There were banners with biblical verses. And, as described in Forty Years of Struggle for a Principle, “The High Commissioner delivered an address, which was regarded by the assembly as of great political importance, most notably [his statement that] the purpose of the policy of the British government had been, was now and would remain, the promotion of the establishment of a Jewish national home in Palestine ”

Rabbi Aaron I. Reichel, Esq., who bears Harry Fischel’s Hebrew name, is a great-grandson of Fischel and administrator of the Harry and Jane Fischel Foundation.


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Rabbi Aaron I. Reichelm esq., has written, edited, or supplemented various books, most notably about rabbis and community leaders in his family. But one of his most enduring memories is hearing that his grandmother who he remembers as always being in a wheelchair consistently said that her favorite English song was “Count your blessings.”