On Sunday the Arabs Burned Down 2,000 Acres of Israeli Forest Near Gaza

"We expect an appropriate response, we are not ready to go back to rocket launches and balloon terrorism that don't receive a response."

Situation Heating Up in the South: Dozens of Arson Terror Balloons Launched into Israel

“The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for everything that is done in the Gaza Strip and emanates from it toward Israel."

Israeli Researchers Create ‘Atlas of Cells’ in Stony Coral Reefs

“We believe that our findings will be a milestone in the entire field of coral research and coral reefs conservations.”

Gulf of Eilat Discovery: Animal that Regenerate All its Organs

This animal, can regenerate all of its organs so that each piece knows exactly how to regain functioning of all its missing body systems within a short period of time.

Lebanon, Israel to Resume Maritime Border Talks

Lebanon is still without a permanent government after the resignation of its prime minister and cabinet ministers following the massive Beirut Port explosion in 2020.

First Lappet-Faced Vulture in 30 Years Spotted in the Negev

Watch the Azaniyat Ha'Negev scaring the daylights out of a poor ostrich.

Spring Brings Swarm of Locusts to Southern Israel

Farmers fear for their crops, but migratory birds are enjoying nature’s “protein bars.”

Locust Swarms Arrive in Eilat, the Arava Desert – Even Netanya

The locust swarms came to Israel from Saudi Arabia with the help of strong winds and should be leaving the area with the change in wind direction.

Israel to Switch Away from Coal Energy by 2025, Netanyahu Says

Israel is already a world leader in water purification, recycling and desalination.

On Earth Day, Hebrew U. Launches Academic Center for Green Sustainability

The center will promote research initiatives alongside the university’s “Green Campus” sustainability programs.

Look At All the Dolphins!

The pod was seen playing amidst the waves. Then the crew dropped a camera underwater…

Lake Kinneret’s Water Level Rises as Spring Begins

If the water level reaches the upper red line, officials will open the Degania Dam to avoid flooding from the lake into surrounding areas.

Lake Kinneret Just 32 Centimeters from Full Capacity

On March 30, 2020, the lake was 36 centimeters from the upper red line; April rain brought the lake to within 12 centimeters of full capacity.

Watch: Israelis Line Up in Endless Column of Cars outside Nature Preserve

An estimated 5,500 spent the night in the designated parking lots of the Nature and Parks Authority on the third day of the Passover holiday week.

Tide and Relentless Excavation Effort Finally Help Ever Given to Float Free

But Ever Given is not floating happily upstream just yet.

Misplaced Charity: Hiker ‘Saves’ Newborn Mountain Goat, Now Mom Won’t Go Near It

If you see a wild animal in distress, call the Nature and Parks Authority hotline *3639 or report to an inspector in the area, but by all means do not approach the wild animal.

Report: Tanker that Caused Environmental Disaster on Israel’s Beaches Owned by Syrians

The initial information about the connection between the ship, Syria, and Oryx Shipping Ltd, was revealed on March 4 by the Lloyd’s List Intelligence website.

Following Oil Spill Disaster Israel Permits Sale of Fish from the Mediterranean

On most beaches, the season has not yet begun, and bathing in undeclared beaches is prohibited as long as there are no rescue services available there.

Lebanon Blames Israel for Mediterranean Oil Spill

Lebanon's caretaker Prime Minister Hassan Diab blamed an Israeli ship for the oil spill.

Israel’s Security Establishment Begins Probe into Tar Pollution on Nation’s Beaches, at Sea

The Ministry of Environmental Protection has sent a report to intelligence and defense officials to assist in the investigation.

Knesset Committee Warns: No Money to Deal with Next Large Scale Oil Spill

"We all understand that it is only a matter of time before a wide-scale contamination disaster takes place at sea."

Israel Identifies Ship Responsible for Dumping Iranian Crude Oil on Tel Aviv’s Beaches

The ship turned off their tracking system near Israel, dumped hundreds of tons of Iranian crude oil off of Israel's coast, and sailed to Syria and back to Iran.

Israel Rules Out Greek Tanker as Suspect in Mediterranean Oil Spill

The “Minerva Helen” was not the source of the ecological disaster, says Israel's Environmental Protection Ministry after inspecting the vessel.

Happy Purim from Yotvata Hai-Bar Nature Reserve

Endangered and locally extinct animals mentioned in the Bible are bred here for possible reintroduction into the Negev desert.

Israeli Officials Raid Greek Ship Suspected of Tar Spill on Israeli Beaches

Dead marine animals have been washing up on Israel’s beaches, including a 17-meter baby fin whale.

Autopsy on Whale’s Carcass Raises Suspicion of Death by Oil Pollution

Materials derived from oil pollution were found in the autopsy and were transferred for testing.

Oil Spill Off Israel’s Coast Threatens Turtles, Snails, Birds and the Beach

"We also fear that the tar will penetrate the soil, which is why we are trying to collect the tar from the soil."

More Blessings for Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)

As happened last year, the water level in the lake is approaching the so-called "upper red line."

Israel to Temporarily Replace National Anthem with ‘Let It Snow, Let It Snow’

This year, it appears the snow will stick around only through Thursday night when heavy rains will sweep the streets.


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