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Former President Jimmy Carter visits the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan (Shiloah).

{Guest Contributor, Joseph Ceder}

Dear Editor,


I am Jewish, and therefore forbidden by my faith to rejoice in someone’s misfortune, even for individuals like Jimmy Carter, the worse (sic) president in the history of our beloved country. This peanut-grower sold his rotten soul to the enemies of the United States and Israel, Carter is an avowed anti-Semite who has no love for me or my people.
By my own admission, I’m a fair man who hates no one (although I may dislike some people) but I will take this opportunity to remind the cancer-stricken Carter to follow through with the boycott of Israeli products. He should refuse to be treated with any of the lifesaving medication  that was discovered by Jews, or medical technology that was researched and developed by Jews – in Israel or any other place.

An unsolicited piece of advice!
Mr. Carter you must be treated only with lifesaving products discovered by your soul buddies, the Palestinians and other Arab scientists
What say you Mr. Carter?
Joseph Ceder


{Guest Contributor Joseph Ceder is an 89 year old American Jew born in Poland who has published numerous articles and poems throughout his life. He is currently in the process of publishing his memoirs, and holds very strong opinions about current events and foreign policy. After his retirement from a long and successful plumbing career, when he’s not spending time with family, you can find him at home writing or in his garden tending to his crops.}


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  1. The best idea's and inventions and cures and so much more come from Israel. I work with electronics and parts we get from Israel work perfectly but the parts we get from China continue to fell. I do not know why any company would continue to by anything from China. They may think it is cheaper but with so much of the products felling to work from China, it is truly more expensive than buying from Israel because all of Israeli products work perfectly. Israeli's have to be the most intelligent people on earth in my opinion. Israeli's are truly gifted people from God. Jimmy Carter is blind and evil for his remarks and attitude against the Israeli's. He claims to be a Christian but all Jimmy Carter has said and done proves in my opinion and The word of God that he is not a Christian.

  2. LOL The Ex President Carter was a very weak and lousy President indeed. I have no idea, how he ever got elected.However, he was not re-elected because Americans realized he was such a horrible President and that he was antisemitic. Unfortunately, so is President Obama. America hates Obama and is trying to impeach him. I doubt we will succeed. It is very difficult to impeach a President. America deserves better. We may be stuck with this Anti-American/ Antisemite President until a new President takes office. Let's hope that America and Israel don't fall prey to his his his devious maneuvers for longer than they need to. .

  3. The hypocritical leaders of the PA and Hamas don't seem to have a problem trusting their relatives to Jewish doctors in Israeli hospitals. I'm sure the peanut farmer will similarly want to benefit from Israeli medical innovations to save his miserable life.

  4. Carter does not speak for all Christians. The majority of Christians in the US support Israel. As president he was perceived as a fool by the world & now the world loves him because he is an anti-semite. I really question whether he is truly a Christian, but I am not God. Only God knows the man's heart. Carter must have skipped Genesis 12:3, & many other passages that support Israel in the Bible. He is playing with fire.

  5. You are as wrong as your bigoted soul is. Obama has been a great president and has tolerated Netanyhu who has infiltrated our politics in the US, taken big money from right wing people like yourself so that he can dominate and gain support from the right wing in this country. You couldn't know great leadership if it hit you in the face. Obama has suffered greatly from the bigotry and interference of right wingers. But Jewish people in America are not all right wingers, much to your dismay. We think independently and see what is going on and the pressures our president is under. I am amazed at his patience and indurance.

  6. Gloria HolzmanSo your a Jew who thinks Odumass is a great president? You must be independently WEALTHY with this piss poor economy and 19trillion in debt. I hope your spreading your wealth around especially to the illegals coming across the border. That's what your dictator wants you to do so be a good obedient Jew and do what your Dictator Hitler ll asks of you. When someones dishes out disrespect for almost 7 years then he deserves the same disrespect until he leaves. He's never been my president b/c I think he's a fraud, Muslim, anti-American especially Whites and hates Jews and Israel with a passion. When Iran tries to wipe Israel off the map then you and your hero will both have lots of blood on your hands. I never in my life thought Jews would support socialists/commies/marxist but, considering the majority of Jews vote Demonrat I'm so disappointed and have lost respect for most American Jews. History will repeat itself in regards to Jews and will be Odumass and Irans fault and Demonrat American Jews. Shame on you.

  7. If the Jewish people have animosity towards Carter, how can the American Jew justify Jews rushing to the poles in 2008 and 2012 to elect the muslim Obama? It is the American Christian who still stands daily showing flags and social media pledges to stand with israel but Obama has done nothing to help Christians and works to undermine Israel in every way. How many times has Obama hosted muslim leaders in the white house? Much more than Netanyahu. And the deal with Iran? that certainly speaks volumes about his intent to protect Israel doen't it yet the American Jew financed Obama's campaigns heavily with their dollars and scurried to the voting booths to elect him twice. Iran will invoke more horror upon Israel and Jewish people than the holocaust ever did. the American Jew evidently cares nothing about their homeland but adores muslim Obama. So sad.

  8. Jews made a huge mistake financing and rushing to the poles to elect Obama. Then again in 2012 all the while the American Christian has been standing up for Israel. Hell, if the American Jew cannot stand up for their fatherland why do we keep up the fight. Jews for Obama = Iran nukes for Israel. Dummies

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