Words have power! Words create worlds! Change your words, change your life! Words create our reality!

Prolific author and journalist, Rosally Saltsman speaks to us about the power of positive speech. She explains how we can use words to build and also to destroy.


We talk about the power of speech when it comes to parenting children. Children build their identity based on what we say to them and how we speak to them. When we speak, we need to be less critical and less jugemental. Instead, we need to focus on the positive aspects of the child (or adult), and use our words to express that positivity. The positive words that we use in our home have the power to uplift and lighten up the atmosphere, making life more enjoyable for all. Conversely, we have the power to traumatize children (and adults too) with the words that we use. We need to be aware of the fact that our words have a very powerful affect on others.

Rosally and I also spoke about the effect of positive and negative self-talk. The way we speak to ourselves is just as important as the way we speak to others. We will get more out of ourselves if we speak to ourselves in a loving way.

Rosally shared a beautiful story about how she was able to transform a grumpy janitor into a happy, vibrant person, simply using her words–it’s a great story!

Rosally has a wonderful What’s App group with daily inspiration in Shemirat Halashon (the laws of speech.) I personally am part of the group and enjoy it very much. If you would like to be part of our group, please click here: https://chat.whatsapp.com/GyPSFXJCB0N…

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