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“Rebbe,” he sighed, “I make a good living, I have plenty of food and vegetables in the house and I have cows that provide me with plenty of milk. But I have no woman in the house, and I am very lonely. Had I been living in a big city I would have been able to marry a widow or a divorcee, but out here in this small town there is nobody. I even have all the beautiful clothing left over from my wife.”

Reb Yisrael heard this and he saw the hand of G-d here. It was only through His miracle that he was guided to this town and had stopped off at this man’s house. Turning to the man, he said, “I have just the woman for you.”


“Is she a widow or divorcee?” he asked.

“Neither,” he replied. “She is a single girl.”

“Where does she come from?” he asked.

Reb Yisrael told him the name of the town.

“What is the name of her father?”

“G-d in heaven,” replied the rabbi, “she is an orphan.”

The following morning they set out for the town. The sun shone beautifully, the trees were beginning to bloom and the birds were singing. After midday, Reb Yisrael asked the man to halt his carriage as the descended to pray Mincha. Reb Yisrael prayed with such fervor that the very heavens appeared to ring with his pleas. He thanked G-d for the good fortune He was showing him.

The man was impressed with Reb Yisrael and he realized that he was traveling with a saint. He had made up his mind to follow the instructions of this holy rav for which he assuredly would be blessed.

He entered the town and was introduced to the girl and he liked her. A large wedding was held, to which the entire town was invited, and everyone gave the poor girl gifts.

Silently, Reb Yisrael lifted his eyes toward the heavens and whispered: “Thank you, O Father of orphans!”


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