Photo Credit: Pixabay

Natalie opens the show by sharing the distressing news of the past week; the earthquake in Turkey and the horrible terror car ramming attack in Ramot that killed three people, two of them young children, brothers, ages 6 and 8. The outpouring of rage on social media isn’t evident….people post photos but quickly move on to something else. Are we numb?
Natalie introduces her guest Daniel Schwartz who made aliyah in 2016 with his wife and children (New Hempstead, New York – Rehovot.) Daniel is a contributor to the Times of Israel Blog, and has written on the difficulties of being a middle-aged oleh, and finding work at middle age. This was Daniel’s biggest challenge. He gives two big pieces of advice on the show: 1) learn Hebrew, make a big effort; and 2) know why you are moving here. Keep your eye on the ball, because when things get hard, you could lose focus. IMPORTANT!!


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