Ukraine PM Honors Ukrainians Who Saved Jews during the Holocaust

33,771 Jewish victims were shot at Babyn Yar by the Nazis and their Ukrainian minions during just two days, September 29 and 30, 1941.

World Continues to Support Israel’s Efforts to Quell Hamas Terrorism as UNSC Convenes on...

Over the weekend, Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz ordered to fly Israel's flag on the Chancellor's building in Vienna as a sign of solidarity with Israel.

Netanyahu: ‘We Will Weather This Storm and Emerge Stronger’

"Defeating Hamas does not only serve Israel’s interest; it serves the interest of all who seek peace, stability, and security in the Middle East."

Israel Calls on UN Security Council to Condemn Gaza Terror, Support Israel’s Right to...

“Hamas purposely places its terror facilities in the heart of the civilian population, including within multi-story buildings."

For Second Time, US Blocks Security Council Statement on Mideast Violence

It appears that U.S. officials were concerned that the proposed statements on the situation did not adequately address Israeli concerns.

Ukraine and Israel Agree to Continue Consultations on Vaccination Passports

The two sides compared notes in preparation for the celebration of Rosh Hashanah in Uman, Ukraine, in September.

Birobidzhan Residents Protest Russian Attempts to Eliminate Jewish Autonomous Region

According to the 1989 Soviet Census, only 8,887 Jews were living in the JAO, some 4% of the total population. As of 2002, only 2,357 Jews were living there.

2 TAU Researchers Win China’s Prestigious Changjiang Professorship Award

The Chinese government's decision to award the prize to foreign researchers is considered very unusual and attests to the outstanding excellence of the researchers.

Matching Half of Roman-Era Oil Lamp Unearthed in Jerusalem Possibly Found in Budapest

“It is likely that the two halves of the lamps were created in the same artisan house and may even have served as a pair to one complete piece,” says Hungarian archaeologist Gabor Lassanyi.

German Anti-Semitism Czar Wants Ban on Yellow Stars of David in Corona Vaccine Protests

The city of Munich, which had banned wearing a yellow star as a condition in dispensing rally permits.

Exposed: PFLP Diverted Humanitarian Funds from Europe to Finance Terrorism

The PFLP deceived the European aid organizations by reporting fictitious projects, submitting false documents, falsifying and inflating invoices, falsifying documents and stamps of banks, and reporting inflated salaries.

185 Israeli Scientists, Intellectuals, Israel Prize Laureates, Tell Hague ICC: Don’t Trust Our Government

"We wish to express at this early stage our deepest suspicion, based on past experience, that the State of Israel."

After Losing in Israeli Court, PA to Take Sheikh Jarrah Property Case to International...

The case involves Israel’s eviction of Arab families from properties in Jerusalem after an Israeli court denied the Arab property claims.

Swiss Diplomat Found Dead in Iran

"The cause of her fall has yet to be determined."

European Jewry Warns Far-Right Extremism Rising in Germany

"Far-right and neo-Nazi ideology is no longer on the fringes but is growing, and it is not remaining behind screens but is manifesting itself in violence and bloodshed."

India Requests Anti-Corona Drug from Ichilov Hospital as Israel Prepares Medical Aid Flights

Hundreds of oxygen generators, respirators, and other pieces of medical equipment are being sent Tuesday from Israel to India.

Ousted Human Rights Chief Warns Poland Becoming ‘Undemocratic’

Bodnar said that the powers that be in Poland are "trying to incapacitate or take over additional power mechanisms one by one."

In Historical First, European Parliament Condemns UNRWA for Incitement in Teaching Materials

An IMPACT-se report showed that PA school textbooks have “consistently shown a systematic insertion of violence, martyrdom and jihad across all grades and subjects.”

Israel to Send COVID-19 Medical Aid to India

"With life in Israel returning to a pre-pandemic “normal”, it is crucial to remember our shared responsibility to partner with communities facing the worst of it."

Azerbaijan Decides to Open Tourism, Trade Offices in Israel

"I believe these are important steps towards the opening of an Embassy of Azerbaijan in Israel."

Anti-Semitic Crimes in Austria Up 6.4% in 2020

Last November, the Jewish Community of Vienna started a public awareness campaign which may have raised the number of reported incidents.

Rafael in Process of Acquiring Bankrupt German Drone Manufacturer

Rafael states on its website that it views UAVs as key components in the modern battlefield.

Abbas Cancels Legislative Election Denying Hamas Easy Victory, Pins Blame on Israel

Of course, Israel could call Abass' bluff by designating voting stations for eastern Jerusalem residents who possess PA ID cards.

India Officially Asks Israel for Medical Assistance to Help with COVID-19 Crisis

"We are just burning bodies as they arrive. . . It's as if we are in the middle of a war."

Did You Know Sunday Marked 101st Anniversary of Allied Conference that Gave All of...

"The San Remo Conference is maybe the most unknown conference in Israel."


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