Rebbetzin Shterna Althaus is lives in Sydney, Australia, where she teaches bridal classes, marital and intimacy classes, parenting groups, and bat mitzvah lessons. She also has a podcast called Soul Cafe, which talks about the weekly Torah Portion. Rebbetzin Shterna is a certified counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach who helps many people around the world.

In this engaging interview, Rebbetzin Shterna speaks about shalom bayis (peace in the home), explaining that peace is the harmony of two opposites.
When a husband and wife have peace with each other, they bring many blessings into the home, including an abundance of money. Peace is the vessel that holds G-d’s blessings. It is very important to pray for peace in your marriage.
She shares with us several concrete tips on how to achieve peace and harmony with your spouse. Some of these tips include:
–Speak gently to your spouse
–Look at your spouse with a positive eye: focus on all the good they have done for you
–Greet your spouse in a friendly way when they leave and when they enter your home
–Use the 5:1 magic ratio–tell your spouse 5 positives messages to every 1 negative message


Rebbetzin Shterna also talks to us about building a relationship with your teenagers. She encourages women to connect to your teen (and your spouse) through the 5 Love Languages:
–Acts of Service
–Quality Time
–Words of Affirmation
–Physical Touch

Discover your teen’s love language (and your spouse’s love language) and give them love in the way that THEY prefer to receive it . It will make a HUGE difference in your relationship with your teen, as well as your spouse, by helping you build a lasting connection with them.

To reach Rebbetzin Shterna directly, email her at [email protected]


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