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KKL-JNF Rededicates Grove Planted by 23 Indian Farmers 60 Years Ago

"It's important to keep going back into history and keep finding other connections between us."

Navy Ship’s Oil Leak Pollutes Gulf of Eilat

Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry is monitoring, assisting and supervising the Navy in its clean-up and blocking operations.

Bird Migration in Full Force in Israel

Most of the migratory birds from Europe pass through Israel and even stay there for one or more nights.

KKL-JNF Ukraine Established at Special Event in Kiev

Israeli President Isaac Herzog noted that the Odessa Committee began purchasing land in Israel before the establishment of the state.

Israeli-born US Energy Envoy to Broker Maritime Border Talks Between Israel, Lebanon

The new US State Department senior adviser for energy security, is expected to visit Israel and Lebanon later this month.

Israel Needs 45K Acres for 30% Renewable Energy Goal, But Only 5K Are Allocated

"The Government is not advancing a transition to green energy."

Israeli Pipeline Company Embroiled in Conflict Over UAE Oil Deal

An agreement penned a year ago has encountered growing opposition from environmentalist groups and Israel’s Ministry of Environmental Protection.

Watch: Nature & Parks Inspectors Release Tiny Rodent from Plastic Bottle Prison

Bags and wipes are eaten by animals that have not learned to avoid them: turtles in the sea and goats in the desert.

Former Mossad Head Yossi Cohen Appointed Director of Doral Energy USA

The company expressed confidence that Cohen will be a "significant reinforcement" for Doral's management.

Cyprus Asking EU, Greece, Israel for Help in Combating Huge Oil Spill from Syrian...

Israel and Greece have been informed and are on standby to help in keeping with the trilateral agreement they signed with Cyprus.

Environmental Protection Ministry Probing Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Leak

“This is a very serious incident which illustrates how dangerous and harmful the transportation of fossil fuel in Israel . . . can be,”

Israeli Cabinet Approves $21 Million Assistance Plan for Jerusalem Hills Fire Damage

The fires led to the evacuation of the communities of Beit Meir, Shoresh, Shoeva, Kisalon, Givat Yearim, Ramat Raziel, Tzuba and the medical facility at Eitanim, and caused extensive damage in the area.

Israel Jumps on the Carbon-Free Bandwagon, But It May Not Make Economic or Scientific...

Israel's Environment Minister criticized the use of natural gas, while her own ministry praised the use of natural gas in dramatically reducing local pollutant emissions.

Jerusalem Hills Fires Reignited

The suspect is being investigated in connection with last week’s huge fires.

Arson Causes Mass Blazes in Gvaot, Gush Etzion

While firefighters were battling the blaze in two locations, another fire broke out in a third location.

Satellite Photo Strongly Hints at Arson in Jerusalem Blaze

Fire officials has already suspected the fire was man made.

Jerusalem Hills Fire ‘Mostly Contained’ – Intl Aid Request Cancelled

Fire investigators said Sunday it is believed the blaze was deliberately set -- an act of arson terror.

Israel Requests International Assistance as Wildfire Continues to Rage in Jerusalem Hills

It is believed the wildfire was caused by arson -- possibly arson terror.

Fire Commissioner: This Worst Blaze in Jerusalem Area was Man Made

Officials believe that the fire was created by humans, but it is yet unclear if this was an act of arson, and possibly terrorism, or the result of negligence.

Ministry of Environmental Protection: No Finding of Pollution Around Leviathan Gas Rig

This is the first review to be carried out and summarizes the findings of its impact on the sea, during the first year of operation of the rig.

Agreement to Transport Oil Between UAE and Israel May Be Rescinded

Environmental Minister Tamar Zandberg (Meretz) opposes the oil deal.

Environmental Protection Ministry Demand NIS 48 Million from Bottling Companies Over Deposit Compliance Failures

Tamar Zandberg: “The manufacturers and importers of the beverage containers must bear full responsibility for their collection, transfer for recycling, and return of the deposit to the public by law."

Israel’s Climate Plan Presented to UN Climate Commission

“Israel joins the other countries working to move to a clean and efficient economy."

A Seuda Fit for the King of Birds

This birdcam is located at an Israel Nature and Parks Authority feeding station in Hai-Bar Carmel.


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