Israeli Scholars: Dead Sea Study Suggests ‘Valid’ Earthquake Forecast

Prior to earthquakes, electromagnetic radiation decreases in volume but become more intense, the researchers wrote.

Water Level in Lake Kinneret Approaching Full Capacity

Thanks to abundant winter rain, the water level rose by 31 centimeters (just over a foot) over the past week, reaching 209.95 meters (about 689 feet) below sea level.

Stray Dogs Attack IDF Fighters in North Gaza; Nature & Parks Official: Shoot Them

There has already been a tragedy of a Bedouin toddler who was bitten to death by a stray dog from Gaza.

Water Level in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) Steadily Rising

Israel has another month of winter left, so it is possible that this year the lake may indeed reach full capacity.

Jellyfish Stream into Ashkelon Power Plant, Mistaking Winter for Summer

"The jellyfish build up in the power station's filters, which prevent them from entering the operational systems."

Believe It or Not: TAU Scientists Claim Deforestation Reduced Thunderstorms in S. America

“This is a dangerous feedback loop, which could severely damage the forests that provide the earth with a significant portion of the oxygen in the atmosphereץ"

IDF Soldiers Rescue Protected Birds during Operation in Shechem

Poachers often resort to disabling the finches by breaking their wings or legs, transforming them into bait to attract their companions.

Israeli Scientists Say Latest Global Warming Suspect is Thunderstorms

"A rise in the number of thunderstorms occurring globally might significantly increase the quantity of cirrus clouds, thereby exacerbating the climate crisis."

Energy Ministry: Electric Car Numbers in Israel to Reach 1.3 M by 2030

The government is aiming to see all private vehicles to be electric by 2050, in addition to electric or hydrogen-powered buses, trucks and trains.

Update: 1 Killed, 8 Injured in Nachal David Rockslide at Ein Gedi

Nachal David was closed immediately and visitors to the site were evacuated.

Israel Working to Let Private Homes Store Energy

The program will also allow infrastructure for charging electric vehicles at gas stations without affecting the grid system.

Israeli Army Launches Initiative to Transform Organic Waste Into Renewable Energy

The technology is capable of recycling up to 500 kg of organic waste daily. The biogas produced will be used to heat water for the base.

Watch Black Whip Snake Dying after Trying to Devour a Hedgehog in Shoham

"At the end of the match both the hedgehog and the snake met their deaths in this tragic encounter."

Wild Boars May Decide the Vote for Mayor of Haifa

Mayor Kalisch-Rotem will appoint a Pig Czar.

Israeli Wireless Electric Road System Chosen for Groundbreaking French Project

The project will initially focus on charging commercial electric fleets while they are in motion.

It’s Not Autumn Yet, But the First Squills Are Already Popping in Israel

“I hope the images will help cool down the people of Israel a little, ahead of a particularly hot week."

U of Haifa Discovery of 1300-Year-Old Tsunami May Help Predict Future Shoreline Disasters

The landmark study is the first published evidence of a tsunami deposit on land and exposes the potential risk in the region for future natural disasters.

U. of Haifa Researchers Predict Few Jellyfish this Summer

"We say this carefully, and the reality can still change, but if you look at the past cases, this is the reasonable assessment as of this moment."

Israeli, American and Australian Corporations Collaborate on Climate Tech Insurance Venture

Extreme weather events have become more frequent and severe, leading to increased property damage, crop losses, and business disruptions.

Knesset Eretz Israel Caucus in Binyamin: Environmental Damage Means Failure to Govern

"Illegal garbage dumps and illegal incinerators are polluting the environment we all share."

Israel Ridding Haifa Bay of Dangerous Petrochemical Plants by 2029

These plants have raised cancer rates and are potential targets for Hezbollah missiles.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke Prompts New York to Hand Out N95 Masks

“The best way to stay safe right now is to stay indoors.”

Raging Wildfire No Longer Threatens Homes in Jackson Township, New Jersey

Jackson Township is about eight miles’ distance from Lakewood, home to a large Orthodox Jewish population.

New York City Air Quality ‘ Unhealthy’ Due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke

City residents were warned to limit their time outdoors, particularly those with respiratory illnesses, heart disease, children and adults over 65.

Wildfires Blaze Across Israel on Shavuot Weekend

In response to the sweltering weather, the Fire and Rescue Commissioner has banned open-air fires this weekend.

Deadly Epidemic Wipes Out Black Urchins in Gulf of Eilat, Threatens Coral Reef

"The sea urchins are the reef's 'gardeners' – they feed on the algae and prevent them from taking over and suffocating the corals that compete with them for sunlight." The problem: they no longer exist in the Gulf of Eilat.

Environmental Inspectors Suspect Lake Kinneret Poisoning Was Intentional

Tveria's municipal veterinarian warned local fish vendors no to sell Kinneret fish at this juncture.

Salamander Returned to Nature After Hiker’s Attempt at a ‘Rescue’ Almost Killed It

About a third of the world’s amphibian species are in danger of extinction.

Israel to Help Africa Build Green Zone in Sahara Desert

The "Desertec" program is part of the Great Green Wall initiative launched at the last climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh COP 27.

Rainy Weather Raised the Water Level in Lake Kinneret

Last year at this time, the water level was less than a meter -- just 13 inches -- below the upper red line.


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