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A Stranger Aids Her

A stranger noticed her tears. Walking over to her, he asked: “Why do you cry, young woman?”


Zemira poured her heart to the man, telling him of all her troubles and of her plan to see the king and ask him to pardon her husband.

The stranger shook his head slowly and said: “Do not think that it is so simple to see the king. He has many officials who will not permit you to bother him. I suggest that you wait until the simchas beis hashoeva. At that time, the king comes to celebrate before G-d.

“When his carriage pulls into view, throw yourself in front it. When it stops, approach him and tell him what your troubles are.”

Zemira thanked the kindly stranger and agreed to do as he suggested.

The Day Arrives

The day of the great celebration finally arrived. The path along which the king would ride was carefully strewn with flowers. Decorated posts lined the highway and the houses that overlooked the route were jammed with people at the windows seeking a glimpse of the king.

Zemira had risen early in order to be near the route along which the king would come. As she waited nervously, she heard a great roar come from the crowd and she knew that the moment of opportunity was at hand.

Rushing out into the road with her little child in her arms, she threw herself before the horses that pulled the king’s carriage. The driver, seeing the woman jump into his path, hastily reined the horses in to a halt.

The king leaned out and saw the unfortunate woman lying on the ground. Leaping from the carriage he knelt by her side and asked: “What is the matter, my daughter?”

(To be continued)


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