Israel’s Climate Plan Presented to UN Climate Commission

“Israel joins the other countries working to move to a clean and efficient economy."

A Seuda Fit for the King of Birds

This birdcam is located at an Israel Nature and Parks Authority feeding station in Hai-Bar Carmel.

Environmental Protection Rejects Pipeline’s Pollution Risks Survey, Crisis with UEA Looming

The idea of multiplying to a very large extent the amount of crude oil being pushed through the pipeline from Eilat to the Ashkelon terminal is dizzying.

Weekend Visitors in Western Galilee Brook Leave Behind 130,000 Bushels of Trash

This waste becomes an environmental and ecological hazard that harms the local springs, plant species, and wildlife.

Haifa’s Technion Institute of Technology Ends Use of Disposable Utensils in Move to ‘Environmentally...

“There is no doubt that recycling is important, but reuse and reduction are especially important goals because they prevent pollution already in the production phase.”

Cormorant Visitor Arrives on Zion’s Shores, Will Appreciate Fish

This cormorant has been spotted only twice before in the Holy Land.

Haredim Will Bear the Brunt of Government’s War on Disposable Plastic Utensils

Of course, if the finance and environmental protection folks really want to clean up Israel, and at the same time repress Haredi families even more, they should go after disposable diapers.

Bar-Ilan U. Biologist Found Spotted Hyenas’ Social Ties Are Inherited

Massive study of data collected over 27 years sheds light on social networks, rank and survival of this African species.

Look at All the Tiny Little Turtles!

Once the turtles reach adulthood, their formidable size limits their vulnerability to large marine animals such as sharks.

Shot Over 20 Years, ‘Kinneret – Sea of Life’ Follows Reed Cat’s Life’s Struggles

Alpert says his goal is "to share his experiences and encounters with the natural world and the amazing creatures that share the land with us."

Bennett Adds 5 Billion Liters of Water to Jordan’s Drain on the Kinneret

Perhaps PM Bennett should condition selling the thirsty Jordanian more water on Jordan leasing Israel's hungry farmers their lands.

Environment Ministry Warns Severe Garbage Disposal Crisis Looms

“Immediate action must be taken to reduce the amount of waste for landfill by increasing recycling.”

Flames Threaten Jerusalem Outskirts, Again

As happened last week, firefighters suspect both blazes were set deliberately.

Wildfire Rages in Gush Etzion Between Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah

Eight firefighting planes were sent to help combat the flames.

WATCH: Fires Erupting Across Israel, Arson Suspected

“Fires do not start alone; there is a suspicion that [they are] man-made."

Massive Fire Blazing Near Gush Etzion Town of Bat Ayin

Roads in Gush Etzion area were closed to traffic and residents in Bat Ayin are being evacuated for their own safety.

Massive Fire Spreading from Outskirts of Jerusalem, Tzur Hadassah

"It is too early to determine what caused the fire; we will conduct a comprehensive investigation."

On Sunday the Arabs Burned Down 2,000 Acres of Israeli Forest Near Gaza

"We expect an appropriate response, we are not ready to go back to rocket launches and balloon terrorism that don't receive a response."

Situation Heating Up in the South: Dozens of Arson Terror Balloons Launched into Israel

“The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for everything that is done in the Gaza Strip and emanates from it toward Israel."

Israeli Researchers Create ‘Atlas of Cells’ in Stony Coral Reefs

“We believe that our findings will be a milestone in the entire field of coral research and coral reefs conservations.”

Gulf of Eilat Discovery: Animal that Regenerate All its Organs

This animal, can regenerate all of its organs so that each piece knows exactly how to regain functioning of all its missing body systems within a short period of time.

Lebanon, Israel to Resume Maritime Border Talks

Lebanon is still without a permanent government after the resignation of its prime minister and cabinet ministers following the massive Beirut Port explosion in 2020.

First Lappet-Faced Vulture in 30 Years Spotted in the Negev

Watch the Azaniyat Ha'Negev scaring the daylights out of a poor ostrich.

Spring Brings Swarm of Locusts to Southern Israel

Farmers fear for their crops, but migratory birds are enjoying nature’s “protein bars.”

Locust Swarms Arrive in Eilat, the Arava Desert – Even Netanya

The locust swarms came to Israel from Saudi Arabia with the help of strong winds and should be leaving the area with the change in wind direction.

Israel to Switch Away from Coal Energy by 2025, Netanyahu Says

Israel is already a world leader in water purification, recycling and desalination.

On Earth Day, Hebrew U. Launches Academic Center for Green Sustainability

The center will promote research initiatives alongside the university’s “Green Campus” sustainability programs.


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