Photo Credit: United Nations
The United Nations Human Rights Council

Israel’s UN Ambassador Danny Danon joined top Israeli officials Thursday in slamming the findings of the latest so-called investigation by a United Nations Human Right Commission inquiry into clashes between Gazans and IDF soldiers at Israel’s southern border over the past year.

Unsurprisingly – and as has without exception been the case with past UNHRC probes into Israeli-Gazan conflicts – the inquiry commission concluded that Israel was probably guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity. The name of the investigating commission, however, betrays its bias from the get-go: the ‘Independent Commission of Inquiry on the Protests in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.’


“The countries of the world should consider their membership in the Human Rights Council, which supports a murderous terrorist organization,” Danon said in a statement issued Thursday.

“This council is blinded by hatred of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces, and wastes its resources and time in political attacks and spreading lies.

“The report ignores the only truth: that IDF soldiers acted morally to protect Israeli citizens while Hamas sent children to the fence and used them as human shields.”

Danon’s statement was followed by one by the legal adviser and UN liasion for NGO Monitor, Anne Herzberg, who said the report was “absurd . . . whitewashing Hamas terrorism while condemning Israel for protecting its citizens. It is laughable that the UN treats cross-border violence as the same as a domestic policing situation.

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“None of this is surprising given the UN relied overwhelmingly on information provided by Hamas and terror-linked NGOs, and uncritically adopted their false claims. The Commission itself had no military or legal expertise, and was completely unqualified to author this report,” Herzberg pointed out.

“Horrifically, the UN has given Hamas and other Palestinian terror groups a green light to exploit children to serve as cover for violent attacks on Israeli civilians,” she noted.

“As usual, the UN Human Rights Council has done nothing to protect human rights, but rather has encouraged ever more violations.”