Israel’s Ministry of Transport and Road Safety Unveils Plan to Reduce Car Use by...

The goal is to persuade Israelis to do much more walking and cycling, and to take the bus and train when traveling.

New Research Cracks the Code to Fastest Growing Algae on Earth

The research is ultimately aimed at developing new engineering tools that could provide a solution for sustainable food.

TAU: Fight Against Marine Plastic Pollution Mired in Disorganization

Plastic pollution is extremely harmful to marine life: organisms swallow particles and toxins and become entangled in larger products and nets.

KKL-JNF Continues Holy Work of Planting Trees in the Negev Despite Arab Outrage, Violence

Between 13 and 25 acres of trees were planted during the day Monday, out of a total of about 250 acres to be planted in the coming season.

Earthquake Shakes Cyprus, Felt in Israel

Cyprus lies in a secondary earthquake-prone zone, but tremors of such magnitude are uncommon.

1M Birds Die in Israel from Bird Flu, Including 5.2K Wild Cranes

Israel's Ministry of Agriculture has been battling the outbreaks of avian influenza disease caused by the H5N1 virus strain.

’Ecological Terrorist Attack’: Raw Sewage from PA Flowing into Alexander River in Israel

Despite the fact that a wastewater treatment plant was built with international funding, the PA is still dumping their waste into the rivers and streams.

Watch: Waiting for the First Flood of 2022

"Happily, the hikers kept to the rules and followed the marked trails only."

Earthquake Shakes Crete, Felt in Israel

Israelis across the country reported feeling the tremor.

Thousands of Wild Cranes Dying of H5N1 at Hula Valley Nature Reserve

The Nature and Parks Authority said officials expect to have to remove some 25 to 30 tons of carcasses.

Environmentalists Withdraw Supreme Court Petition Against Trans-Israel Pipeline

The organizations are concerned about the possible environmental damage that the planned pipeline could cause to the Gulf of Eilat.

2021 Sets New Record in Investments in Israeli Climate Tech

The year 2021 set a new record for investments in Israeli climate technology startups with $2.2 billion, a whopping 57% higher than the 2020 record.

Israel’s Environmental Ministry Delivers Setback to Israel-UAE Pipeline Deal

Hailed as the first major partnership to come out of the Abraham Accords, the deal has come under fire from environmental groups for allegedly posing a risk to the Gulf of Eilat’s coral reefs.

KKL-JNF Hosts Sustainability Panel for Israeli & Arab Youths at Expo Dubai 2020

If the youth are indeed our future, then for climate change, they are a necessity.

Energy Minister Halts Expansion of Israeli Natural Gas Exports, Blocks Explorations in 2022

"We will use the coming year for a series of moves that will advance the transition to renewable energies."

Airobotics, Solar Drone Sign Deal for Drones to Clean Solar Panels

The two companies are also aiming to create and market a new drone-based cleaning solution.

Next Step Taken in Creation of Israel’s Largest-Ever Solar Field

The installation, to cover an area of 750 acres, will be built in the Negev city of Dimona.

Using Plant Remains TAU Researchers Reconstruct Israel’s Climate by End of Last Ice Age

The study was conducted at the prehistoric archaeological site Jordan River Dureijat ("Jordan River Stairs") on the shores of the Paleo Lake Hula.

Environment, Tourism, Energy, Foreign Ministries Join Fight Against Emirati Oil Pipeline Deal

The loss of income from an oil spill catastrophe on Eilat's shore would cause a direct loss of income worth NIS 4.5 billion ($1.5 billion).

3 Egyptians Dead, Hundreds Hurt in Scorpion Attacks

Scorpions can also be found in the homes, as they sometimes are in Israeli communities in the Negev.

Extreme Dry Weather, Arson, Ignite Hundreds of Fires Countrywide

Firefighters were rushed to deal with 411 fires, of which 212 were in open areas (52%).

Tel Aviv U Initiates Model for Carbon Neutrality

TAU has placed efforts to combat climate change among its top priorities.

UN Declares Eilat’s Birding Center One of Most Important Global Biodiversity Projects

"They are encouraged to love and conserve birds, in their gardens or at work, now and forever."

Meretz Environment Minister Silent as PA Polluters Spread Lies & Dirt about Israel

At the Glasgow Climate Conference the PA PM falsely accused Israel of polluting the environment - watch the truth.

Israeli Scientists Discover Light Pollution Makes Crickets Chirp in Daytime, Could Disrupt Life Cycle

Artificial light at night affects the length and quality of sleep, leads to high mortality, and changes the activity cycles of many creatures, say researchers.

Bennett Thanks UK’s Boris Johnson for ‘Quick Intervention’ on COP26 Inaccessibility

"It's time that we channel our national energy, which is the energy of the people, and the brainpower, to fighting climate change."

Bill Proposed to Fully Subsidize Dishwasher Purchases for Families with 4 Children in Response...

MK Porush pointed out that the sector that is likely to be hurt most by the new tax is the observant Jews.

How the PA is Polluting Judea and Samaria

The PA is the primary and almost sole environmental contaminator in Judea and Samaria in multiple facets.

Disabled Israeli Minister Unable to Enter Inaccessible COP26 Conference

UK Ambassador to Israel Neil Wigan offered an apology to Elharar following the incident.


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