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God doesn’t like foreign gods….but does He have to remind us over and over? And the people, too, seemed to be obsessed with foreign gods. What made avodah zarah so attractive, and therefore so destructive, that God needs to devote law after law to its eradication? And what does any of this have to do with us, today?



This video is from Immanuel Shalev.
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For more on Re’eh, see Re’eh 5775 ( and Re’eh 5774 (

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Immanuel Shalev is the CEO of Aleph Beta, dedicated to creating intellectually rigorous and emotionally engaging Torah content. He is also the host of Aleph Beta Quarantined, a new podcast about Jewish Life in Quarantine. Previously, Immanuel served as a singer and Director of the world-famous Maccabeats,