but oft times Israel is not correct. I do believe that Israel does own all the land, however with regards to making a lasting peace it might be to Israels advantage to give some of the land to the bad guys, with one caveat. If the bad guys break the peach Israel should maintain the right to the land and to do what Hitler tried to do to the Jews should be nothing compared tho what the Jews should do to the bad guys!

  17. The American Jewish community did absolutely nothing to rescue Jews from the Nazii’s even though there were viable options to rescue the Jews, The leadership of the American Jewish community is so detached from reality they would allow Israel to be put in danger unfortunately they have an inferity complex and only properly react to Israel being in a crisis of survival so they can call on the WOR LD to rescue the poor suffering. Jews in Israel
    They just don’t”t care enough to stand firmly with the Israeli government position a very bad position that ingratiates them to the rest of American society. They do not learn from the past and holding on to their temporary lavish lifestyle The Jewish community has created the atmosphere where the US administration can do whatever it wants to.

  18. American Jews are tired of Michael Orin and if we walk where is he going to get the money he needs? Maybe he can go to some of his good friends in Europe or to the Soviets. How about China or somewhere else, just do not bad mouth the American ews and expect us to help!

  19. Too much preaching about Tikkun Olam and reach out to minority groups worldwide. An increasing number of non-Jewish supporters for the anti-BDS movement has strengthened our case: a more secure Israel in a still more dangerous Middle East.

  20. Finally, a politician saying what I have been saying for years.
    That American Jews in the MAJORITY are the morons of the Diaspora, Jews who are defined as leftist first and foremost before all else, an ignorant, gutless, ill informed lot, the majority of whom have lost their heritage long ago, who will take up every cause but their own. They, in the majority voted for Obama not once but twice, an abomination who has worked feverishly for Israel’s downfall from day one. Now they are turning their attention to supporting that Obama clone, Hillary Clinton. Is it any wonder that they are despised by the Diaspora?

  21. What a garbage statement about Jews above. Jews do not support the Muslim Regime and POTUS. Most Jews support Israel, BiBi, and the Nation of Israel as a world leader. The BS statements of Public Relations to even set out to cast down Jews as “ALL JEWS BEING LIBERAL” AND SUPPORTING THE REGIME OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NOT CORRECT! The truth is that US Jews, now as a VOTING BLOCK have, in fact, dumped the Democratic Party, funding the Democratic candidate of Hillary, the hater of Jews and Israel, AND MOST JEWS HAVE LEFT THE LEFT DEMOCRATIC PARTY TO BECOME REPUBLICANS, AND SUPPORT THOSE REPUBLICAN POSSIBLE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES WHOM SUPPORT ISRAEL, NOT ISLAM/MUSLIMISM, and HAVE ANNOUNCED A VOTING BLOCK NOT SUPPORTING THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!!!

  22. when their heads get bashed against the side of a curb because they're Chews they'll be looking around for the shomrim or the IDF. but they will be on their own with democratic party member friends. if you've spoken to any of these Jews who are scared of their own Jewishness, they are sickening. there is, in the united states now today, a bloodstorm of anti semitism of course in the guise of being anti Israel. i mean, think of it, Israel is the only western nation that protects and defends democracy and a civilized society and fights on the frontlines against the savage beasts of islam, and here these lowlives run behind the living room drapes and scream and screch invectives against the Jewish state. nutcases. this is what happened in chermany. and then they couldn't get out. and neither will these chews.

  23. I am half way into Oren's book, Ally, and so far, I agree with his conclusions. American Jew's will go to the ":mattresses" for blacks, but turn their back on Israel. They are grossly insecure in their Judaism and half of them are abandoning their Jewish people. Israel's best friends are fundamentalist Christians.

  24. What’s not to complain about? A very progressive country when I lived there 1972-4, it has moved way too far to the right. Bibi is a corrupt, arrogant, racist, bottom feeding scum sucker, who I consider to be morally responsible for the assassination of Yitzhack Rabin, a truly great leader. I am tired of Jews who forget our own recent history and flock to the Republican Party, the party of angry old white men.

  25. If we are “unreliable” in our support of Israel, that is entirely the fault of Bibi and his right wing posse. They are also responsible for increased anti-Semitism in Europe, which plays into Bibi’s hands to get more Jewish immigrants.

  26. Edward Lobel Where do we disagree? The peace has already been broken over and over again..I did not say anyone never makes mistakes..Israel is made up of humans..Taking back what belongs to Israel is not a wrong thing to do IMHO…

  27. Edward Lobel you seem very fond of the phrase ignorant idiots. Is that some form of tic? Maybe that could also explain your compulsion to vote for anti-israel candidates and support policies that are against the Torah. You support Israel when they are right 100% of the time? Do you realize that alqueda could also say they support Israel when they are right? That doesn't make you a supporter of israel. It makes you another liberal that uses your jewish status to slander israel. It's the old I'm black so I can use the n-word arguement.

  28. I’m an American Jew and I think Israel alone should make decisions about Israel! I support the settlements, the IDF, PM NETANYAHU and Michael Oren. I have his book and his op-ed pieces were terrific! He’s spot on about Obama.

  29. Although there are many Liberals in our congregation, our Rabbi is not one of them. We have several Israelis within the congregation and a couple holocaust survivors. We’ve had group trips to Israel lead by the Rabbi and an Israeli congregant as our Tour Provider/ Director. If we’re going to generalize, yes around 70% of ALL American Jews are liberals. Part of my theory is an attempt to fit into the American culture and society. When you’re a huge Jewish supported of Israel, people question if you are more loyal to Israel than America. America has been good to the Jewish population as a whole. Sure there I’d some antisemitism but like all racist, it’s a small percentage, at least in my view. The remaining elements of my theory would take to long to lay out, but there are many American Jews who are proud to call themselves Zionists.

  30. i am fed up with this cartooning of American Jews.We are not all in lockstep with any view of affiliation.STOP IT!!Jews have their own minds and I cannot find two alike in my own circles. This is the basis for much hatred and stupidity and seeing it from you is disgusting. Jews in Israel have a wide range of politics and ideas as well so why don’t you just shut up already and step back from this ugly characterizing. I don’t belong to these pseudo political organizations.. CUT IT OUT !

  31. You don’t know about “reform “Jews. Jews can do whatever the hell they like. We are sons and daughters of the holocaust and if we want to worship of express or heritage in that way we can. Many were cured of fanatical amnesia of the ultra religious.My own friends father who survived, could not stomach orthodoxy and MANY Israelis reject it too .We all stay because we love our Jewish family and we keep it as we can. I love the people .I have a problem with God ,frankly . That is my earned right.

  32. TO be orthodox you have to disconnect your thinking . what happened in WW2. There are many who are not here to argue with you. Who came down from his glorious throne and saved tortured children? Who saved the hidden? who doused the furnaces? Not you holy God. People Saved Jews at their own mortal risk with no reward or help,. You need to shut up and respect diversity in all Jews. Israelis are mostly secular and there are many many hardcore Israel supporters in America. You are dividing and disrespecting you own family. Shame on you. Don’t ever tell us we don’t think. Jews are the thinking and questioning people . It is a valued and precious aspect that sets us apart.

  33. So pathetically correct. Yoffe is typical of the sycophantic tikkun olam crowd that thinks by ingratiating themselves to the Left that it secures their liberal social position if and when anti Semitism rises in the U.S. Sad reality is that the Left hates Israel and liberal Americans Jews will be the first to be purged as the antiSemitism will be pushed by radical muslims like in Europe. Majority of American Jews did NOT support Zionsim because it would offend FDR.

  34. Please add Israeli Jews to that list, American orthodox Jews, and republican Jews. We are all tired of lefty Jew hating from Jews. We remember the Germans thought they were real Germans. American Jews are in for a rude awakening. First it will start with IRS investigations, freezing bank accounts. and Jews loosing their homes. They will be begging Israel to take them and they will. Then they will hate Israel from Israel. They are worse and more dangerous then the Muslim extremist. My husband is American and ashamed of his country. Disgusted when he tells me what his family went through in Russia. How they survived. He is so proud of what is family did and the miracle that he is on this earth. Then we have the left American Jews who hate us and want to give Israel the only safe place for Jews to the Arabs. Just wait, America will come after them. They are too successful in America. No one likes a rich successful Jew except Israel. You Americans are in trouble and you won’t even see it coming.

  35. Please add Israeli Jews to that list, American orthodox Jews, and republican Jews. We are all tired of lefty Jew hating from Jews. We remember the Germans thought they were real Germans. American Jews are in for a rude awakening. First it will start with IRS investigations, freezing bank accounts. and Jews loosing their homes. They will be begging Israel to take them and they will. Then they will hate Israel from Israel. They are worse and more dangerous then the Muslim extremist. My husband is American and ashamed of his country. Disgusted when he tells me what his family went through in Russia. How they survived. He is so proud of what is family did and the miracle that he is on this earth. Then we have the left American Jews who hate us and want to give Israel the only safe place for Jews to the Arabs. Just wait, America will come after them. They are too successful in America. No one likes a rich successful Jew except Israel. You Americans are in trouble and you won’t even see it coming.

  36. Gilbert share with all of us what terrible thing Bibi has done. I can share what he has done right. He fought a war with Hamas. waited for the rockets to stop for 10 days. 10 days we lived with rockets over our heads begging them to stop. That was after Hamas kidnapped 3 of our children then killed them. Then went after the rocket launchers to keep Israelis safe. He did not give the order to fight with all the might of the IDF. He gave the Palestinian people 3 warnings and begged them not to die. To get out of the way of the danger. Stopped the death and kidnapping of maybe hundreds of Israel citizens destroying the terror tunnels. That plan was expected for a Rosh Hashanah when we are asking God to allow us into the book of life for the coming year and for God to forgive our sins. Even though it was very dangerous for Jews Bibi allowed truck loads of food, water and medical supplies to flow into Gaza freely until Hamas blew up the crossing. Bibi built a hospital at the border to help Palestinians. Bibi was careful with Israeli lives and aware of the anti semitism it caused Jews in other parts of the world always accepting the cease fire, every time. As Americans have watched Iran carry hate America signs in their parades and build replicas of your ships to blow them up in celebration he came to America to warn Americans at great risk to his own country and to the relationship we share. Your president Hussain Obama is dangerous for he world. He is not only hated by Israelis but he has caused a great cooperation never thought possible. Israel and the moderate Muslim countries have become allies. Hussain Obama is despised in those countries as well. Your president tried to bully us into electing a crook and a traitor as our Prime Minister. He gave him Jeremy Bird and Herzog who told us all about hope and change. The Arabs donated millions for Herzog to undo Israel as a Jewish sTate. The only one in the world. Then bought the media here. Chanel 2, ynet, walla news, Haaretz News, and then went to town on Prime Minister Netanyahu. Did what he could to discredit him. Israeli Jews are not stupid and we are not like American . We actually think for ourselves. Now tell me what my brilliant Prime a Minister has done that is so terrible. By the way we are not interested in Hamas rockets in Judea and Samaria If you don’t mind.

  37. Also the only personal responsible for the rise in anti semitism is Hussain Obama. Anti semitism has risen 89 percent since Obama has taken office. Obama continues to ג’ף נסע אחד Dayna היה תינוק. הוא עבר תאונה. . him names and treat him like a second class citizen calling him names and feeding him

  38. American Liberal Jews are Liberal first and foremost…and Jews a distance 2nd. Keep that in mind and you'll understand far more about their various stances. They will support LIberal causes before Israel, because they want to fit in with their non-Jewish friends. That way they can still get invited to the best parties…I call it, #LiberalHypocrisy

  39. Edward Lobel, you are obviously one of the dedicated “Jews for Obama” lot who support this “Commander in Chief” no matter what. In relation to Obama and Islam, here are some points for you to ponder before you go babbling on about how stupid and ignorant others are. The evidence points to the fact that your beloved President supports radical Islam.
    1. As an act of subservience in Islam, he bowed to the waist to the Saudi monarch a few years back (his supporters of course claim he was tying his shoelaces!)
    2. He supports the Muslim Brotherhood and has members of this organization in the White House brought in under “executive privilege” as so called “czars” to bypass senate confirmation hearings as to their suitability.
    Below are some names you should ponder and then let all know why you think your “Commander in Chief” is not out to Islamicize the USA.
    In addition to the names below which you are free to Google, Obama has recently appointed Fatima Noor as Assistant Director for US Citizenship and Immigration in the Dept. of Homeland Security. In conclusion, while you don’t seem to be at all concerned that many top jobs in the security apparatus of the US have gone to Muslims, many loyal Americans are and fear that their “President” is a Muslim and selling out their country. It is a justifiable fear.
    Arif Alikhan – Assistant Secretary for Policy Development
    for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
    Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser
    Rashad Hussain – Special Envoy to the
    Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
    Salam al-Marayati – Obama Adviser and
    founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council
    and is its current executive director
    Imam Mohamed Magid – Obama's Sharia Czar from
    the Islamic Society of North America
    Eboo Patel – Advisory Council on Faith-Based
    Neighborhood Partnerships

  40. I disagree and am profoundly upset with members of my congregation of 500 families who speak about tikkun olam and indulge in fantasies about helping everyone else while even failing to support our rabbi who tried to organize a trip to Israel.

  41. There are two sides to this… First when we were growing up with memories of the 6 day war, Munich and 73 we were jews first and Americans second, now the reverse is true. Why because we like the German jews of the beginning of the last century feel untouchable. Plus Israeli trying to define who is a jew and not embracing the diversity of the Diaspora. Plus Israeli PR sucks. J Street is an abomination traditional jewish organizations are weak. Most jews are non religious and are proud of their primarily Yiddish culture rejected by Israel. The answer should be a positive grass roots educational campaign to bring the great things about Israel and the mission of the Jewish people to American Jews. Our mission to bring Tikkun Olam. A noble mission with a positive message. Remember "love thy neigbor as thyself, the rest is just commentary".

  42. Jackie Cappiello So you disagree with what? Don't bad mouth American Jews or we will walk? Seems to me with 500 families in your congregation that did not support your Rabbi who could not get enough of them to go to Israel speaks volumes!

  43. Edward Lobel Wise up. I was being "Facetious". Look it up. Of course Everyone knows Obama cannot give himself a 3rd Term. Everyone that is except you. If you had half a brain you would know that Obama has said many times he doesn't need Congress, all he needs is his Pen and His Phone and he will go around Congress with an Executive Order like he has done numerous times. In a situation like this I usually respond by saying "I am sitting in the Smallest room in my House. I have Your Response before me. Soon it will be Behind Me". But I won't Waste a good response like this on you – you wouldn't understand it!

  44. I just saw Ambassador Oren at the Nixon Library. A Packed house and Standing Ovations Galore. If you haven't read his book "Power, Faith and Fantasy, America in the Middle East 1776 to the Present" I recommend it in the Highly. I learned more from this book about the Middle East than I learned in my entire life listening to politicians and "History Professors". It is an Astonishing Historical Account of the First Americans to Go to the Middle East and Why they went and the Failures and Hardships they endured. 791 Pages including the Index. I am about 30 Pages into his new Book "Ally" which is basically an autobiography which I find fascinating. Can't Put it Down. Oren is A Brilliant Man and another Brilliant Book.

  45. American Jews seem to think that being Jewish is somehow related to liberalism. Even though Jews in every country in the world vote for the centre-right parties. American Jews are the only liberal voting Jews in the world today.

  46. I've been saying this same thing for years. I often feel as though I'm alone among American Jews. I openly defend Israel but I'm typically the only one in that regard. Shamefully, the Evangelical Christians in America do a better job of supporting Israel than our own people do. 🙁

  47. Thank G-d for Michael Oren. He speaks the truth as he sees it. There is a definite disconnect between American left Jews and the State Of Israel. For whatever reason they do not realize that they will always be Jews before they are Americans in the eyes of others. You can be a proud American and still be aware of the threat to the Jewish Nation. I am a proud Canadian. As my Father always said Canada was his Heart and Israel was his Soul. Exactly how I feel. The Jewish Nation is not only Israel it all Jews every where.

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