Photo Credit: David Azagury/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv
Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Boogie Yaalon (R) hugs with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter before departing at Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv on July 21, 2015

( The first operational consequences of the bitter dispute between Israel and the White House on the Iran agreement have begun to pop their ugly heads, as Israel is refusing extensive US offers of military and security cooperation, IsraelDefense and Makor Rishon columnist Amir Rapaport reported.

At this point, Israel is refusing to participate in a massive joint training exercise with the US military, scheduled for 2016.


The exercise, code-named Juniper Cobra 2016, was expected to include a long list of cooperative activities, and to include the US-financed Israeli missile defense system, which is partially based on American capabilities.

Over the past few weeks, Rapaport says Israel, in an unprecedented manner, has been doubtful as to its willingness to participate—compared to previous times, when the IDF went out of its way to take part in joint exercises, and, in 2012, complained bitterly that it was being kept out of a key NATO summit meeting in Chicago because of Turkey’s objection.

Now, paradoxically, according to Rapapaort, the Americans are all too eager to cooperate with Israel, while the Israeli political leadership has decided that the IDF will not cooperate with the Americans.

“This has given rise to the absurd situation where the Americans are willing to offer us more than we want to receive,” Rapaport writes.

Last month, immediately following the signing of the Iran deal, US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter visited Israel to discuss a security compensation package the Americans were offering. But Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon politely declined. That was the first hint the Israelis considered the White House’s betrayal too fundamental to be paved over with dollar bills.

But the seeds of rancor were sown even earlier, according to Rapaport, when, during the 2014 Protective Edge operation in Gaza, the White House decided against sending Israel urgently needed supply of arms and ammunition which were vital to the IDF because of the unexpected length of the war (it ended up lasting 51 days).

That decision was nothing short of traumatic to the Israeli defense apparatus, states Rapaport, and that wound is yet to heal, even a year later.

One of the immediate results of that American military embargo (which extended to the UK, as well) was an Israeli decision to keep its ammunition production in local Israeli manufacturing plants, even when it is a project involving cooperation with the US, to prevent such an embargo from ever happening again.

Rapaport believes much depends on the outcome of the Iran deal vote—veto—override process in the US Congress. If the deal fails, recovery of the relationship between the Pentagon and the IDF will come sooner. Which means that, in typical Israeli fashion, this thing will remain unresolved until “after the holidays.”


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  2. While it is a shame that it has come to this based upon this report it appears that hte Americans need something from Israel at this time and are willing to pay to get it. I hope that Isael stayts strong and does not participate this time but politically leaves the door open once this idiot of a president is no longer in office.
    It is a shame that over the past 8 years the U.S has spat on its relationships withits friends and has embraced the organizations and countries that have threatened the existence of western civilization and values.

  3. We all can see that Israel is having tremendous difficulty in dealing with Obama Administration, but they forgot that Adonai is always with Israel in good time or bad time. All will come to pass and history will prove it later always !

  4. In January 2017, Israel's relationship with the U.S. Will be restored. In the meantime, Congess will make sure the current occupant of the White House will be kept under control and will mitigate against any damage he may wish to inflict on Israel.

  5. Another proof that Bibi and his advisors cannot and would not play diplomats. Bibi bites the hands that feed him, but even he admits that in reality Israel got much more from the Obama adminisration than the Bushes. However, Bush conveniantly kept saying "I love You" which impresses the segment ot Americans who think a good American is someone who wears a tiny little americn flag on their lapel!.and many of the Orthdox and super orthodox Jews I know , think the commandment of "you should love thy neighbor as you love yourself" is missing their version that adds "But only if your neighbor agrees with you, looks white like you, not ethiopian like you, and is a male like you ! all others probably are Jew haters, or ugly women who should sit at the back of the bus and shut up.

  6. You have to remember that the U S has a history of abandoning its allies: south Vietnam, Taiwan, now Egypt and Israel etc..
    Israel should strive to be completely self sufficient. It can definitely be done. Never ever count on anyone but yourselves.

  7. US navy and America army /air forces bases and wards house millons tons of weapons around israel .. biggest dry dock med for US navy 6 fleet….remember histroy israel geting her weapons from germans ..germany and british and canada open few new bases in israel ..polish air forces and special forces have bases in israel army bases ..india has join bases with israeli ..US military Gen.s do not wanted loss there bases or testing of new America in israeli ….its obama and kerry Adminstration .let israel down ..going to back fire on white house

  8. I'm glad we (Israel) is learning. I'm glad we are now making our own ammunition, but…

    I'd be a LOT happier if we built our own aircraft designed for our theatre of war.

    And I'd be very very happy if we don't buy any of the F-35 aeroplanes that cant even turn. We cancelled the order after the protective edge rearming fiasco, but have since renewed the purchase.

    Just say NO!

  9. But, but, c'mon! The F-35 is just so super fantastic awesome! It's only mission is to have Congress send $$$ to Lockheed and it's just off the charts super delicious at doin its job! Israel's just gotta buy some! Carl Levin and Kristen Gillibrand and Bill Nelson insist! JUST DO IT!!!

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