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We are seeing so many things happen today at a quick pace. Obama, the Muslim US president – OUT, Trump, a more Judeo-Christian oriented man – IN. The United Nations is relabeling the Land of Israel as Islamic.

Vladmir Putin has forces in Syria, PM Netanyahu is attacked on all sides inside and out of Israel, and the Jewish community of Amona is being destroyed. There is talk of the new U.S. President, Donald Trump (with his Jewish daughter and grandkids) being good for Israel, and then there is the dangerous and controversial Islamic emigration to the West. So — what do we make of all this? Is the stage being set for the Messianic age?


Rabbi Mendel Kessin joins Tamar Yonah to talk about ‘The Messianic Process: Trump, The United Nations, and Gog and Magog’. You can visit his website at www.

Attend his lecture here.

Tamar Yonah Show 31Jan2017 – PODCAST


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  1. Undesirable campaign against Donald Trump.
    Jose I. Diaz

    Honestly I would like to know what world I’m living, since fond myself off-orbit, and the reasons are: most of my life I have lived as a migrant and self exiled from my country in different Western countries and Asian, which received me always with open arms, whether by the similarity of culture and religious belief, so I have never proposed reside in any country Arab with beliefs political religious other than mine.

    Why I’m shocked by the campaign undemocratic and miserable who are underway against legitimate North America president Donald Trump, by bad groups called peace and pro human rights, which are directed under the shadow by enemies of peace and co-existence world, like Obama, Clinton and lobby with strategic interests in the sale of war material, and creators of conflicts wars worldwide.

    We are all well informed that the President Donald Trump, won his election campaign to the presidency, with a strong resistance opposition by Hillary Clinton and his right arm Barack Hussein Obama, which was not anything clean in the field of democracy, the order and justice, by the party Democratic used all kinds of subterfuge, fallacies and fraudulent votes to achieve his evil purposes.

    Donald Trump promised to conduct their electoral program if reached the presidency in the White House, create work for US citizens, stop corruption state organized crime and terrorism Islamic, one of the biggest problems in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

    Well, Donald Trump with the support of the majority Americans voters, when step on the White House last January 20th, set out to carry what promised in his governance program, and be the first US President in lift his country of the abyss that meets a debt state huge, for waste and misuse of the despot former President Barack Hussein Obama who is in charge is sink to country with wars personal carried out in different countries in the middle East and North African, which have created more misery, hunger and refugees, never conceived in all the history of humanity.

    All of these avalanches Streets protests and airports by the only fact restrict the entry for a period of ninety days in North America, passengers Islamists from seven countries listed by the Pentagon, FBI and CIA as dangerous for their religious fanaticism unusual that stripe murders irrelevant and inhuman of innocent citizens professing religions different to the dreaded Islamist.

    During the bad and bellicose governance of Barack Hussein Obama, so specific 2011, were carried out along his period presidential, terrible aerial bombardment against five of the seven countries that have been vetoed by Donald Trump, and no one of these false anti-war democratic opened their mouths in protests, despite launched more than two million missiles and pumps, causing thousands of innocents victims in such Arab countries.

    The veto just for 90 days to seven Arab countries sorted by Donald Trump, has alarmed to all enemies of North America, which as we have been able to check, are released in cultural, political and social American society.

    The purpose of that veto input in North America, aims in that period of time, better control to refugees and special way to terrorists camouflaged who want to ruin with they fanaticism criminal, the live together and welfare of American citizens, as have carried out in other European countries invaded by terrorists like France, England, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands etc., where have done all kinds terrorist acts, murder innocent people.

    Those who could be subsidized, and therefore contrary to the executive orders of Donald Trump, there is very difficult to guess so it would have to be a federal investigation but in the eye of the hurricane are mostly agencies communication like CNN, CBC, CTV, BBC and so on.

    Japan for example is not allowed the entrance of Islamic terrorists, and is one reason why not make attacks and murders of innocent citizens, as happens in other countries which control well arrival of refugees and some of them as Hungary and Poland boicot the entrance of Islamists.

    In an opinions exchange on this topic, the exposed by an American person middle-aged, was hit me by his reasoning as he said: “Not takin’ in Syrian refugees and closin’ our borders isn’t “mean” or “heartless.” I lock the doors to my house every night. I don’t lock them because I hate the people outside my house. I lock them because I love the people inside my house”

    To finish this article, I expose the statements accurate a political Islamic of the United Arab Emirates: “The United States have made … offers sovereign decision,” said Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed to-nahyan, pointing out that it it was “provisional” and did not apply to “the large majority” of the Muslims world’s.”

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