Photo Credit: Natalie Sopinsky

Natalie begins the show by describing the Purim megillah readings at her yishuv, which were all outside in different neighborhoods, and made the holiday extra special; Natalie’s first guest is Daniel Rosehill, Ireland-Jerusalem 2015, who is an independent tech writer. Daniel says the biggest challenge in Israel is finding suitable work, and it was so difficult that he decided to open his own business and now, works with companies all over the world. Read more about the challenges from Daniel’s point of view at; Next we meet Aleeza Bracha Ben-Shalom, who just arrived a few days ago (March 2021) Philadelphia – Pardes Chana and is still with her family in a Corona hotel. Aleeza, a dating coach, discusses her business and the timing of the aliyah, which was 11 years later than the original plan. Her two older teens have been in the Na’ala high school program since October. Find Aleeza’s virtual dating events at


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