Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / Flash 90
Former President Jimmy Carter visits the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan (Shiloah).

{Guest Contributor, Joseph Ceder}

Dear Editor,


I am Jewish, and therefore forbidden by my faith to rejoice in someone’s misfortune, even for individuals like Jimmy Carter, the worse (sic) president in the history of our beloved country. This peanut-grower sold his rotten soul to the enemies of the United States and Israel, Carter is an avowed anti-Semite who has no love for me or my people.
By my own admission, I’m a fair man who hates no one (although I may dislike some people) but I will take this opportunity to remind the cancer-stricken Carter to follow through with the boycott of Israeli products. He should refuse to be treated with any of the lifesaving medication  that was discovered by Jews, or medical technology that was researched and developed by Jews – in Israel or any other place.

An unsolicited piece of advice!
Mr. Carter you must be treated only with lifesaving products discovered by your soul buddies, the Palestinians and other Arab scientists
What say you Mr. Carter?
Joseph Ceder


{Guest Contributor Joseph Ceder is an 89 year old American Jew born in Poland who has published numerous articles and poems throughout his life. He is currently in the process of publishing his memoirs, and holds very strong opinions about current events and foreign policy. After his retirement from a long and successful plumbing career, when he’s not spending time with family, you can find him at home writing or in his garden tending to his crops.}


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