Photo Credit: Edi Israel/Flash90
IDF soldiers enter the Gaza Strip, 18 July 2014.

Another “silent murder” has come to pass. A murderous Arab slaughtered two Jews simply because they were Jewish, and our reaction again is – nothing. Over the past couple of months, we have suffered murders on a weekly basis from the Arab enemy, and we are silent.

An execution perpetrated by a factory worker of a young father who will never return to his family and a young mother murdered while bound to her desk.


A pregnant woman whose fetus was murdered from a shooter in a passing vehicle.

A pair of soldiers murdered by gunfire.

A young woman raped and killed while looking for some solitude and seclusion.

And finally (for now) a soldier stabbed in the back and a father of 12 murdered at the entrance to one of Israel’s many cities.

Time after time, we hear the absurd prognosis: “lone attackers” working with “no significant support.” This prognosis is an attempt to escape responsibility and avoid serious offensive actions. To accept the murder of Jews as a fate against which nothing can be done.

Incompetence, the perception of defeat, and futility permeate every fiber of our beings and are noted by our enemies as well as by our own soldiers. To the point that four warriors armed to the teeth cannot neutralize a teenager wielding a knife, murdering their own brethren right before their eyes.

The persistent humiliation doesn’t cease for a moment.

Has the flame and fighting spirit that was once the backbone of the army been diminished? Has the will to come face to face with our enemy and overwhelm them simply vanished?

It is clear that there are still many units in the IDF and security forces loyal to the principles and ethos of their predecessors. There are still units dedicated to the traditions of excellence, creativity, and admirable courage.

But where is the backbone of the IDF? Is it possible that the “containment theory” that has spread amongst the army’s top ranks has eradicated their ability to face the enemy? Has it confused them to the point where there is no clear distinction between good and evil?

I represent a generation of officers that commanded soldiers during the second Intifada in the West Bank, Gaza, and Lebanon. We demanded that our soldiers be professional, sharp, and lethal as well as humane and moral. Exactly like the Maccabee warriors and the army of Bar Kochva. Those who did not meet these requirements paid a heavy price.

However, recently it seems that the ancient spirit has been abandoned. Determination and nerves of steel have been replaced with anxiety and confusion. Subduing the enemy has been replaced with “containment.”

Samuel the prophet said to Saul, “When thou wast little in thine own sight, wast thou not made the head of the tribes of Israel”? Israel’s leaders have the power and moral responsibility to change the shameful reality in which we live. The deterrent for murdering Jews must come back at once with full force.

Capturing a murderer doesn’t deter anyone. After all, his family will continue to receive a salary and he will continue studying towards his degree in jail and be released in the next deal.

The balance must be altered. All those close to the murderers must pay a price. We must deport whole families to Gaza, Jordan, or Egypt. We must prevent the citizens of muderers’ villages from obtaining work permits. We must destroy the homes of everyone in their clans, and Hamas and the Palestinian Authority must pay a heavy price for every murder committed (and they have much to lose).

These steps will likely cause the murderers to contain their anti-Semitic drive and stop the terror snowball that continues to grow. These fundamental steps will pass on to everyone a very clear and unambiguous message of determination, fortitude, and Jewish power.