Watch: New River Exposed in Israel, Mired in Secrecy and Landmines

Only in Israel would a news broadcast report someone planted a whole bunch of landmines someplace and move on, without stopping to inquire: landmines?

Bennett Establishes 7 Nature Preserves in Judea & Samaria

"As usual, we have come to carry out the strengthening of our Land of Israel! Not talk. Deeds."

Kinneret Up One Meter Since Winter’s Start

More than half that volume of water came from just the past 5 days of rain.

Blessed Rains Gush through Israel’s Nature Preserves

The Kinneret rose since Wednesday by 23 cm, and now stands at 211.10 meters below sea level.

One Man Dies, More Injured in Puerto Rico Earthquakes

A first5.8-magnitude quake on Monday destroyed five homes and damaged many more.

Good News: Water Still Rising at Lake Kinneret

On Sunday, Jan. 5 2020, the level of the lake stood at 211.48 meters below sea level, just about halfway between the upper and lower red lines.

Israel is Blessed with Winter Rain: Water Level Rising in Lake Kinneret

The water level is now standing at 211.77 meters, just 2.8 meters from the top red line.

Environment Ministry Halts Leviathan Gas Rig Operations Before First Gas Flow

"The tests have shown that no risk is expected for residents of the coastal communities at all stages of operations, including at the time of the initial tests.”

Feisty Pod of Dolphins Playing off Ashkelon Coast

"The dolphin is endangered in the Mediterranean and so it is very fascinating to watch."

Israeli Energy Minister: ‘the Age of Coal-Use in Israel Will End by 2025’

Steinitz said he is considering setting a goal of 25%-30% for renewable energy production in Israel.

5 Confirmed Dead, 10 Missing in New Zealand Volcano Eruption

"Based on the information we have, we do not believe there are any survivors on the island."

Israeli Researchers Decipher Rock Hyrax’s Vocal Communication

Male hyraxes frequently sing complex and loud self-advertisement songs, transmitting their individual quality to both females and neighboring males.

On the Way to Green Fuels? Israeli Scientists Grow CO2 Consuming Bacteria

Israeli scientists of the Weizmann Institute of Science have developed bacteria that survives solely on carbon dioxide (CO2) from their surroundings, instead of their regular food.

Israel Sends Search & Rescue Team After 6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Albania

A second, 5.5-magnitude earthquake rocked the country a day later, 19 kilometers southwest of Mamurras. More aftershocks are continuing to hit the area.

President Awards First Nechama Rivlin z’l Prize for Sustainability

‘In the the flowerbeds,’ the First Lady once wrote, ‘the barriers fall, nature is close, and people who work with us become friends.’”

Oil Firm to Pay Over NIS 100 Million in Damages for 2014 Spill

"This is another reminder that citizens must take responsibility because the state ... does not maintain the public’s right to clean and healthy nature.”

Netanyahu Names Hula Preserve Visitors’ Center after Pro-Israel Former Canadian PM

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara on Tuesday night honored former Canadian Prime Minister Stephen J. Harper with the dedication of the...

Earthquake Shakes Northern Communities at Lake Kinneret

The epicenter of the temblor was located about four kilometers deep beneath the surface, just on the northern edge of the lake.

Watch: Viper Escaping The Zin River Flood

This terrified venomous Ef'eh was crawling for his life away from the gushing flood waters.

100 Wildfires in Lebanon Finally Quenched by Rain Storms

Lebanon did not ask its closest neighbor, Israel, for help, nor did Israel offer any assistance.

Campaign to Save Nation’s Wildflowers Dedicated to Memory of Israel’s First Lady Nechama Rivlin...

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden is calling on the public to purchase and plant seeds of local wild flowers in their private gardens and flower boxes.

White Pelicans Stop for Quick Snack in Hula Valley on Migration Route for Winter

A total of more than 500 million birds pass through the area each year.

Clean Thine Beach

They collected thirty bags of plastic trash, which is most dangerous to animals and fish.

Intel Unveils ‘Smartest Building in the World’ in Israel

The massive 75,000 sq. meter (approx. 800,000 sq. ft.) building will host 2,000 employees from the former Petah Tikva and Ra’anana campuses.

IsraAid Prepares to Fly to Support Hurricane-Slashed Bahamas

IsraAID’s Emergency Response team will initially distribute urgent relief supplies, offer psychological first aid and deploy water filters to restore access to drinking water.

10 Tons of Baby Wipes Block Israel’s Main Pumping Station

“The wipes are not biodegradable at all, and form huge clumps. They get stuck in the systems and pumps and clog lines."

Wildfires Blazed Through Forests in Galilee and Near Beit Shemesh

As the sun began to set, firefighters were still battling to get control of the flames in most areas but the good news was that there were no injuries to report.

Survey: Kfar Saba (96%), Tel Aviv (91%) Have Happiest Residents

In Jerusalem, only 37% are satisfied with cleanliness (46% of Jews and 21% of Arabs).

Swarm of Bees Attacks Family in Northern Israel

Several family members suffered an allergic reaction to the apitoxin – honey bee venom – according to MDA.

Watch: Hatchling Turtle Trapped in Car Tracks on Way to Sea

Israel bans driving cars on the beach. The vehicles leave behind sockets and grooves in the sand which are obstacles to little turtles.


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