Racism in America: What’s Next on the Agenda for ‘the Left’? – The Tamar...

The Left. How it works, how it cancels people, and how it takes power. Things you need to know. Tamar speaks with Dr. Francisco Gil White, political anthropologist and professor at ITAM university in Mexico City. He is also known for his extensive research which examines what's driving world politics, movements and agendas. You can check out his website at: www.hirhome.com

Attacks, Blasts, and Instability: Just Above Israel’s Northern Border – The Tamar Yonah Show...

Recently there has been trouble on Israel's northern border with Hezbollah terrorist attacks. Additionally, there was a HUGE explosion that rocked Beirut last week, killing over 150 people, wounded at least 5,000,and leaving approximately 300,000 Beirut residents homeless.

INTERVIEW: ‘Iran May Execute My Friend’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Jamshid Sharmahd - a name you have probably never heard of before, is an Iranian revolutionary supporter working out of America, trying to OUST the present Islamic regime in Iran. The Islamic Iranian government terms him a 'terrorist', and some are saying that they may have lured him to Dubai, and then kidnapped him into Iranian custody. He may be tortured, and quite possibly hanged. What are Jamshid Sharmahd and many other 'revolutionary' Iranian citizens trying to do, and what other important insights into future relations with Iran can happen following any collapse of the current Islamic regime? Tamar speaks with Dr. Daniel Dana, an Iranian now living in Israel, and founder of PLIM or 'Peace and Love International Movement' to bring the message of peace and love between the nations of Israel and Iran.

Will the USA be having Elections in November? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Many Arabs mourn on their yearly ‘Nakba’ day (The Catastrophe) – meaning, the rise of the Modern State of Israel. With Israel rising, it has brought a better life for Arabs, with health, education, and financial prosperity. Yet the Jewish People, after 2,000 years is still suffering from its own national tragedy, or ‘Nakba’, and that is the loss of the Holy Temple. The fact that Jews (and the world) do not have the Holy Temple is a gashing wound that still has not healed. On this show, Tamar Yonah speaks with Rabbi Avraham Shira from www.avrahamshira.com as he explains the meaning of the Tisha B’Av holiday, the customs Jews still observe today, and the future prophesies that have yet to materialize, – may it be soon.

Draining the News Headlines Swamp – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar opens the phone lines on her show to talk about anything you want. She covers news headlines from North America to Israel, from politics to the coronavirus, and even conspiracy theories from someone who calls into the show.

The Jewish People’s ‘Nakba’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Many Arabs mourn on their yearly 'Nakba' day (The Catastrophe) - meaning, the rise of the Modern State of Israel. With Israel rising, it has brought a better life for Arabs, with health, education, and financial prosperity. Yet the Jewish People, after 2,000 years is still suffering from its own national tragedy, or 'Nakba', and that is the loss of the Holy Temple. The fact that Jews (and the world) do not have the Holy Temple is a gashing wound that still has not healed. On this show, Tamar Yonah speaks with Rabbi Avraham Shira from www.avrahamshira.com as he explains the meaning of the Tisha B'Av holiday, the customs Jews still observe today, and the future prophesies that have yet to materialize, - may it be soon.

What Might Happen if Joe Biden Won the US Presidency? – The Tamar Yonah...

What might happen to 'the America that we have always known', if Biden, and the Left, should take over the White House? Tamar Yonah speaks with guest, Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director at www.Strategic-Israel.org as he describes some possible scenarios. He also talks about the coronavirus, and how it has been politicized.

SOVEREIGNTY OVER JUDEA & SAMARIA STALLED: What Happened? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Why were efforts and the promises of Prime Minister Netanyahu put on hold to finally apply sovereignty to parts of Judea & Samaria? Also, who is behind the new 'noisy' Left Wing demonstrations demanding the resignation of Benjamin Netanyahu? And last, meet our new show host Josh Wander of the new LIVE show, 'Israel Unplugged' and hear what his show will be about, and the debates that will be taking place.

Debut Show – Returning Home [audio]

Listing to the story of Natalie Sopinsky, a regular American girl who ended up living in Susya, a small village in the Hevron Hills where she is raising her family with her husband, and wearing a number of hats to stay busy while making an impact. Her guest, Zezy Fuld, joins the show with his very different Aliyah story, and shows the possible ways one can live in Israel while commuting to the US.

How to Get Your Spouse & Kids On Board with Aliyah – The Tamar...

You want to move to Israel, but your family doesn't? Tamar Yonah gives you 10 tips on how to get your family on board the 'Aliyah' train!

Lock Down? Get Your Life In Order Now – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Israel may be going into another lock down as the second wave of corona hits. Why is this happening again on a spiritual level, and what do we need to do to fix that needs fixing? Transformation Coach and Educator, Rivka Malka Pearlman, joins Tamar Yonah and talks about our connection to G-d, and how to fix what might be broken in our lives. You can find Rivka Malka on youtube or at her website at: RivkaMalka.com + For a very limited time, get a huge discount and reserve your place in her new 'School of Coaching and Transformation' here: rivkamalka.com/coaching-school/

The Mob Rules, But Not On Your Front Lawn! – The Tamar Yonah Show...

Tamar speaks with Dr. Itay Gil, an expert on national security defense and counter terrorism at: www.protect.college Gil talks about what to do if your life is threatened by a mob or a criminal. What should one do if a mob converges on their home, or their car while out on the road? What if they are jumping on your car and hitting your windows? And what should one do if someone breaks into their home, and the police don't come? Hear what he has to say, and then learn what the law is and what you should and can do, to protect you and your family's life. The key is to prepare NOW, and not wait until G-d forbid something happens to you. Then, it could be too late!

Moving to Israel Has Never Been Easier – But Don’t Wait! – The Tamar...

Tamar talks about the importance of moving to Israel for you, AND your children. It's also never been easier, however time may be running out. With all that is happening in the States and the rest of the world, whether politically or financially due to the coronavirus and the aftermath of the lock-downs, it is getting harder and harder to apply and submit all the papers and documents one needs in order to immigrate to Israel. Tamar explains how and why. This is an important show you do not want to miss!

‘The Disinformation Campaign’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

What you see, and what you THINK it stands for, is not what it is, because you are being fed fake news, distractions, deceptions, demoralization and division. Tamar Yonah speaks with Barry Shaw, the International Public Diplomacy Director at strategic-israel.org. Barry explains the tactics that the extreme Left uses in order to gain power, and keep us quiet and docile until they believe that they can take over, peacefully or not.

Your House is on Fire! God Will Not Send You a Telegram – The...

Many people foolishly think that 'they have time'. However, History waits for no one. Tamar goes on an emotional and powerful rant about how G-d will not send you a telegram when it is time to get out and move to Israel. Why wait until it might be too late? Tamar also shares with you some tips she feels could help you financially in this tumultuous world we are living in now. A very powerful show not to miss, and a 'must share' program.

The Communist Agenda and the Second Wave of Corona – The Tamar Yonah Show...

The rebels and their tactics that we are seeing on the streets of America today are taken straight from communist books already printed back in the 1920's and 30's. Should we beware of where this can take us, and how it will change our lives, as well as possibly TAKE our lives?

Sovereignty + Packing Up and Moving On Over! – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Will Israel actually apply sovereignty over most Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria? What is the difference between annexation and applying sovereignty, and what do the Arabs think about it? Are some Arabs supporting Israel in applying Israeli law? You will be surprised!

Biblical Family Values and ‘The Liberal Left’ – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Tamar talks about everything from the coronavirus closures, to the take over of the streets of America, to the clash between Biblical family values as opposed to the progressive liberal Left.

After Corona’s Second Wave, Get Ready For The Antisemitism Wave – The Tamar Yonah...

Tamar talks about the dangers facing Jews today in the diaspora, and that they need to leave their comfort zones and come home to Israel. A powerful and enlightening show!

More Violence May Be on the Way – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

With all the rioting and protests going on today, we may be seeing even MORE violence, -but not in America. Take a look across the pond, to northern Africa and the Middle East. Libya, Turkey and Egypt are all embroiled in a power struggle that looks like there could be war. Libya's UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA), and Turkish imperialism and interests, claim that Egypt's military threat is a 'declaration of war'. Egypt sees a threat to it's own border with Libya and the Turks, and have threatened a 'direct' intervention in Libya if necessary in order to protect its porous border. What will be, and how will it affect us all?

Interview with Rabbi Who Sent a Letter to Trump: ‘NO’ to the Peace Plan!...

Well, with US President Donald Trump's 'Deal of the Century' Peace Plan, which is the same formula as the failed 'two state solution' and goes against the Bible, and the fact Mahmoud Abbas has already refused and rejected it, this plan has no where to go.

JEXIT – Jews Leaving the Democrat Party – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

The Democratic Party in the US has gone rogue. It is totally off the charts, and it is not safe for conservatives or Jews anymore. Where do we go from here, and what are some Jews calling other Jews to do? Tamar speaks with Barry Shaw, International Public Diplomacy Director at the Israel Institute for Strategic Studies at: www.strategic-israel.org and with Michelle Terris, Founder and President of JEXIT - 'Jews Leaving the Democrat Party'. You can visit their website at: www.jexitusa.org

Secrets to Fighting Off the Coronavirus – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

How to ward off the Coronavirus ...or suffer less if you DO get it. Tamar Yonah speaks with Dr. Mel Litman about how we can best keep our health, whether it is fighting a virus, the common cold, cancer, diabetes, or other diseases. Through proper nutrition, the right supplements, exercise and enough sleep, Dr. Litman says that we can strengthen our body to the cellular level, which will hopefully keep us safe from most viruses and diseases. He shares with us what we should all be doing to increase our chances that we stay healthy.

FACTS the Biased Left Media is Hiding – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

The mob has taken over. On this show, you will hear FACTS that the biased left wing media is hiding from you on the riots and rioters on the streets of cities across the United States.

The 3 Primary Threats to Israel …and the World! – The Tamar Yonah Show...

What are the biggest threats to the world, and our stability? Former U.S. Foreign Service Officer, Aaron Braunstein, has worked in Washington, Egypt, Tunisia, and Muslim West Africa for 30 years as part of the United States Foreign Service. Today, he heads the Jewish Covenant Alliance. He talks to Tamar Yonah about the immediate threat to Israel and the world, and his suggestions of what needs to be done. Today, Aaron heads the Jewish Covenant Alliance, and you can visit his website here: www.CovenantAlliance.org

Confronting Circumcision- The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

This is a LIVELY show where Tamar confronts topics from the circumcision of her grandson that morning, to Libya, China, and the riots in America. A listener calls in and tries to 'grand-stand' and Tamar pounces! Yet, both sides have one thing in common. Find out what Tamar says it is.

Has the Ancient Israelite Monarchy Been Renewed? – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Many say that we are living in the Messianic era. Tamar's guest, Lowell Joseph Gallin, Biblical Researcher and Founder of the Root and Branch Association, joins Tamar and talks about the Messianic era. He speaks about the latest world events, the Messiah ben Yosef and the Messiah ben David, what their jobs are, and perhaps most interestingly, that the Messiah ben David will soon be emerging on the scene and restoring the Davidic Monarchy to our modern world. This is a fascinating show, that at the very least, stretches the mind to consider what he says MAY be happening today. Check out his new talk show on youtube called, "Dark to Light from Jerusalem" which he co-hosts monthly with Hollywood star, Rosanne Barr at: www.youtube.com/user/roseanneworld/

Of Babies, Levites, & Liberals – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

What is a 'Pidyon HaBen' and why do we have to 'buy' our first born male babies back from a Priest? Also, why are many secular Jews Liberals? Tamar speaks with Rabbi Avraham Shira, who is a Therapist, Teacher, and Author. You can visit his website at: AvrahamShira.com

“Is War On the Horizon?” – The Tamar Yonah Show [audio]

Both the streets and the international arena are heating up. Throw on top of that a world-wide pandemic. Is War On the Horizon?

Matan Torah and Fake News: Who Was Controlling the Media at Mt. Sinai? –...

What really happened at Mount Sinai? What lessons do we have to learn from angels, lies, and other fake news? Tamar Yonah speaks with Rabbi Avraham Shira, about Jewish mysticism, the story of Shavuot, and the fake news that leads people the wrong way from pandemics to idol worshipping. Check out his website at: www.AvrahamShira.com


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