One rocket which had been fired Thursday morning, 15 minutes after midnight, at Eilat was located at a construction site in the city, reports Eilat police.

The rocket was found by three new immigrants from France who live near the site. “Based on the force of the explosion, we figured the missile probably fell near our house,” one of them, Yossi Atia, told Ma’ariv.


Some 800 residents called the police hotline to report the explosions.

“We searched for about fifty minutes until we found the tip of the missile, most of which was stuck in the ground,” described Attia. The three called police, which, together with the military and the fire department arrived to remove the missile.

Eilat Region Police Commander Ron Gertner confirmed that one Grad rocket fell in an area of new construction.

There were no injuries and no damage to property. Commander Gartner said that “it is estimated that rocket was fired from Sinai. The rocket fell on the side of a hill and sank into the ground.”


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