Congressional Bill to Renew US-Israel Development Program, Expand Accords

In 2019, USAID and MASHAV signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on global development cooperation. This bill fulfills that MoU and enables the two nations to continue that work, but the program must be reauthorized.

Feds Launch Investigation of Antisemitism at SUNY New Paltz

The Biden Administration is signaling with this investigation that it is not sufficient to protect Jews solely based on their religious practice.

Israeli Minister Assaulted in Boston, Anarchist Ends Up in the ER

In Boston the criminal ends up in the emergency room, in Tel Aviv, it’s the cops.

Justice Dept. Indicts Trump on 7 Federal Criminal Counts

Gov. DeSantis condemned the indictments but did not promise to pardon Trump.

Israeli Ministers Cancel US Appearances to Avoid Anti-Government Protesters

Ex-pat Israeli anarchists made it clear they would demonstrate outside the building if the meeting took place, as they did with other Israeli government ministers.

State Dept.: To Enroll in Visa Waiver Program Israel Must Extend Reciprocal Privileges to...

The IDF Civil Administration in the territories complicated matters when it codified and tightened the previous restrictions on the entry of foreigners.

TAU, UCLA Researchers Develop Deep-Brain Stimulation in Sleep to Improve Memory Consolidation

Direct proof that our brain strengthens memories via coordination between the hippocampus and frontal cortex during sleep.

Israeli Ex-Pat Shot to Death in Los Angeles

The victim was talking to another man, who pulled out a handgun and shot him multiple times at point-blank range.

Former Vice President Mike Pence Joins GOP Presidential Race

"Anyone who asks someone else to put them over the Constitution should never be president of the United States again.”

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Prompts New York to Hand Out N95 Masks

“The best way to stay safe right now is to stay indoors.”

Tom Nides Approved Nearly $1 Million Grant to Support Delegitimizing Israel

The involvement of the outgoing U.S. ambassador to Israel “is certain to attract congressional scrutiny,” reported The Washington Free Beacon.

Raging Wildfire No Longer Threatens Homes in Jackson Township, New Jersey

Jackson Township is about eight miles’ distance from Lakewood, home to a large Orthodox Jewish population.

New York City Air Quality ‘ Unhealthy’ Due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke

City residents were warned to limit their time outdoors, particularly those with respiratory illnesses, heart disease, children and adults over 65.

Thousands of New Homes in Liberated Territories, Including E1, Despite US Objection

Coalition members were asked not to celebrate the move publicly or show excessive glee at the decision.

Kamala Harris Attacks Israel’s Judicial Reform in Gala that Humiliated Netanyahu and Rothman

VP Harris does not read stuff, she only parrots what her left-wing advisors are telling her.

Blinken at AIPAC: Settlement Expansion an Obstacle to the ‘Horizon of Hope’

If you expected a decisive answer from the Secretary of State on Iran, turns out he offered three.

Jewish Groups Demand IRS Probe CUNY in Wake of Commencement Hate Speech

Goldfeder and Ostrovsky asked IRS Commissioner Werfel to review whether CUNY Law is engaging in political or lobbying activities.

Tens of Thousands Cheer On Marchers at NYC’s 2023 Celebrate Israel Parade

This year, more than 40,000 marchers, floats, marching bands and musical performers are making their way up the city’s iconic Fifth Avenue from 57th Street to 74th Street.

Further Details on the Harassment of Simcha Rothman in New York

Simcha Rothman describes the attack on him and his wife on Friday night.

NYPD Rejects Anarchists’ Complaint Against Rothman; Next: Ruin ‘Celebrate Israel Parade’

What damage can we expect from these dedicated rebels on Social Security on Sunday? Here is their itinerary.

Rothman: Israel Parade Judicial-Reform Protesters ‘Make Our Enemies Happy’

The pro-Israel parade in New York on June 4 should be a time of unity, even as protests are welcome elsewhere, Simcha Rothman told JNS.

Record Number of US-Based Israeli ‘Unicorns’ a Mixed Bag

Eight American-based Israeli companies surpassed $1 billion valuations in the last year, but market headwinds are keeping the overall number artificially high.

Anarchist Falange Manhunting Simcha Rothman in Downtown Manhattan

They're all boomers. It’s a perfect combination: fascistic aspirations and Social Security.

At Jewish Heritage Month Event, Mayor Rails Against Antisemitic CUNY Speech

“I would have stood up and denounced them immediately!” declared the mayor of New York City if he’d been on the commencement stage when the remarks were delivered.

Lee Zeldin Attacks Gov. Hochul for her Silence on CUNY Law Antisemitic Incitement

“Kathy Hochul’s cowardice and silence ... further signals that it’s open season on Jews at CUNY.”

107 Groups Threaten to Boycott Anthropological Association Over BDS Pro-Resolution

The academic boycott AAA is considering directly threatens to Incite antisemitic activity on campus.

Israel Concerned by Reports of Imminent US-Iran Nuclear Deal

Washington and Tehran are said to be close to an interim deal that would unfreeze billions of dollars for the regime.

Suleiman Othman Receives 2 Months in Jail for Attacking a Jew in Brooklyn

“Considering today’s soft-on-crime policies such as bail reform and trendy anti-police rhetoric, it is exceptionally rare that a perpetrator of a hate crime gets jail time."

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter Diagnosed with Dementia

"The universality of caregiving is clear in our family and we are experiencing the joy and the challenges of this journey. We do not expect to comment further and ask for understanding."

Feds Fund Renovation at Interfaith Medical Center in Crown Heights

“Interfaith has been providing high-quality, compassionate care and 21st-century care in 20th-century infrastructure.”


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