Photo Credit: Ariel Hermoni / Ministry of Defense / Flash 90
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel (L) meets with Israel's Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon in Halifax, Canada on November 22, 2013.

In the wake of the many-months long rising tide of hostility between U.S. and Israeli senior leadership reaching those at the highest levels, a decision which at other times might be understood as a simple budgetary decision is likely now to be seen as anything but.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon has reportedly canceled an agreement for Israel to purchase from the United States six advanced V-22 aircraft, which is made by Bell Boeing.


In January it was announced by the U.S. that the Israel Defense Force wanted to buy six Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft for special operations and search-and-rescue missions, in addition to various other, smaller items. The V-22 flies like an airplane but tilts its rotors to take off and land like a helicopter.

The deal in which the six V-22 aircraft was a part was anticipated to be a roughly $1.13 billion Foreign Military Sale to Israel.

But Israel Hayom reported that the Ministry of Finance wants the deal to be suspended until there is a full review of Israel’s security needs post-Operation Protective Edge.

For his part, Ya’alon decided that instead of purchasing the six aircraft, Israel should increase the procurement of heavy Armored Personnel Carriers and precision munitions.

The poor condition of Israel’s APCs was a serious danger to its troops during this summer’s conflict. That fact was made clear by the highly publicized and tragic loss of life on July 20, when an APC carrying Golani brigade fighters in Gaza stalled and was then pierced on July 20 by Hamas terrorists. That attack led to the loss of seven soldiers. St.-Sgt. Oron Shaul, amongst others, died in that tragedy; Shaul’s body has still not been recovered.

Last week when Ya’alon was in Washington, D.C. he and one of the few administration officials who did meet with him, the American Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, agreed that Israel would buy a second squadron of advanced F-35 fighter jets.

Canada and the United Arab Emirates were the other two potential purchasers of the V-22s, when Israel was considering the purchase.

Despite Israel’s severe budgetary constraints and the serious deficit of adequate APCs which was made only too clear during the summer conflict, Israel HaYom suggested that there are those within the IDF who fear the announced withdrawal of Israel’s intent to purchase the six Ospreys from the U.S. at this very delicate moment in U.S.-Israel relations will not be well received.



  1. It's God that has Israel's back, The US is only an instrument that God uses. Remember it was a ragtag unorganized Zionist army that defeated the much bigger and more organized Arab armies a day after the British left and this was done without US help.

  2. Donna, Israel does not have to depend on America for anything. Like Jose said "God has Israel's back. Israel is a Country and does not have to be told what to do by anyone. God has Israel in the palm of his hand.

  3. Donna Giatt: Not fair. You have to compare apples to apples. The conditions were different then and now. Basically, it's true but the times are sooo different that a really fair comparison is obvious to the followers of Israel's relationship's with various Presidents that the ideology of those Presidents must be taken into consideration. This President cannot be evaluated yet – but try hate, for starters. Hate Israel,hate Jews next. Do you get the picture ?

  4. Dona Hambright….they are not talking about the relation between the two countries…they are talking about this president…that is more into defending or offending Islam than Israel…he really think of Israel not as a friend…but as a colony of USA…and because he can not stop Israel from existing…because of all the Jewish people in America…he can do it in a way insulting and dividing the mutual respect that we had with Israel….the same way he won the elections in America…by dividing the whites…blacks and Hispanics…by creating a problem…then once we were divided…he conquered us…he won the election…now we realized…he is a traitor …a liar….and hates anything that was made by whites….our constitution…our court system…etc…this is what everyone is talking about.OBAMA HATING ISRAEL To the point of rejecting to see BIBI and then left him waiting in a room…until he just left….that is it.

  5. Yes. I understand everyones comments. But its only him. The USA and Israel will always be a family. I cant see anything or anyone ever putting a cease on that.Whether you like th3m or not, our governmemt is still made up with many Jews. They are so interwoven into our fabric unlike any other country. I admire BIBI. But regardless of Obama, the USA made a promise to defend the Jewish people after world war 2, and the holocaust. Anyone in the military knows this promise. I Its a bond between us and you..

  6. The US–with lots of strings, tremendous cost to us and an insistence on maintaining control so it can be yanked at will. At best, a temporary solution. It was helpful for now against Hamas at the level of technology they were at. Useless against short-range rockets and mortars. They won’t be useful next time, and there will be a next time. They started preparing immediately. Iron Dome will be useless against Hizbollah which is much more heavily armed with bigger and smarter rockets. That is also a matter of time. We need to create, buy and control our own defenses without relying on the US. Who have their own problems which they should be taking care of instead of sticking themselves into our business. We should have cut the arrangement years ago. We are not obliged to prop up the US defense industries.

  7. Very optimistic view & no offense to you, so much out of touch. The Jews used by your government have not and could not be of much help, let alone when they were leftists and when they follow Hussein Obama. Since this administration, US Jews are at risk. Difficult to believe? Learn the T…

  8. Great Decision THe Honorable Moshe Yaalon. How about Supporting Israel Baded Defence Industries and creating defence and security independence so we do not get embargoed by the USA and bullied by Uncle SAM into making unreasonable concessions to protect their interests, everytime our neighbors decide to threaten our existence.

  9. Israel should now reconsider its decision not to produce Jet Aircrafts themselves. They do not have to use GE engines but instead consider other non USA-made ones such as Rolls Royce. The less dependent Israel becomes on the whims of a USA Administration the better. Does anyone still believes that President Obama is a friend to Israel and has their back?

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