Rebbetzin Tamar Taback is the founder of the Nexus School for Transformational Torah. In this conversation, she delves deeply into the meaning of the 22-verse poem known as the Ayshet Chayil. She shares with us that you are ALREADY an aishet chayil. Hashem made each one of us unique and innately precious to Him. We need to give ourselves permission to be ourselves. Rebbetzin Taback talks about the 4 levels of interpretation of this poem that is sung to a woman, by her husband, on Friday night before kiddush (blessing over the wine.) She also gives us three way to help us rise more deeply into our own aishet chayil:
1. Start each day with prayer–connecting with your Creator first thing in the morning is very powerful.
2. Do what you already do with more awareness and intention.
3. Make Torah learning a priority–it will make a significant difference in your life.

Rebbetzin Taback wrote a book called Rising! Into Your Aishet Chayil, spinning the story of feminine growth through Torah. 22 verses = 19 women. $18…


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Vera Kessler is a wife and mother of three children whose goal in life is to inspire Jewish women to live their lives with meaning and a strong connection to Hashem. As a vehicle for this mission, she created the America's Top Rebbetzins podcast, where she interviews inspiring rebbetzins who share their words of wisdom and unique insights on living a life filled with clarity and purpose.