Chana Weisberg is the editor of, the author of six books, and a speaker for My Gift of Mikvah. Chana offers an engaging, in-depth perspective of the mitzvah of mikvah. It’s not just a physical immersion in a body of water; going to the mikvah is a spiritual action that has the power to significantly enhance your relationship with your husband, help you develop a closer connection to G-d, and bring you closer to achieving your purpose in life.

Also, if you are having difficulty getting pregnant, going to the mikvah can help unclog spiritual blockages that have led to the challenge of physically manifesting a baby.


Chana also talks about how it’s never to late to go to the mikvah–even if you are in menopause! Going to the mikvah at whatever point you are in your life (whether you still get your period, or if you are in menopause), has the power to retroactively turn your past sins into mitzvot!! Chana explains that you can turn all those times you didn’t fulfil your obligation to go to the mikvah into mitzvahs (instead of sins) just by going to the mikvah at the proper time in the near future!

If you have any questions about mikvah, please email me, and I will connect you with someone who will be able to answer even the most intimate questions. My email is [email protected].

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