Israel to Help Africa Build Green Zone in Sahara Desert

The "Desertec" program is part of the Great Green Wall initiative launched at the last climate conference in Sharm el-Sheikh COP 27.

Rainy Weather Raised the Water Level in Lake Kinneret

Last year at this time, the water level was less than a meter -- just 13 inches -- below the upper red line.

Ram Calves Born in Arava Nature Preserve Experience their First Rain

To the brand-new ram calves who until this week had known only sunshine and dry sands, the rain was a wonderful surprise.

Corals Struggle to Cope with Decreasing Oxygen in Seawater

The combination of decreasing oxygen levels, rising temperatures, and rising acidity in seawater is likely to exert growing pressure on marine life.

1 Dead as Another Serious Earthquake Rocks Southeastern Turkey

AFAD: There have been four fresh earthquakes in the region in the past three weeks, as well as 45 aftershocks with magnitudes between five and six.

4.4 Magnitude Quake off Lebanese Coast Rattles Northern Israel

The quake struck 73 kilometers northwest of Sidon, Lebanon at a depth of 10.0 kilometers, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

6.4-Magnitude Earthquake in Turkey Rocks Northern and Central Israel

More than 45,000 people were killed in that quake and a second, 7.7-magnitude quake that followed hours later on February 6.

Syrian Refugees in Turkish Earthquake Shocked to Be Treated by Israelis

There were many Syrian refugees in Turkey that needed medical aid, which Israel provided.

For First Time Israel Passes 10% Mark for Renewable Energies

The data of the report shows that in 2022, production facilities with an average capacity of about 96 megawatts in various technologies were connected every month.

Israeli Rescue Team Using New Technique to Rescue Turkish Earthquake Survivor

The team is now digging underneath the building with the plan to reach the man by drilling upwards.

Update: Israelis Report Third Earthquake in 24 Hours

Two other earthquakes gently rocked Israelis on Wednesday afternoon and late Tuesday night.

Israel Sets Up Field Hospital to Treat Turkish Earthquake Victims

The field hospital includes operating rooms, trauma units, X-ray machines and laboratories.

PM Netanyahu Speaks with Head of IDF Rescue Mission to Turkey

IDF rescue mission head tells the prime minister that Wednesday was "the most successful day that our missions have ever had" because they got there fast.

Earthquake Felt in Israel (Updated)

The earthquake registered 3.5 on the Richter scale.

Watch: Heavy Rains Revive Israel’s River Falls – And They’re Gushing!

We just received from the Israel Nature and Parks Authority two amazing videos.

Israel Rescue Teams Ready to Go After 7.8 Magnitude Earthquake Kills 1300 in Turkey...

A rescue mission of Israel's Home Front Command is preparing to leave for Turkey to provide aid in the disaster area.

Sea of Galilee Rises Over the Weekend

The water is just 1.64 meters below the upper red line.

Israelis Rejoice as Winter Finally Arrives; Heavy Rain Causes Disruptions

Mount Hermon saw at least 30 cm (11 inches) of snow, raising hopes that Israelis would finally get to enjoy a winter wonderland before spring.

Coastal Israel Rattled by 5.9 Magnitude Earthquake

"Another strong earthquake is expected to occur in Israel, but we cannot predict when and how powerful it will be."

Israel Raises $2 Billion in First Ever Green Bond Issue

A green bond enables investors in the capital market to be connected to the government’s sustainability and environmental goals and to help promote these goals.

Israeli Study Shows Light Pollution Wipes Out Desert Mice, May Harm Others

In most species studied to date, including humans, the biological clock is synchronized by light.

Watch: Keeping the Kinneret Always Topped Off

No more worrying about the (Sea of Galilee) Kinneret's water level dropping below the red line in drought years or from overpumping.

Watch: School of Nasrallah Fish Spotted in Eilat Bay

The Nasrallah fish knows how to fight back and inflict pain on an enemy, which explains its name (also because of the whiskers).

Israel Conducts First Cattle Census

"This move will reduce the bureaucracy involved in raising cattle in Israel today."

TAU Researchers: Female Locusts Have Superhero Abilities

She is able to extend her abdomen, including the nervous system, to two to three times its size, like a movie superhero.

Israeli Study: Plastic Additives Contaminate the Sea, Harm Coral

“Climate change, ocean acidification, and ongoing anthropogenic stressors place coral reefs at existential risk."

US Govt to Invest Millions to Improve Water on Long Island

State funding is also aimed at helping to address thousands of substandard or failing septic systems and cesspools that cause significant water quality impairments locally and statewide.

Fuel Leaking from Tanker Docked at Eilat’s Pipeline that UAE Wanted to Utilize

In May 2021, a storage tank in the Ashkelon depot of the pipeline was damaged by a rocket fired from Gaza.

World’s Largest Active Volcano is Erupting on Hawaii’s Big Island

USGS: “Residents at risk from Mauno Loa lava flows should review preparedness and refer to Hawaii County Civil Defense information for further guidance.”


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