Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon / GPO
Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prays at the Western Wall ahead of his speech next week at the US Congress. (archive / Feb 28, 2015)

When everything seems lost

And all hope is gone


When nothing seems right

And you’re counting the cost

Lift your hear up to Heaven

And utter a prayer

And drive away despair

With the power, the power, the power

The power of prayer


‘Cause prayer has the power

To rid you of pain

To brighten your day

To make it sunny again

To banish the blues

To make life worth living all over again

The power

The power, the power, the power

The power of prayer.


So pray, pay, pray,

To Heaven above

For an end to suffering

And a world full of love

And suddenly you’ll find

Your troubles will melt away

For nothing can compare

With the power

The power, the power, the power

The power of prayer.


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  1. I know he values Torah knowledge. I know his son won a prestigious award. He may keep kosher in Israel, but was pictured in America at a treif restaurant. As I said, I admire him greatly and listened quite well to his speech yesterday. Hopefully, Hashem will not harden our Presidents heart

  2. This is a travisty ! Disrespectful and uncalled for.
    We have shed blood for you !
    Your enemies are ours, we seek peace you seek domination.
    To the point …we give, you take. Billions and Billions of dollars
    We fight your enemies , you make war on children.
    We try for peace , you interfear in our internal affairs.
    I withdraw my support of your hypocrisy and will work to end my Countries support of your murderous assaults on the innocences

  3. Religion is the trouble with us, what people see us do… what is more important whether do it or not is the state of the heart.. Bibi feels passionately for Israel and in his position .. for his own safety cannot afford to be seen regularly at religious sites.. my opinion though !!

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