Photo Credit: Flash90
Israeli women protest outside the UN Headquarters in Jerusalem, November 27, 2023.

The Israeli agency COGAT (Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories: Judea and Samaria and towards the Gaza Strip) reported that on Wednesday, April 10, reported that, following coordination, the repair of the Bani Suheila water line has been completed. The water line will now supply over 400,000 people in central Gaza with an additional 42 liters of high-quality water per person each day.

In the past, water pipes paid for by European agencies were ripped out of the ground by Hamas terrorists and turned into launches for rockets that they would fire on Israeli civilians. Hamas even released videos showing its people smiling as they did so.


In addition, COGAT said it inspected and transferred to Gaza 298 aid trucks; however, only 61 trucks of aid were distributed by UN aid agencies inside Gaza and 340 aid packages containing hundreds of thousands of meals were airdropped over Gaza, in conjunction with Egypt, the UAE and Jordan.

The content of 600 trucks is currently still waiting to be picked up by UN aid agencies on the Gazan side of Kerem Shalom.

Also, four tankers of cooking gas designated for the operation of essential infrastructure in Gaza, entered the Gaza Strip Wednesday.


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