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It is generally accepted that Palestinians are not ready for, interested in, or capable of statehood alongside Israel. That’s obvious – even among most Palestinians. The core of Palestinianism and Palestinian national identity is the “nakba” (catastrophe) – their failure, aided by Arab countries and others, to destroy the newly established State of Israel in 1948, and their losses in the 1967 Six-Day War. They are engaged in a war of attrition, not the pursuit of peaceful co-existence.

That is why they and their leadership won’t recognize Israel’s right to exist, are engaged instead in incitement and terrorism, and continue a tradition of corruption and victimization – all while being steeped in internal religious, tribal, and sectarian conflicts. Nakba is their self-definition, their raison d’être. It is why they call for a “global intifada” to destroy Israel.


The problem with the “two-state solution” (2SS) is that (1) it is not realistic, (2) it ignores claims that all of the land “from the river to the sea” belongs to Palestinians, (3) it supports accusations that Israel is illegally “occupying Palestinian territory” and (4) it makes Israel’s future dependent on establishing a terrorist-run state (or states) which openly declares its intention to wipe out the only Jewish one. Instead of a “peace process,” the 2SS mantra prevents it.

After our experience with (1) the Second Intifada, (2) the withdrawal from Gush Katif, (3) the PA/PLO’s daily incitement and support for terrorism and (4) Hamas being poised to take over Judea and Samaria (the West Bank), why would anyone who cares about Israel advocate trusting or assisting them?

Palestinians refuse to acknowledge basic facts of history, including that Jews had a long and highly developed civilization in the Land of Israel. Arab and Palestinian media continue to portray Jews as evil, satanic, sub-human, foreign intruders in Palestine. Their schools – supported by the EU and UN – teach Jew-hatred and a distorted form of history that omits Jewish history, the Holocaust, Jewish contributions to civilization and the right of Jews to their homeland in Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel.

Given this reality, a second Arab Palestinian state in Palestine, the 2SS, supported by terrorist countries like Iran, is not only unrealistic but poses a direct threat not only to Israel’s existence but to the entire region.

A recipe for failure

The 2SS not only places the burden of resolving the conflict on Israel, but such a state cannot accommodate all of those who may wish to join it. Moreover, it would disintegrate in wars between the PLO and Hamas, and groups such as ISIS, al-Qaeda and Islamic Jihadists. It is a recipe for failure.

THE ALTERNATIVE to the two-state solution (2SS) is a regional approach to ending the conflict that is focused on cooperation, that is constructive rather than destructive, and that is realistic and viable instead of promoting Palestinianism and ending Israel’s existence: genocide. This could become part of a Middle East Treaty Organization – METO, similar to NATO.

The multi-state solution (MSS) is based on the reality that Jordan already is a Palestinian state, both demographically and historically, and it can become a dynamic, prosperous country – and the homeland for those who consider themselves to be Palestinians. There is no need for another Palestinian state, especially one that is dedicated to destroying Israel.

The MSS is a humanitarian plan that will give people opportunities and choices, especially Arab Palestinians. Those living in UNRWA-supported towns and villages in Lebanon and Syria have been there for two generations and may prefer to remain where they are, as citizens – and those who want to move to another country should be allowed to do so. UNRWA serves no constructive purpose and must be defunded.

The MSS encourages development and cooperation that will help people become productive and self-fulfilling. It combines the economic, technological and social resources of all countries in the region for mutual benefit. For example, water pipelines can be built from Turkey to sparsely populated or uninhabited areas of Syria and Jordan.

This will not only assist their economic development, but will promote peace. Using the EU model, the Middle East can develop a common market, free trade area. This seems to be the direction of the Abraham Accords, and it can include all countries in the region.

The MSS provides a vision for accomplishments, rather than clinging to unrealistic hopes and fantasies. It promotes peace and prosperity. It reflects prophetic inspiration shared by all religions and all great thinkers. And it’s the only coherent, viable and sustainable path to peaceful Mideast coexistence.


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Moshe Dann is a Ph.D. historian, writer, and journalist living in Jerusalem. His book of short stories,“As Far As the Eye Can See,” was published by the New English Review Press in 2015.