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Yoseph Haddad

According to the PA, when an Israeli Arab is an outspoken supporter of Israel, he has a “mental disorder.” When a Jew is an outspoken anti-Zionist, she represents a Jewish voice for “freedom and life.”

This was made apparent in two recent interviews broadcast on official PA TV.


Yoseph Haddad is a prominent Israeli Arab who vigorously advocates for Israel around the world. He is also the CEO of Together Vouch for Each Other, which works to bridge gaps between Arabs and Jews in Israel, and he passionately and consistently showcases coexistence in Israel. He served in the Israeli army and was severely injured in the Second Lebanon War against Hezbollah.

Unable to counter the content of Haddad’s message, which depicts the high quality of life and equality that Israeli Arabs experience in Israel, the PA chose to libel him, saying he “has mental disorders” and “an identity crisis.” The PA accuses Israel of convincing Haddad “that he has superior intelligence… so [Haddad supports] the side from which he receives the exaggerated and untrue recognition.”

Sherry Wolf, on the other hand, describes herself on X (Twitter) as a “revolutionary socialist queer Jewish anti-Zionist living in NY who posts about politics, protest, US imperial decline, sex and gender.” Despite the fact that Wolf’s book and Twitter posts, which vigorously advocate for LGBT equality, run diametrically in opposition to “the highest ideals and values of the Palestinian society,” Wolf’s plethora of tweets and activism as well as membership in the anti-Israel “Jewish Voice for Peace” were enough to earn her an interview on official PA TV. The host introduced her by saying that she represents the Jewish “voice calling for the freedom of Palestine… demanding to stop the war of annihilation against the Palestinian people.”

The following are texts showing how official PA TV libels a proud Israeli Arab and praises an Israel-hating Jew.

Libel of Yoseph Haddad by two official PA TV “Israeli affairs experts”:

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Official PA TV “Israeli affairs expert” Nehro Jamhour: “Regarding the use [by Israel] of some Arabic speakers, we see [Israeli-Arab supporter of Israel] Yoseph Haddad…”

Official PA TV editor of Israel-related content Anas Abu Arqoub: “They search for someone who has mental disorders, an identity crisis…”

Nehro Jamhour: “They send him to New York, to the demonstrations supporting our Palestinian people. They send a face and present him as Palestinian.”

Anas Abu Arqoub: “He [Yoseph Haddad] calls the Palestinians Nazis… and attacks the [pro-Palestinian] students. He has a certain disability. Apparently, [Israel] searches for these people. Psychologists search for a person who has a mental illness or mental disorder and convince him that he has superior intelligence, which he doesn’t. So [he supports] the side from which he receives the exaggerated and untrue recognition… They use this matter in all armies in the world, searching for a marginal figure that has a psychological complex. They use it and engineer it. This happens and is well known in all the psychological wars.”

[Official PA TV, Israel in the News, April 23, 2024]

Praise of Israel-hating Jew, Sherry Wolf

Following are excerpts from the interview:

Official PA TV host: “Given the ongoing aggression against our people in the Gaza Strip for seven months (i.e., the 2023 Gaza war), the free voices that support the Palestinian issue have received a wide platform to sound their voice calling for the freedom of Palestine, and demanding to stop the war of annihilation against the Palestinian people wherever it is. To speak about this, we want to welcome our guest, Ms. Sherry Wolf, a founding member of the organization action for Palestine in New York (i.e., anti-Israeli activist with the radical organization Jewish Voice for Peace).”

Anti-Israeli activist Sherry Wolf: “My voice is part of millions of voices worldwide that have been fighting for seven months to stop this war. What I’m seeing today I haven’t seen my whole life. The solidarity with the Palestinian people is growing. When I was 18 or 23, I never saw solidarity like this in the US with the Palestinian people like there is these days, because there are very many voices against the Israeli occupation, I’m talking about millions of Americans who are speaking like me.” …

Host: “We have noticed a great change in your positions, from end to end. You were a Zionist supporting the Zionist idea, and afterwards you became a Jewish person supporting the Palestinian cause …

Sherry Wolf: “I grew up as a Zionist of course, like the rest of the Jews in the US… But I started to see the racial segregation regime and the discrimination in the occupied territories… and therefore there was no avoiding a change, as is happening with tens of millions of American civilians, including the American Jews…

I’m talking about a volcano, about an ideological revolution here, and an unprecedented change. And when you see what is happening at the universities and the protest tents, you feel it…

Today we are living together with one voice, and we are calling out ‘From the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea’ together at all the protests for Palestine…

In order to express solidarity with the Palestinian people, and in order to express my protest, I wear a keffiyeh (i.e., Arab headdress) in the street today, so that the world will see the level of solidarity on the American street…

Zionism is a project, a colonialist and political project, while Judaism is the Jewish religion, and the difference is great between the two…

Therefore, we need to learn the history well to understand the difference between Zionism and Judaism, and that there is clear opposition to what Zionism is doing, and that Israel does not express the aspirations of the Jewish people, which is hundreds of years old. Zionism comes as a colonialist project, which was invented by the colonialist state at the time – Britain and those who were with it at the end of World War II, and in the end the matter was passed on to the American colonialist power. Therefore, when I say that I am against Israel, I am against colonialism and racial segregation…

It can be said that the American media is a partner in crime, it is cooperating and repeating the lies from [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and the Zionists on a daily basis…

We know that the story that we are receiving from the Palestinian press is the one that needs to be listened to…

There will be a change in policy as there was a change at the time of the apartheid in South Africa in the 1980s and 1990s, and today things are moving in a similar direction vis-à-vis Israel. I don’t know when exactly it will be realized, or the speed at which it will be realized, but there is an end of a certain period and the start of a new period…

The American policy towards Israel has begun to change starting now, and I tell you: In four to five years the American policy towards Israel will completely change.”

[Official PA TV, Free Voices, May 26, 2024]

Given that Sherry Wolf has adopted the entire Palestinian narrative, it is no surprise that PA TV gave her so much time.

Just like the Palestinians, Wolf tries to rewrite history with the idea that there is no relationship between Judaism and Zionism. She ignores the fact that Judaism and the Land of Israel/Zionism cannot be separated. From the moment the Roman Empire defeated Judea, the yearning to recreate Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, which turned into the Zionist movement, became the central message in Jewish prayer.

Wolf echoes the Palestinian lie that Israel is not a return of indigenous Jews to their homeland but is a colonial implant with no right to exist. She reposts material denying Hamas’ atrocities on October 7. Finally, she is satisfied that Americans are accepting her worldview and hopes that in a few years, America will no longer support Israel.

Wolf’s interview is a wake-up call for American Jews. Something is missing in Jewish/Zionist education when Wolf and those like her can so easily turn their backs on their people and heritage.


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