Goldstein on Gelt: How to Reassess Your Investment Risk Profile as Your Life Changes

Given enough time, the markets may recover, but do you have enough time in your own plan to recover from potential loss?

Goldstein on Gelt: How to be a Financial Grownup

Doug explores when it is OK for folks to stop saving and begin withdrawing from retirement accounts.

Goldstein on Gelt: Know the Intrinsic Value of Your Investments

Learn how to determine a stock’s intrinsic value, and how to make sure you pay less than the value you receive.

Goldstein on Gelt: How Do You Value a Stock?

If you are interested in early retirement, there are TWO changes you should make in your investments to increase your chances of financial success.

Goldstein on Gelt: How to Optimize Your Cash Flow

After working hard to save and grow your money, you want to make sure that it is accessible when you need it.

Goldstein on Gelt: What Is the Best Way to Get Out of Debt?

If you want to get out of debt, should you pay off your smallest debts first or those with the highest interest rates?

Goldstein on Gelt: Will Beginning Savings Early Lead to Exponential Growth?

Without knowing the fundamentals of finance, how can you determine who to listen to or what to do?

Goldstein on Gelt: Here’s Why Retirement Planning Tools Make a Difference

How can you know which is the best retirement planning tool in the market?

Goldstein on Gelt: Does Your Broker Understand What You Mean by “Safety of Principal?”

Our host, Doug Goldstein, CFP®, explains what “safety of principal” means and how to get it. Certificates of Deposits or “CDs” are a great option for the conservative investor.

Goldstein on Gelt: Do Dual Citizens Need Separate Wills for Each Citizenship?

Discussing options for wills when someone has assets in both the U.S. and Israel, the advantages and limitations of each country’s will.

Goldstein on Gelt: Handling a Bond Portfolio when Rates are Low and Corona Still...

Corona is casting a giant shadow over all aspects of life. Even though the market may have begun to recover from its initial crash, nothing is smooth sailing.

Goldstein on Gelt: Converting Labor Assets into Financial Assets

Doug believes we should take a big picture holistic approach to family finances, starting with our biggest asset- salary-when making financial plans.

Goldstein on Gelt: Is There Such a Thing as Predictable Investments?

Practical ways to find the ideal retirement budget and still reach your personal goals.

Goldstein on Gelt: Do You Really Need to Make More Money?

Doug discusses why investors should consider their financial situations before trying to make more money. Sometimes your portfolio's fine and the real risk of losing money in the market isn’t worth it

Goldstein on Gelt: Will Investment Risk Derail Your Retirement?

Expert advice on investments, risk, and how having the right retirement plan makes all the difference.

Goldstein on Gelt: Are Bonds Safe NOW?

Listen to this timely podcast on what is happening with the bond market, and why bond prices might drop. Should you buy or sell bonds now?

Goldstein on Gelt: Why Getting the Right Investment Advice is Important

The hardest part of investing is not being able to predict the future; the easy part is the paperwork. Doug explains how technology is making financial paperwork easier to deal with.

Goldstein on Gelt: Have Millennials Lost Faith in the Financial System?

E-mails and other quick forms of messaging leave open the possibility of miscommunication. Doug gives advice on how to communicate effectively with your financial advisor.

Goldstein on Gelt: Great News!… If you Take Distributions from your IRA

You may not have to sell your stocks at historic lows in order to raise cash to withdraw and pay taxes. Listen to this podcast for an explanation.

Goldstein on Gelt: The Corona Virus and the Global Economy

Despite the ban on amusement parks, we are on a roller coaster ride. Buckle up, and tune in for this special update.

Goldstein on Gelt: Are You Prepared for the Next Market Crash?

Do you agree with the pundits who predict a global market crash?

Goldstein on Gelt: Does Your Income Fit in With the Retirement Lifestyle You Want?

Doug talks about looking at the longer-term view of the world economy. Can things get better? Will you benefit from the world’s future abundance?

Goldstein on Gelt: What’s the Best Country for Financial Independence?

Is there a magic amount of savings that enables you to retire? What factors, other than age, should be taken into consideration when determining when and where you’ll retire?


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