Israeli Study: Plastic Additives Contaminate the Sea, Harm Coral

“Climate change, ocean acidification, and ongoing anthropogenic stressors place coral reefs at existential risk."

US Govt to Invest Millions to Improve Water on Long Island

State funding is also aimed at helping to address thousands of substandard or failing septic systems and cesspools that cause significant water quality impairments locally and statewide.

Fuel Leaking from Tanker Docked at Eilat’s Pipeline that UAE Wanted to Utilize

In May 2021, a storage tank in the Ashkelon depot of the pipeline was damaged by a rocket fired from Gaza.

World’s Largest Active Volcano is Erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island

USGS: “Residents at risk from Mauno Loa lava flows should review preparedness and refer to Hawaii County Civil Defense information for further guidance.”

Venomous Fish Arrive in Gaza Fishing Zone

Marine police in Gaza have warned the enclave’s fishermen to avoid catching the venomous creatures and ordered them to return them to the sea if they come up in their nets.

10,000 Would-Be Shtreimels Roam Ohio’s Countryside

Each shtreimel may be made of up to 30 sables, minks, martens, or foxes.

John Kerry Shakes Hands with Nicolás Maduro – Will He Collect the $15 Mil....

The State Department said the handshake was "unplanned,” and “immaterial," despite its denouncement of Maduro only days earlier.

Lebanon PM in Trouble After Chat with Herzog

"This state of emergency demands we work together. Let us leverage vital regional partnerships as a path towards [a] shared, Renewable Middle East."

Israel, Jordan and UAE Sign Solar to Water Energy-Sharing Agreement

Israel will provide Jordan with desalinated water in exchange for solar electricity produced in Jordan in a plant built by the UAE.

Gaza Strip Officials Resign over Disastrous Flooding

Gaza officials blame––you guessed it––"repeated Zionist aggression."

UAVs Can Map Illegal Waste Dumps, Save Taxpayer Shekels

The researchers attempted to assess the amounts and contents of construction waste dumped at unauthorized sites. Data showed much of it could be recycled.

Hikers Trapped by Judean Desert Floods on Election Day

Israeli forces rescued at least 50 people after hikers in the Judean desert were caught by surprise when flash flooding followed the weekend rains.

Tens of Thousands of Cranes Arriving at Hula Lake on Winter Migration

By the end of November, an estimated 50,000 pelicans will also have passed through Israel from on their migration to the wintering grounds in Africa.

Report: Israel’s Coastline Contaminated with Tons of Microplastics

The researchers discovered, among other things, that the pollution samples included plastic from food packaging, single-use plastic products, and fishing nets.

Reverse Tashlich: Young Jewish Teachers Clean Up Beach on 10 Days of Awe

So far, more than a thousand young people have participated in the "Teachers' Trip" project.

64 Vultures Released into the Wild Ahead of Yom Kippur

“We wish the vultures a long and beautiful life."

Israeli Scientists Find Manmade Environmental Destruction Not New

"The damage was caused through overexploitation. . .Three thousand years later, the local environment still hasn't recovered from the crisis."

Motorists Start the Week with Sinkhole Across Tel Aviv’s Major Highway

It was a miracle this happened on Shabbat when traffic in Israel is relatively tame.

Israel Holds First Inter-Ministerial Committee Meeting on Earthquake Recovery Plans

A powerful earthquake in Israel is not a question of whether it will happen, but when,” says the director general of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Environment Minister Calls for Halt to Eilat Beach Water Line Construction

The minister from Meretz called on the city to stop and dismantle all their beachfront construction.

Ikea Beit Shemesh Evacuated Due to Forest Fire

Shoppers were allowed back in after firefighters determined the area was safe.

Watch Live the World’s Most Crowded Assembly of Migrating Birds

More than half a billion birds pass through the Hula Valley each migration season, autumn and spring.

Hebrew U Study: Desert Regions Best Predictors of Climate Change in Wet Areas

These results can be incorporated into models to simulate how nature will function under drier or hotter conditions.

Tel Aviv Creates Quarter Ton Sculpture from Beach Trash

The ball will remain at Gordon Beach for two months.

Israeli Scientists Warn Deep Coral Reefs May Not Revive Those in Shallow Water

The study suggests that some deep reef coral populations actually depend on shallow-water populations to thrive, rather than the other way around, raising further concern about the health of shallow corals.

Jellyfish Swarm in Israel Unusually Intense as 9 B’Av Approaches

It has been established that the swarm of “meduzas” arrive on Israel’s shores around Tamuz 17 and floats away after 9 B’Av.

Japan’s Most Active Volcano, Sakurajima, Erupts

The eruption prompted Japan to raise the eruption alert to its highest level, Level 5.

Record-Breaking Temperatures Threaten Europe, Mediterranean, New York & New Jersey

The British government declared a national “state of emergency” in response to the weather conditions.

Why Do Corals Glow Beneath the Sea?

Israeli scientists found that corals’ fluorescent colors are designed to serve as lure for their prey.


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