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From The Daily Star Lebanon:

Israeli forces Thursday returned 134 goats to south Lebanon in “bad condition”, but are still holding another 91, the state-run National News Agency reported.

The NNA said that residents of the villages of Halta, Kfar Shuba and the Shebaa farms set tires ablaze outside a UNIFIL office in Kfar Shuba, demanding the remaining goats seized by the Israeli forces be released.

The report said that the protesters were also angered that the goats which were returned were in “bad condition”. It was unclear if that meant they were harmed.

UNIFIL spokesperson Andrea Tenenti said peacekeepers are “working in close coordination with all parties, including the Lebanese army, to facilitate the return of the goats and avoid an escalation of the situation on the border.”

An Israeli army patrol had reportedly crossed into Lebanon Wednesday and took the herd of goats belonging to Wissam Abdulal.

Lebanese lawmaker Qassem Hashem said Wednesday that contacts were underway with the Lebanese Army and other states to “hasten the release of the goats.”

The IDF is stealing goats and returning them in bad condition!

I couldn’t find any stories in Israeli media about this absurd story, but it sure looks like somehow Israel ended up with some Lebanese goats. So what happened?

I emailed the IDF and didn’t get a response (dudes, you have a New Media desk, why don’t you answer?) but a hint comes from the previous day’s Daily Star article:

The NNA reported that an Israeli army patrol took the herd of goats belonging to Wissam Abdulal after they allegedly crossed into the occupied Shebaa Farms.

So the goats crossed into Israeli territory, as the Shebaa Farms were declared by the UN to be on the Israeli side of the Blue Line.


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