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Israel Inspired: Is Israel Building Another Golden Calf? [audio]

Today we struggle to understand how the newly born Nation of Israel went and built the Golden Calf. Yet has the modern state of Israel has fallen victim to this same impulse?

Rejuvenation: An Israeli Mother’s Perspective [audio]

How much can a mother’s heart and head handle? On this weeks Rejuvenation Eve Harow shares how her personal and professional lives converge and conflict.

Yishai Fleisher Show: Of High-Minded Pastors and High Priests

Yishai Fleisher speaks with three Pastors who love Israel and defend the Jewish people.

Israel Inspired: Why are American-Israel Relations Falling Apart and Why is that Good For...

The United States has began labeling products made in Judea and Samaria, a step toward an American boycott of Israeli products. Why is this happening now? How is Israel responding?

Rejuvenation: Bringing History to Life and Life to History

Sara Jo Ben Tzvi and The Land of Israel Network show host Eve Harow, discuss being members of the Purple People.

How One Young Pastor is Bringing Love of Israel to Congregations Across America

Pastor Robert Stearns heads up Eagles's Wings Ministries, one of the world's largest pro-Israel Christian organizations. Meet the young pastor who is bringing 25 of his colleagues on a first-time trip to Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Bible and meet the Jewish people in their native land. He joins Yishai along with two of his fellow pastors: Pastor Rusty Nelson of Huntsville, Alabama - the son of a pro-Israel pastor who taught him to love Israel and defend the Jewish people with his very body. And Pastor Matt Benson of Longview, Texas - who is now questioning the replacement theology in which he was raised.

The Refinement of Redemption – Living with a Knife to Your Neck [audio]

On Tuesday, in Jeremy’s hometown Neve Daniel where he raises his five children, a jogger was attacked and stabbed by an Islamic terrorist.

Yishai Takes You to Israel’s International Tourism Expo [audio]

The richness of Israel is revealed in a massive expo that shows off what's new in Israel tourism. Join Yishai as he speaks with people who are making all kinds of tourism happen - including tourism revolution in Judea and Samaria.

A Native American Helps Reclaim the Israel Narrative

Yishai speaks with Ryan Bellerose a Native American of the Métis people and his friends, Cara and Michele, all three of whom are narrative warriors for Israel. Are Jews the native people of the land of Israel, or not?

Is there any point in talking sense to the Swedes?

Former Knesset Member Rabbi Dov Lipman is now the Director of Public Diplomacy in the office of the Vice Chairman of the WZO. Dov recently went to Sweden to confront a nation whose Foreign Minister accused Israel of extra-judicial killing. Is there any point to engaging anti-semites? Dov joins Yishai for a frank assessment of Israel's public diplomacy.

Why Does Europe Embrace Islam While They Condemn Israel? [audio]

Get ready for a deeply spiritual and penetrating analysis from Rabbis Ari Abramowitz and Jeremy Gimpel into one of the most perplexing questions of our times.

Holy Funeral and Holy Beer

First, Yishai attends the heartbreaking funeral of Dafna Meir, murdered by a Jihadist in her home. Rabbi Judah Mischel describes the rage, while Yair, Dafna's neighbor, describes the anguish. Then, Israel has amazing beers and it took American Jews to bring them all together! Yishai visits the Beer Bazar in the Machane Yehuda open-market in Jerusalem and hears from proprietor Avi Moskowitz and Chef Chaim Davids who makes the special shuk "pub grub".

Meet the Jew who saved 149 Christian Lives [audio]

Hear the story of Aron Shaviv share the harrowing story of how he helped save the lives of 149 Christians.

Facing Mighty Egypt With a Stutter!

Why was Moses chosen? And what was he lacking? And why does he stutter?? Rabbi Mike Feuer and Yishai join up once again and talk about the the Torah portion as it relates to the power of New York City, our brothers and sisters abroad, and the kind of leadership that the Jewish people and Israel need today. Spiritual Cafe is back!

Is Being “Politically Correct” a Biblical Value? [audio]

There is an emerging code in the modern world which seeks to control and dictate the words we use and the ideas we share.

Terror, Extremism, Radicalism or Something Else Entirely? [audio]

The White House held a Summit to Combat "Extremism", while many say the war is with Militant Islam. Is there a battle raging that is much deeper and more profound?

How Albert Einstein defeated the Greek Empire – Hanukkah Special [audio]

Tune in to this Hanukkah special to find out how Albert Einstein’s paradigm shattering discovery of E=MC2 dealt a final blow in the age old battle between the Hellenists and the Hebrew prophets.

Every Jew a .22 [audio]

In this episode we look at the gun issue through a Biblical prism and explain why bearing arms in these times is not merely a privilege, but a responsibility.


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