Antisemitic New Yorker Tears Down ‘Kidnapped’ Posters, Spits at Elderly Jewish Man on Upper...

The intended victim, wearing a kipa, was white-haired and about half the attacker’s size -- but he was fearless, telling the attacker to “Get the hell away from me.”

Israeli Legal Team Seeks Clarification on US Sanctions Against Protest Group

“The Biden administration is trying to shut down organizations such as Tzav 9 and Regavim,” their lawyer said.

50 Florida Synagogues Evacuate Due to Bomb Threat

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis: “We have allocated tens of millions to combat rising anti-Semitism.”

White House Cancels US-Israel Meeting on Iran After Bibi Exposes Arms Embargo

The Biden Administration is protecting Hamas and its terrorist allies by withholding these munitions and insisting Israel refrain from any major operation in Rafah. It's still not clear why.

Biden’s Floating Gaza Pier to be Dismantled, Gazans Not Starving

At the end, the entire project was simply an expensive disaster, and not solely due to the difficulties encountered by the floating pier.

McConnell: Antisemitism ‘Reaches from College Campuses to US Capitol’

“The last thing a sovereign democracy under siege needs is a public tongue-lashing from the White House,” the senate minority leader said.

Exposed: US Has Been Withholding Needed Arms as Israel Fights Hamas and Hezbollah

"It's inconceivable that in the past few months, the administration has been withholding weapons and ammunitions to Israel."

DM: Iran Trying to Introduce Weapons into Jenin

In response to Iran's efforts, Israel is "beefing up the standby units with advanced weapons and drones, and establishing intervention teams."

Key Congressional Democrats Agree on Arms Sale to Israel

the Biden Administration is asking Congress to approve the Israeli purchase of 50 F-15 fighter jets, air-to-air missiles and Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) kits.

Miami Kosher Bagel Shop Vandalized for the 4th Time

"We've been targeted because of hate, because they know we are Jewish, we are supporters of Israel."

Tzav 9, Sanctioned by the US, Denies Attacking Gazan Aid Convoys

“It was not Tzav 9, but the Biden administration did not bother to check. If they had, they would have realized that everything we do is non-violent,” the spokeperson said.

Amos Hochstein to Arrive in Israel on Mission to Stop War with Lebanon

The American envoy has met several times with Israeli and Lebanese officials since the start of the October 7th war.

Removal of Jewish Students from NJ High School Yearbook Under Investigation

An initial inquiry suggested, “at a minimum,” gross negligence, said the superintendent of East Brunswick Public Schools.

Rosen, Romney Spur Bill to Counter Certain Drone Sales

Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) said the legislation “will save American lives, degrade terrorist capabilities by reducing their stockpiles and protect our national security interests.”

Gaza Pier Again Being Removed, Ahead of ‘Expected High Seas’

"The decision to temporarily relocate the pier is not made lightly but is necessary to ensure the temporary pier can continue to deliver aid in the future," U.S. Central Command said.

Blinken, Pentagon Slammed for ‘Al Jazeera,’ Hezbollah-Linked Outlet Interviews

The Biden administration has repeatedly snubbed senior Israeli cabinet members—who are not tied to U.S.-designated terror groups—with whom it disagrees.

US Sanctions Tzav 9 Members for Blocking Humanitarian Aid Deliveries to Gaza Enemy

"We will continue to use all tools at our disposal to promote accountability for those who attempt or undertake such heinous acts."

Hillary Endorses George Latimer Who Leads Squad’s Jamaal Bowman by 17 Pts.

Meanwhile, another squad member, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is embroiled in an antisemitic scandal in a lawyers' group she supports.

Hamas Mob on NYC Subway: ‘Zionists: This is Your chance to Get Out’

The group of masked passengers on the subway demanded to know if there were any “Zionists” on the train.

House Bans US Funding of Gaza Reconstruction

Rep. Mast said on the House floor before the vote, “They are absolutely at war with one of our major and best allies anywhere across the globe.”

Catholics Don’t Support Israel, Evangelicals Do in Wake of Gaza War, Survey Reveals

Catholics show the least support for Jewish interests and the highest acceptance of antisemitic tropes, the survey finds.

Antisemitic Vandalism on Homes of Brooklyn Museum Jewish Leaders

Brooklyn Museum officials expressed their deep concern, stating, "We are deeply troubled by these horrible acts."

Hamas Conditions Hostage Deal on Permanent IDF Withdrawal, Chinese and Turkish Guarantees

Blinken noted regarding Hamas, “you have to question whether they’re proceeding in good faith or not.”

Temporary Pier Anchored to Gaza Coast Operating Again After Repairs

Some 1.1 million pounds of aid came across the pier on since Saturday, the U.S. Defense Department says.

Blinken: Hamas Response to Hostage Proposal is Unworkable

“Hamas has proposed numerous changes to the proposal. … Some of the changes are workable, some are not,” the secretary of state said.

Hamas Rejects Biden Hostage Deal

Blinken: “Hamas could have answered with a single word: ‘Yes.’ Instead, Hamas waited nearly two weeks and then proposed more changes."

Security Council Adopts ‘Israeli’ Resolution Calling on Hamas to Free the Hostages

I have news for you, Vasily, when you get this piggy out of its poke you’ll discover a whole lot of lipstick.

Blinken Arriving in Israel to Push Gaza Ceasefire Deal

The top American diplomat will also visit Egypt, Jordan and Qatar this week.

Kamala Harris Mourns ‘Innocent’ Gazans Killed Amid Hostage Rescue

The U.S. vice president was briefly heckled during her remarks on Saturday at a Michigan fundraiser.

Report: US Mulling Separate Hostage Deal with Hamas

Israel will play no part in the talks, which are to be mediated by Qatar, according to the report.


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