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Renewable Energy

For the first time: Israel passed the 10% mark in connecting facilities for the production of renewable energy – according to the report on the state of renewable energies published by the Electricity Authority.

The data of the report shows that in 2022, production facilities with an average capacity of about 96 megawatts in various technologies were connected every month, which shows an increase of about 23% in the connection of renewable energy production facilities compared to the year 2021 when the monthly average was 78 megawatts – watts, and an increase of 123% compared to the year 2020 when the average monthly connections was 43 megawatts.


Following the significant improvement in the connection rate of the facilities, the installed capacity of renewable energy facilities as of the end of 2022 rose to 4,795 megawatts, so that the annual production capacity is equal, as of today, to a rate of 11.8% of the annual consumption compared to 9.4% in 2021. The actual consumption rate in 2022 shows, renewable energies amounted to 10.1% of the total energy consumed in Israel during the year, compared to 8.2% in 2021. The report presents detailed explanations for the various indicators.


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