Chany Rosengarten talks about the importance of creating boundaries in our lives in order to have healthy relationships with our husbands and children, and also in business. You need to know where you stop and where the other person begins. You are you; you are not your child, or your husband, or your friend, or your boss; YOU ARE YOU. You need to discover yourself; get to know yourself and who you are. Having boundaries helps you develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect.

These are Chany’s 4 Steps to Creating a Boundary:
L–love–you are a manifestation of love. You are enough.
A–autonomy–know who you are and what you want.
N–negotiation–ask for what you need. It’s your job to take care of yourself.
D–direction–know where you want to go and what that destination looks like.


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