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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz . Nov 2012.

IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz addressed the truce between Israel and Hamas at a press conference in the south. “We managed to hit anything that has to do with terror in the Gaza Strip… we have achieved all of our operative goals.” (as reported by Yoav Zitun for YNet News.)

In Israel, a bona-fide, uniform-wearing Lieutenant-General is not ashamed to make a speech like this, the very day after his and our ignominious defeat, using language and terms which might have been lifted verbatim from a Hamas communiqué?


At 9 PM Wednesday, Hamas were still firing missiles. Day after day, more than 100 ballistic missiles were fired from Gaza into Israel, and you are not ashamed to say “We managed to hit anything that has to do with terror in the Gaza Strip… we have achieved all of our operative goals.”

Frankly, you make me sick. Have you no decency, sir? Do you not cringe at the sound of your own voice—and you a military man—saying “We have achieved our objectives,” even as enemy rockets and mortar shells rain down around our heads?

Have you no shame, sir?

And you, Mr. Netanyahu. I forget which of the Israeli newspapers it was that quoted you as saying, “We have made more than 1500 successful ‘hits’ on Hamas and Jihadi targets in Gaza,” are you really unaware how hollow you sound, how callow?

As though it matters how many hits you’ve ordered from your office in Jerusalem.

Move your personal office to Sderot, Mr. Prime Minister, move all your offices to Sderot, move the entire shoddy, government propaganda machine to Sderot, throw in the mighty Kirya and all its strategic planning committees, and your residence, too, for the duration, and then boast of all the successful hits and objectives achieved.

I suspect it is of little or no concern to you, Mr. Netanyahu, but I will to tell you what it is that so enrages me today, about your attitude. First, it is your attempt to spin this debacle as though we, the Israeli people, are witless and clueless. Your attempt to convince us that we did not just lose a war is despicable and craven.

You may think we’ve learned nothing from history, but we have. We know that the government is our parent when it deals with matters of warfare, national defense and international treaties. We are not permitted to make decisions about these things for ourselves, as citizens. Our parent-government has all the power, responsibility and duty, to make those choices in all our best interests. We know this because it is the first lesson in civics.

But our parents are not grownups, are they? They make decisions like a teenage gang operating out of the back of a car, a gang whose sole offensive strategy consists of variations on the art of drive-by shooting.

You stand in front of a battery of microphones talking to the world about the hard choices you made this week, without turning green? You don’t vomit or collapse at the knees, you don’t choke on your own lies? I do, though. You also make me sick.


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  1. CNN reported nothing of this here in the USA. We were shown a statement from Netanyahu which said he was acceding the the wish of President Obama. It very clearly meant that Israel did not agree, but was willing to submit for now, to give it a try. And this was consistent with the statements from Pres. Obama in the last week. Obama's position has been clear – the US stands 100% behind Israel regarding missiles entering Israel's land. It is intolerable. Period. So Israel should be slow to march into Gaza, precisely because the US stands 100% with Israel. You figure it out. If Israel could crush them under her thumb, think of what the US could do.

  2. He didn't say that he reached his objectives, he said that they achieved their operative goals. There's a difference. One is strategic, the other is tactical.

    They killed the upper echelon of Hamas and PIJ. In a compartmentalized cell system like Hamas, that means the next level of leaders (read: targets) are going to vie for position as the new leaders. That will cause infighting and confusion.

    The IAF made hundreds of sorties and destroyed stockpiles of weapons. If you take what they say at face value, then consider how many rockets weren't fired on Israel.

    We all would have liked to see this go further. 70% of the population expressed their support of continued action against Hamas. We all know that the only true solution is to crush Hamas to the point where not only can't they rebuild, but it deters other groups from filling the power vacuum.

    While your vehemence is commendable, your observations are facile, and don't take into account the geopolitical worldview. In understanding political discourse, you always have to look for the quid pro quo.

  3. What would you like, sir? Would you want Israel to rain nuclear destruction on Hamas? I agree that they are the scourge of the earth, but how would it serve Israel as a member of the world community to destroy them? This is not the time of the bible where you can simply smite your enemies with a mighty sword. This is the 21st Century when whatever you do is shown on You Tube before the blood stops spilling from the body of your enemy. Sometimes, compromises must be struck with the devil you know or the next disaster will be that the world turns against Israe with the next holocaust. Then What? If you are the last Jew alive, please say kaddish over the rest of us! With all your kreptsing, President Obama stood foursquare behind Israel. With all your villainization of him, he is not a lover of the Arab way of death. Take a trip back to reality and accept that the world doesn't run on an eye for an eye philosophy. That is why Hamas and its partners will uliomately find that the road that they travel leads nowhere.

  4. Hamas comes out as the victor – they inflicted damage with a small part of their vast missile arsenal ( partly paid for by US and Israel) – succeeded in extending their reach to Tel Aviv – beersheva, closing in on dimona and sharpening their aim at ashkelon – without incurring a ground war or a substantial wipe out of their ability to instill terror – Now they have time to re-arm with the new fajr missiles and take advantage of weaknesses within the Israeli defense as well as offense

  5. Why does the JP continue to run screeds attacking the governments of Israel and the United States?

    Especially by people who don't understand military strategy and tactics, or the difference between them.

    And especially by anonymous authors. Don't they have the courage to put their name behind these criticisms?

  6. This operation was stated as wiping out Hamas + Co. Rendering them powerless for further terror for sometime to come – it was supposed make-up for all those temporary missions like Cast Lead – Bibi caved in – as in previous times – perhaps invoking memories of the Wye Accords – where another Clinton (slick Willy) was instrumental in shafting Israel as per arrangements for Pollard's release and control over Chevron/Kiryat Arbah

  7. I have always said that on matters of security and defense, the government of Israel speaks and acts in the name of the electorate. And if the electorate disagrees with the actions of the current government, there are elections around the corner. All that is needed is for a majority of the voters to feel something akin to what the author verbalizes, and perhaps the situation will change.
    That having been said, however, perception creates a dynamic of its own. And the perception out there, in the media, with our friends and with our enemies, is that Israel, and the Jewish People have sufferd a grievous body blow. There is no question that the governments of the E.U., and the U.S. put enormous pressure on Israel NOT to act as it otherwise would, (no doubt for "future considerations") and this can be taken as a precedent for future behaviour.
    Finally, anti-Jewish sentiment around the globe is erupting into open violence against Jews. The entire situation is frighteningly reminiscent of the Jewish condition 80 years ago. And it appears that the Jewish bastion of safety, of last resort, Israel, may be neither a bastion, nor safe.

  8. This is an old joke. A man asks his rabbi if it is permissible to take the Jewish Press into the bathroom (because of the divrei Torah).

    The rabbi answers by asking if it is permissible to take the Jewish Press OUT of the bathroom.

    I personally stopped subscribing after a series of articles was published when we were living in LA (2001-2) about men who married non Jews and then converted them and "they allegedly turned out to be better Jews than Jewish women".

    I do not think that we need an allegedly Jewish newspaper glorifying intermarriage.

  9. MORE than 70% of Israelis are TOTALLY OPPOSED to the shameful cease-fire. Obama IS NO EXCUSE!
    The Biberman's (Israel's Abbot & Costello, by now) are in free fall in the election polls. Barak and Kadima are OUT. TRUE national parties would get 24 seats (13 National Religious Party, 7 National Union, 4 Strength to Israel). To see the nation's mood check its soldiers' mood: check the picture of the Israeli soldiers in this paper under "Group Effort" in Photo of the day, where the writing they make with their own body is "Bibi " (loser in TsaHa"L slang is not just "loser" but much worse than idiot) here:

  10. 70% of American JEWS voted for President Obama.

    Maybe it was Mitt Romney's discourse on his religious beliefs in which he revealed that he supports an Israeli military strike against Iran…… that he believes in the "war which is coming to kill all the Jews" (that precedes the coming of Jesus) and which is the reason that Christian Zionists support Israeli hawks.

    Maybe it was simply because Judaism teaches us social justice such as in Micah 6: 8 in which we are admonished as to what is good " to do justly, To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your G-d " and Mitt Romney and the Republicans of today simply do not share these beliefs which are fundamental tenants of Judaism.

  11. "they're not among the MAJORITY of Orthodox jews that (you seem to think) "

    The two exit polls that reported results by religious subgroup both found that more Orthodox Jews voted for Obama than Romney. But even among the Romney supporters, most are not writing vitriolic attacks at the US and Israeli governments.

  12. Milton, nice guys come in last and we have had enough Jewish blood spent for being nice guys.Your gentle sensible spin is still more than the nation of Israel and many others are at….

  13. Wish they could have done more. Unfortunately, they were having trouble with the media reporting of the war. I think that they did not want to risk alienating the supporters that they had.

  14. I agree one hundred percent with the author of this article. Weak leaders are a detriment to any nations future. But, for a country like Israel, it's even worse. The reason why Israel exists today is because former leaders were willing to do battle in order to ward off Arab aggression and aquisition. Hamas is already rebuilding their terrorist network and we will see soon enough the dangers of appeasement. What should have been said to America is we appreciate your concern but this operation will continue until we root out every last vestage of Hamas territory. This does not make you a war monger, it makes a leader of a nation who is sick and tired of Israeli fatalities at the hands of a pack of murderers known as Hamas. It's beyond me that after four years of the Obama administration, Netanyahu does not understand that Obama is not an ally of Israel and his words of friendship and support have no meaning. I hope the people of Israel will remember this debockle and many others commited by Netanyahu and replace him with a strong leader who will not bow to outside influences. Despite the claims made by Netanyahu and Gantz, this operation came no where close to meeting it's desired outcomes all it did was embolden Hamas and other Arab nemesis of Israel to fight even harder. But, it would be easy enough to change course and claim that although Israel did agree to a cease fire, Hamas didn't and continues to fight Israel. As such, the operation will be resumed in an ongoing effort to safeguard Israel. This is highly unlikely to happen.

  15. The Israeli government has become full of political prostitutes with America as its primary pimp. Services are provided to the biggest offer.
    Other countries have joined the pimping service as well. Remember when Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed an agreement for the supply of a sixth Dolphin submarine to Israel? German Chancellor Angela Merkel had conditioned the agreement on Israel’s unfreezing monies of the Palestinian Authority and Netanyahu agreed.

  16. The Israeli government has become full of political prostitutes with America as its primary pimp. Services are provided for the biggest offer.
    Other countries have joined the pimping service as well. Remember when Netanyahu and German Chancellor Angela Merkel signed an agreement for the supply of a sixth Dolphin submarine to Israel? German Chancellor Angela Merkel had conditioned the agreement on Israel’s unfreezing monies of the Palestinian Authority and Netanyahu agreed.
    Also, the Israeli public security policy is treated like shooting an arrow and then drawing a circle around it after it hits with no real significant changes on the ground.

  17. Bill Bilek — You could make it safer fior everyone by reading the writing on the wall and coming home.

    As to the Israeli electorate — we keep voting for right wing governments that end up acting as left-wing governments. You need to look into the proportional system to understand that it does not work as cut and dry as the American system does. You can vote against someone and the guy you voted FOR will take them in as coalition partner, as happened in the case of Ehud Barak.

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