Photo Credit: Naftali Bennett Facebook readers were shocked when Yesh Atid’s Minister Perry blocked the Bayit Yehudi bill that would introduce life sentences without parole for murderous terrorists.

Perry appealed to the Ministerial Committee of Legislative Affairs to block MK Ayelet Shaked’s (Bayit Yehudi) bill that had received government support on Sunday. Yesh Atid’s appeal blocked the bill from going to the Knesset floor tomorrow (Wednesday) for a vote.


Minister Naftali Bennett immediately responded and threatened to appeal, as well as block all Yesh Atid bills – until they remove the appeal on the Shaked bill.

This evening Bayit Yehudi followed through and appealed four Yesh Atid bills, preventing them from reaching the Knesset floor tomorrow (Wednesday).

Looks like Bennett not only talks the talk, but he also walks the walk.



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