So, folks, let me see if I understand the world situation correctly, in as basic terms as possible. There is a “cease-fire” in place at the moment. Now what exactly does that mean? The Arabs will promise to be good — not all of them, mind you, but most of the terrorist organizations. (Cute, by the way, how The New York Times and the rest of the liberal media stay away from words like ‘terrorist’ while making Arab “senior leadership” sound like a bunch of corporate yuppies.)

Is it all smoke and mirrors? Every time Palestinian Prime Minister Abbas threatens to relinquish some of his power, the United States rushes in to pour more money into the ‘peace process.’ I’m confused.

I recently spoke with Father Keith Roderick, who heads an umbrella group of about sixty-five Christian organizations. He just returned from Lebanon and was appalled at how the terrorists were using that country as an Al Qaeda base. He told me about terror against Christians in Bethlehem and the desecration of Christian holy sites. Where is terrorist-favoring Tracy Wilkinson of the Los Angeles Times on this story?

Christian land in Bethlehem is systematically being taken over by Muslims to build their mosques. Silence in the American media — certainly nothing like the coverage we see from Ms. Wilkinson and others of her persuasion when Israel tears down olive groves that have been used for cover by terrorist bomb throwers. What am I missing here?

Back to Israeli concessions. For three months most of these upstanding Arab citizens of Gaza and neighboring villages are going to be “good” and not attach bombs to their children. In return, all Israel has do is open the jails and let out all of those poor, downtrodden Palestinians who have been misjudged and incarcerated for doing nothing more serious than killing innocent civilians in buses, cribs and pizza parlors. Hey, they were just carrying out the dictates of their religious leaders!

Now I’m beginning to understand. Even someone well known for presenting the left-wing viewpoint, legal commentator Moshe Negbi, is on record as saying that Israel should not release terrorists just because their attacks happened not to result in deaths. He said, “Terror attacks against civilians constitute war crimes.” Well, golly, I know that and you know that. But I wonder what Washington has to say about that?

Oh, and do you think Arik Sharon jumping high enough to please the Americans? Sharon has already pledged to tear down a multitude of “illegal” settlements and allow millions in funds to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority for “policing.”

I wonder — will Shimon Peres stand at the gate and pass out the new arms as he did before? Did Arafat and Abbas think up this wonderful new plan of transferring more millions and more guns to these terrorists who are now once again policemen and politicians?

Naturally, the residents of Gaza must rebuild all the homes that those nasty Israeli soldiers ripped down while chasing Arab “militants.” And didn’t Condoleezza Rice mention something about that fence that was erected by Israel? She doesn’t like it, you see. Would like to see it come down.

With all the demands heaped upon Israel, where are the demands to collect those thousands of guns that Peres delivered to them? These terror organizations have had fifty years to plot Israel’s disappearance from the Middle East and teach their children from vicious anti-Israel textbooks that it is patriotic to “kill the Zionist entity.” Now with the vaunted road map, will things be any different? I’m not holding my breath. This is the brotherhood that can’t even bring itself to accept Israel’s right to exist.

Meanwhile, the American attitude towards Israel always has been something along the lines of: when in doubt, just appease. Well, appeasement gets one nowhere, especially in that particular area of the world.

Israel has tried for fifty years to bring the Palestinian Arabs into the mainstream. Israel built them universities and hospitals, put in sewer and clean water service, and made them a large part of the work force so they could feed their many children and raise them to become suicide bombers.

How’s this for appeasement: They want a state? Fine. Give them an entire state of their own. It’s called Jordan, which the Balfour Declaration at one time decreed was to be part of the Jewish national home. It really is time to win this endless war and repeat this word as our new mantra: Transfer.

That’s right — Transfer. But not of Jews from the biblical Land of Israel.