Photo Credit: Pixabay

Natalie opens the program describing a moving ceremony in her region of new medics; next she speaks with an ex-lone soldier Ikee Bodner, who moved to Israel with his family when he was 11, and when they returned to the US, he decided to stay and build his life here. He served in the Air Force as a technician, and upon release just 6 months ago, has started his own Coffee Company “Avdu” with unique flavors. Next Natalie speaks with Lou Lassoff of Philadelphia who plans to make Aliyah this summer; Lou first came to Israel in 1978 on a basketball trip at the age of 17, and knew then that Israel was home; Natalie’s final guest is Aleeza Bracha in Pardes Chana who speaks of the bureaucratic processes in Israel, the many holidays one after the other, and her family adapting the Hebrew language.


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