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The science of graphology/handwriting analysis reveals every facet of the writer’s personality – level of integrity, mental and physical health, measure of intelligence, degree of self-control, personal inclinations, etc.

Barack Obama exudes grace, fluidity, charm, and wit – and needs to always be the center of attention. He appears good natured and is intuitive and easygoing with a seemingly informal style, preferring to get right to the point. His tremendous powers of concentration accompany poor detail orientation, so his message can sound fuzzy under scrutiny.

Barack Obama’s handwriting

He is adaptable and versatile, with abundant self-confidence and energy. He can be extremely dominating, which defends a sensitive temperament and delicate feelings. Under pressure he can lose objectivity but is capable of standing on his own two feet and can cope with most situations.

He is extremely gifted in social niceties, gets along very well with others when he sets his mind to it, yet does not allow anyone to get too close to him, sometimes appearing formal and aloof. He is highly intelligent, of independent character, and can give as well as he gets from others. A control freak, he is determined that his message comes across.

By nature he is secretive and does not reveal all his plans. He greatly enjoys the good things in life. He attempts to overcompensate for an absent father and an overbearing mother and grandmother. He dislikes friction and likes to feel secure and avoid unpleasantness if threatened in any way. He needs to put on airs much like a rooster puffing himself up, and sometimes common sense succumbs to imagination.

The particular graphics in his signature hint at symbolism both religious and tribal, assuming the role of a veritable coat of arms. The signature is well balanced, looking as if it could have begun on the right or left side. This facility is found in people who were raised writing Arabic, moving right to left, and English, moving left to right. A duality is carefully crafted in the upright line of the O: it forms a Christian cross, and it is the first letter of the Arabic alphabet, the alif, which is representative of Allah and hints at the Crescent, the symbol of Islam.

Vladimir Putin oozes tension. He is restless, and the ultimate danger to him is boredom. He wants to escape the demands of routine and is excitable and quickly stirred to action. He can sometimes lose himself to external influence. He is quite contentious and highly critical, which can border on presumptuousness and conceit. There is always a generous measure of determination, firmness, and aggressiveness. He can often make a great issue of trivial things.

Vladimir Putin’s handwriting

He is a born leader, and sees himself as a supreme father figure with full responsibility for all that happens under his watch. He operates with a self-written code of law and fiercely defends it as his guide to justice and jurisprudence.

He is a penetrating, fast, and intuitive thinker who sizes up a situation and grasps facts instantly. His critical, investigative mind explores and devours knowledge. He is always quick and decisive.

Despite his seemingly wholesome self-confidence, he tends to underrate himself and suffer from inferiority feelings. There is a repression of unconscious material from early childhood. Painful early childhood trauma may remain unconscious but a constant source of tension. This yields a loss of energy to the ego and a blocked responsiveness, so that close relationships with him are difficult due to his defensiveness and severe repression of unconscious emotional needs.

Contrary to a 2008 report by a “Pentagon think tank” that claimed he has Asperger’s syndrome, “an autistic disorder which affects all of his decisions,” his handwriting offers no indication of that. Most of those on the Asperger’s continuum tend to have poor motor skills and poor hand-eye coordination, problems with visual/spatial recognition, and writing that appears messy. His handwriting indicates superb hand-eye coordination, no surprise for one who holds a black belt in Judo.

In addition, the report stated that he “carries a neurological abnormality, and neurological development was significantly interrupted in infancy.” Despite his repeated attempts to appear fit, robust, and of good health, there is a musculature and neurological impairment he suffers from.

Encircling the signature can indicate a determined need to hide information about the writer from prying eyes – no surprise from a former KGB lieutenant colonel. The continual looping is a concerted effort to soften an image and practice a form of meditative yoga.

Both Obama and Putin have marked distinctions between their handwriting and their signatures, which indicates they are not the same in public life as in private life; i.e., there’s a marked discrepancy between presentation of self and actual self.

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Dr. Ari Korenblit is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice, a graphologist/handwriting expert and a Supreme Court-certified document examiner. He can be contacted at 212-721-4608 or [email protected].