IEC Workers ‘Fish Out’ Sea Turtle Among Thousands of Jellyfish at Ashkelon Power Plant

Apparently jellyfish are a favorite food of sea turtles and the “all you can eat” buffet at the power plant was just too good a deal to resist.

Report: Arab Ecological Assault on Alexander River Raging Under Minster Gamliel’s Watch

"Instead of shirking their responsibility and telling Regavim to appeal to other entities, the ministry should put pressure on the local planning and building committees to address the problem."

Resilient Coralline Red Algae Inspires Israeli Scientists to Produce Man-made Materials

We hope that, based on these findings, we can use innovative methods to produce artificial materials . . . which will be as light, flexible, and strong."

Herd of Eretz Israel Gazelles at Midreshet Ben-Gurion

These gazelles can reach running speeds of up to 50 mph.

Moderate Earthquake Shakes South

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake occurred at a 10 km depth in the Red Sea, 222 km south-west of Eilat.

One of Haifa’s Oil Refinery Chimneys Collapsed

An inactive cooling facility in the BAZAN Group oil refineries in Haifa Bay collapsed Friday morning after a small hole had been created in...

Israeli Ecologists Create Plan to Save Endangered Mountain Gazelle

Israel and the Palestinian Authority are currently the last strongholds of the mountain gazelle and are home to just 5,000 individuals.

Israeli Research: Water Vapor in the Atmosphere May Be Prime Renewable Energy Source

"The results may be particularly important as a renewable source of energy in developing countries."

Russia Declares National Emergency as 20,000 Ton Diesel Spill into Dead River

The Ambarnaya is heavily polluted by the mining industry of Norilsk, to the point that fishing is no longer possible there.

First International Dead Sea Photo Competition Attracts Global Attention

Among the 3,500-plus photographers participating in the Israeli-initiated challenge were photographers from the Palestinian Authority, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

Wild Asses Saved by Israel Nature and Parks Authority

The wild asses arrived a week ago in the area of the Tze'elim estuary, and were loitering on Highway 90, posing danger to themselves and to the motorists driving by.

Israeli Elderly Emerge from Isolation in ‘Nature Tuesday’ Program

The Nature Tuesday initiative has been reactivated as part of the struggle against loneliness.

Gas Production Halted at Leviathan Due to ‘Operational Event’

The platform’s flare system was activated to burn off excess gas, generating a flame visible from shore.

Jerusalem Deploys Sheep to Fight Fires, Terror-Arson Suspected in Central Israel

The heat wave and terror-arsonists have been responsible for some large fires in Israel.

Israelis Are Getting Ready to Go Back to the Beach

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri announced the beaches will reopen officially to the public on May 20.

Infestation of Sick and Dead Krill on Eilat’s Northern Beach

Krill are considered an important trophic level connection – near the bottom of the food chain. They feed on phytoplankton and zooplankton, yet also are the main source of food for many larger animals.

Watch: Happy Dolphins Frolicking off Israel’s Shore

The band of aquatic mammals was happily playing in the waves.

Kinneret is Almost Full, but its Beaches Remain Empty

Just inches from its highest level in 20 years, the Kinneret’s biggest fans remain barred from its shores due to current travel restrictions.

6.0 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Crete; Also Felt in Israel

The quake was also felt in Israel, particularly in coastal communities.

Eerie Silence in Israeli Parks on Independence Day, Compared with Previous Years

And just to help you appreciate the rare beauty of Park HaYarkon on this Independence Day, see how the same park looked on Independence Day, 2014.

Blood of the Maccabees in Bloom on Memorial Day

The origin of the name Red Maccabees Blood is a legend that the plant flourishes wherever a drop of Maccabean blood was shed.

Dance of the Vipers

As it is in many cases of conflict between males, their intent is not to kill the opponent, only to define who is stronger and more dominant.

Happy Cows Invade Empty Nature Preserve Near Haifa

The country was under curfew for the last Passover holiday.

Kinneret Water Level Hits 16-Year High Point

Israel’s largest freshwater source is only 7.3 inches short of maximum capacity, with more rain forecast for later this week.

Watch: Family of Wild Pigs Enjoying the Quiet in Hula Nature Reserve

As of March 18, 2020, all nature reserves and national parks, including campgrounds and beaches, have been closed to the public until further notice.

Kinneret Expected to Fill Up, Dam to Open, in Early May

Experts are now expecting that in the first week of May the Degania Dam will be opened to prevent flooding.

Mountain Goats and Foxes Roam Israel’s Empty Preserves

The ibex is a kind of wild goat whose biblical Hebrew name is ya'el.


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