Susan Fowler, leadership expert and bestselling author of “Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work … And What Does,” talks about motivation. How can you get people motivated in the right way? Discover how autonomy, relatedness, and competence can help you make the right choices.



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  1. This could be a very good article. I worked 4. yrs.
    With the Oak Ridge National Laboratories (ORNL-Nuclear Weapon's Laboratories. One of the Senior Presidents, Mr. George Dials (Harvard/MIT–Nuclear Physics) an excellent manager, a very nice guy, and a good friend, (a nuclear weapons expert) taught his people that, "you do NOT manage people, you manage things. Trying to manage people will make them mad. The entire concept of management/motivation has taken a wrong pathway in the past few years. It has gotten messed up with " control."
    If you motivate people's attitudes/jobs with some they really like/are interested in, they will highly motivated themselves, and do an excellent job. Dr. Harlan A. Hanna, Ph.D., (the Lab.)(7-13-2015) thanks

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