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The Turkish newspaper's headline reads: "Sorry."

It is unpleasant when two long-friendly countries behave like enemies. Many have been uneasy seeing Israel and Turkey growing distant, even if only in the political arena. Friendship, love, trust and affinity are most valued universally, so I would like my Israeli friends to know that we, the Turkish nation, cherish our friendship with the Israelis and thus appreciate the prime minister’s apology as a virtuous act, and we are excited to leave this regrettable incident behind and to be able to move forward.

Although as a general principle I am against any preconditions for peace and friendship—since true friendship is unconditional—this apology was still important for the Turkish people, we heard an affirmation that Israel cares about Turkey. And we see this move as a dignifying act, a gesture that will glorify Israel in the eyes of many.


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did the right thing in the right manner and with the right words. We take this as a direct message to the Turkish nation rather than to Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan alone.

However, there will be people who would take this as an opportunity to create ugly propaganda against Israel. I condemn the comments and news trying to devalue this virtuous act by Israel. Loveless people are free to issue their comments, however they only reflect their inner world by expressing their hostility and by looking at everything in a negative manner rather than thinking with wisdom and compassion. If we look at things through the prism of rage and allow ourselves to hold on to grudges, no one could ever be friendly with anyone else. What happened in the past stays in the past; if one does not evaluate things with this mentality, no country could ever be friends with any other.

So let us look at the future rather than getting hung up on the past, because we are both living in an unstable region and we need unity now more than ever. I believe Israel and Turkey’s alliance will definitely help to bring stability to the region because unity and unconditional friendship are a strong deterrent against terrorism and radicalism, and against all those who promote violence and hatred. Let this be a message to all the countries in the region that we are moving forward and we—as Turkey and Israel—will not let any provocation, propaganda or mischief destroy peace and friendship in the region.

On the other hand, I humbly ask from my fellow Turks to be kind and unconditionally compassionate, and to act with dignity, and disallow the negativity of those who seem to follow a policy of promoting tension. The friendship of Israel and Turkey is crucial, and we will spread this friendship to the whole region together. Therefore, let us see things positively and use this opportunity in the best way. Israel made a move that is precious to the Turkish people, and we surely hold it dear.

Additionally, preserving peace for a few days is very easy, but to preserve peace over a lifetime is very hard to do. To preserve peace until the very end, patience and persistence are needed. Upholding peace, brotherhood and love unconditionally may seem hard or progress slowly, but it never comes to a deadlock as long as we continue to make efforts persistently and determinedly.

On this occasion I also would like to share my Passover wishes with my Jewish friends around the world. In these day, we, along with our Jewish friends, remember the exodus of the Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) from the oppression of the Pharaoh, and their rescue and their amazing journey with God’s help. We pray for the blessings of God upon all His servants. May God bring the Days of Mashiach (Yemot HaMashiach) soon; the times that we can altogether make Korban (sacrifice) in peace and joy in the Holy Land.

“[God said:] And remember, We delivered you from the people of Pharaoh: They set you hard tasks and punishments, slaughtered your sons and let your women-folk live; therein was a tremendous trial from your Lord. And remember We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s people within your very sight. And remember We appointed forty nights for Moses, and in his absence you took the calf (for worship), and you did grievous wrong. Even then We did forgive you; there was a chance for you to be grateful. And remember We gave Moses the Scripture and the Criterion (Between right and wrong): There was a chance for you to be guided aright.” (Qur’an, 2:49-53)



  1. Who are you Sinem Tezyapar? You are not representing the Turkish people, you can not talk on behalf of the Turkish people. You can not say "Turkish nation is in love with Jewish people", this is extremely unrealistic. You are being more and more funny and I can not believe is still tolerating someone like you. If Mrs. Tezyapar thinks that she has ability to represent the Turkish people(or even something), she should run for the elections. I bet she will get a few hundred votes but the fact is islamist Erdogan gets 22,000,000 votes

  2. Thanks to Netanyahu, there will be yet another war with Gaza by May, right after the ottoman's visit. This will be a short-lived government. Israel needs a leader, not a coward whose only experience is politically beneficial carpet bagging. Bibi is nothing like his brother or father.

    Surprised bibi and obama don't get along better. BOTH are naught more the profiteering opportunists.

  3. it will be nothing compared to the TOTAK God will give you before you get dragged into hell Arie. you may win here, in this life, but you shall never win in the end because people like you will rot in hell……take my word. Oh and speaking of the ''so-called genocide'', get real. It didnt exist and you know it. You are being brainwashed by your ancestors who killed Turkish women and children like cowards when all the men were at war and there was no one to protect them. YOU GUTTLESS COWARDS !!!

  4. go ahead and declare war on Gaza you idiot jews. your futile attempts (with the help of the USA) shall last only for a little while. you will NEVER EVER beat anyone but yourselves.

  5. I guess Sinem represents both sane Islam and secular democracy-minded Turks.

    If you don't like her ideas – 72 virgins already waiting for you in the heaven and if you decide to run for presidency there – no doubt all of them will vote for you and for Erdy.

  6. The Turks do love the Jewish people. Because when the Sephardim were expelled from Spain, Sultan Beyazid II welcomed them in, and said "Spain's loss will be my gain." The Sephardim come to the Ottoman Empire in such large numbers, that they absorbed the Romaniote Greek-speaking Jews there. Cannot we return to the hospitality of Sultan Beyazid II? Because the greatness of the Ottoman Empire was not conquest, but their architecture, sciences, and arts. My tughra that I made proves it. Do we not want all the areas that were within the Ottoman Empire now coexisting peacefully? Like Turkey, Israel, Syria, and Gaza.

  7. Sinem is not even Turkish so she CANNOT represent the ideas of the Turkish people Zohar. And as for your 72 virgins theory, there is not such thing. People make this up to mock Islam and ignorant people like you fall for it LOL

  8. thank you Tim, an educated person at last 🙂 The Ottomans welcomed every nation and every religion no matter what. They let people keep their beliefs and views ,even their own language without imposing anything on them. If they were as barbaric and unmerciful as people make them seem (true barbarics were France and Spain), then half the world would be speaking TURKISH today.

  9. Are you referring to your sheep "g-d?" The one that "authorized" mohammed to marry 6 yr olds, commit random acts of genocide including your attempt to exterminate the over one million Armenian Christians? And now you lie about the genocide you committed? The "Jews did it?" No surprise. The only "gutless cowards" are the islamists and ottomans who hide behind their women's bhurqas and "honor murder" their daughters and mothers. You are what you are.

    Gerçek Osmanlılar – jackyls ve eşekler oğulları

  10. Ilknur Diyye Mock islam? We don't have to. Every time you force a child to put on a bomb vest to appease the sheep deity, you mock religion and prove yourselves to be the cult of random acts of genocide

  11. There is a SIGNIFICANT difference between the Ottomans pre 1900, and pre-the current ottoman regime! Today, the ottomans are determined to exterminate BOTH the Jews and Kurds in their pust to revive their dead empire.

    As for ilkie, if (s)he had his way, he would volunteer to turn on the ovens at Auschwitz. His denial of the Armenian Genocide, alleging it was the Jews who conducted the genocide, shows he is simply grasping to anyone who will support him. Let's repost the ottoman's quote from above:

    "take my word. Oh and speaking of the ''so-called genocide'', get real. It didnt exist and you know it. You are being brainwashed by your ancestors who killed Turkish women and children like cowards when all the men were at war and there was no one to protect them. YOU GUTTLESS COWARDS !!!"

    Hide behind any rock you want ilkie, you are the ottoman of today that supports erdogan: KILL the Jews and KILL the Kurds. It's your wish and goal. That and a few honor murders and your daay is complete

  12. Iknur, Sinem is a Muslim (unless you deny her being a "true" Muslim just because she talks in a moderate way) , sane Muslim without obsessions about, if not 72 virgins, about 70 nice girls waiting for suicide bombers in the heaven.

    And as for "she CANNOT represent" – seems only hamas-minded islamists like Erdogan can represent the "democratic" Turkey. Good democracy…

  13. What Hitler's interests in Turkey was getting chromium from them, the same way he got iron ore from neutral Sweden, and tungsten from neutral Portugal. The Turkish Government and the Kurdistan Workers' Party have come to a peace agreement. Hopefully, it will last, and put an end to the 40,000 people who were killed in that sectarian violence. Turkey has never had a plot to kill off Jews, nor has it killed Jews. But what Turkey needs to move on to is making peace with its past, by admitting to the Armenian Genocide of World War I. Both Israel and Turkey need to find peace. Turkey has done so now with the Kurds, it needs to do so with the Armenians. Israel needs to find peace with the Palestinians.

  14. Ilknur Diyye – Sinem is a Muslim (unless you deny her being a "true" Muslim just because she talks in a moderate way) , sane Muslim without obsessions about, if not 72 virgins, about 70 nice girls waiting for suicide bombers in the heaven.

    And as for "she CANNOT represent" – seems only hamas-minded islamists like Erdogan can represent the "democratic" Turkey. Good democracy…

  15. Tim Upham There is no peace agreement yet. There is a temproary cease-fire. The ottomans will do what all jihadists do: use it as a time to regroup and attack again. Sectarian violence? It is yet another ottoman genocide against the women and children of a group not showing fealty to the ottomans. The Israelis are demanded to apologize to the ottomans for defending herself, but the ottoman comparison of Zionism to genocide is ok. Couple that with the demands of the ottomans that assad show "backbone: and attack Israel and we see the TRUE goals of the jihadists of the ottoman leadership. And given ALL the comments from Erdogan Gur and Obama, this is yet another attempt to give the ottomans a major say in the MidEast, and to push the ottoman DEMAND to be GIVEN a portion of Israel's gas fields. Seems Tim is playing apologist for those that would destroy the Jewish State.

  16. Turkey should also apologize for starting the problem to begin with. Mr. Diyye should first aplogize for sending the boat to terrorits and then to the Armenians, Kurds and the rest of the world for being a german Ally. lets not forget!

  17. Israel has been around for 64 years, it is not going anywhere. Both the Turks and the Kurds are Muslims. It is just that the Turks are a Uralic people, and the Kurds are an Indo-European people. The Ottoman Empire is in the Topkapi Museum, and it will stay there. Because it does seem that the Arabs want to be ruled by the Turks again. Nor Pan-Turkism, when the Turks wanted to link up with the Turkic peoples of Central Asia. Ideology is one thing, reality is another.

  18. Turkey DID NOT send anything. That boat was being used by human rights people to bring help to those in need. There were so many other people on that boat that werent even Turkish. Get your facts straight then you can attack me. It was just israil's excuse to attach by calling it a terrorist ship (like the always do). israil and its people are the real terrorirsts.

  19. We are not supporting Erdogan, but the reconciliation between Israel and Turkey. I do not support killing people, because of what ethnic background or religion they are. Which is the reason why I condemn Turkey for killing 1.5 Armenians from 1915 to 1922.

  20. there was NO genocide Tim. when the Turks went to war, armenians came to our villages, raped and murdered all the women and their babies becuase there was no one there to protect them. armenians knew all the Turkish men were at war. When men returned from the war, there was NOTHING left of their families, nothing. How would you feel if you witnessed something like this, how would you feel if they did to your family and many many others? Armenians DESERVED what they got because they MURDERED many many families even before the Turks did anything to them. They lived in Turkey for many many years in peace. Had they remained true and loyal to their past and not listen to outside parties who used them, none of this would have happened……SO NO, TURKISH NATION WILL NOT ACCEPT THIS SO-CALLED GENOCIDE BECAUSE IT DIDNT EXIT. If anything armenians carried out the genocide COWARD BASTARDS!!!

  21. Ilknur Diyye The ottomans don't believe they commit genocide, just like the nazis didn't believe they were committing genocide. To the ottomans and nazis, they believe they are "doing the world a favor." That's the current mindset as the ottomans try to exterminate the Kurds and Syrian refugees. It is what the ottomans are, and they haven't changed. All genocide all the time. And all in the name of the sheep "g-d"

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