Photo Credit: Muath Al Khatib / Flash 90

At the beginning of the 20th Century, if one were referred to as a Palestinian, it was automatically implied that he or she was Jewish. Decades later Arabs cleverly commandeered the term “Palestinian” and fools the world over, including Jewish fools, have bought the propaganda that “Palestinians” have never forgiven the division of their “country” by the UN. If there was such a country, who were its rulers, what was its currency, the questions are endless but no one poses these types of questions to the Palestinian Authority.

The facts are that there was no country called Palestine. Simply put, Palestine was a land mass administered finally by the British until the 1947 Partition Plan when only a part was allocated back to its century’s old rightful owners, the Jewish people.


Successive Israeli governments have never once opened their mouth in a convincing way to debunk the entire “Palestinian” narrative and in the process appear to have discarded the Jewish heritage of the Temple Mount.

So much for the profound: “If I forget thee O Jerusalem.”

Does no one see the consequences of this tragic situation?

It is time for Israel to act like a sovereign power in control of its own destiny and take unilateral action on many fronts, including the reclaiming of the Temple Mount before it is lost forever.

In short, it is time for the gloves to finally come off.


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Gil Solomon is a retired finance manager and author.