Ukraine Claims 7,516 Civilian Deaths Since Feb. 24, 2022 Russian Invasion

On the Russian side, 12,538 soldiers were killed (confirmed by names) as of January 27, 2023.

Netanyahu and Macron Meet in Paris and Discuss Iran

The main topic of their discussions was about Iran and the joint efforts to fight Iran's aggression and its aspiration to obtain nuclear weapons.

Sudan Confirms Israeli Foreign Minister’s Surprise Visit and Move to Normalize Ties

Sudan’s top leadership confirmed hosting Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen for talks on fully normalizing ties on Thursday. Sudanese ruler General Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan released a...

Ukraine Begins Pressuring France for Fighter Jets

Ukraine's Oleksii Reznikov: “Remember the story of the German Leopards -- the answer was also ‘no.' And now we have a tank coalition. . . I believe an airplane coalition is within reach."

US Prepares Another $2B Aid Package for Ukraine, Including Longer-Range Weapons

Ukraine has thus far received some $2.72 billion in security and military assistance from the United States since the start of Russia’s invasion.

Chad to Open Embassy in Israel

Chadian President Mahamat Déby announced during a visit to Jerusalem that the African nation would open an embassy in Israel.

Human Rights Watch: Ukraine Regularly Fires Banned Land Mines into Russian-Controlled Territory

"The massive use of these things makes it highly unlikely that it's a mistake or that it's a rogue commander."

Moscow Revives Claims the US Is Manufacturing Bio Weapons in Ukraine

Yes, the latest proof of American biological experiments in Ukraine is provided by one Russian official quoting another Russian official.

Russia Denounces Drone Strikes on Iran Reportedly Carried Out by Israel

“We strongly condemn any provocative efforts that have the potential to provoke an uncontrolled escalation of tensions in a region that’s far from being peaceful as it is,” stated Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry.

Netanyahu Declares Haifa Port Privatization a ‘Holiday’

"This day is a “holiday for the city of Haifa, a holiday for the State of Israel, a holiday for India, a holiday for our relations with India and a holiday for the economy of the region and the economy of the world.”

Netanyahu to Meet in Paris with French President Macron

In a phone call earlier this week, Macron “expressed France’s full and complete solidarity with Israel in its fight against terrorism,” and reiterated “France’s unwavering attachment to Israel’s security,”

Report: Sweden’s Muslim-Jewish Alliance Helped Prevent Planned Torah Burning Protest in Stockholm

Rabbi Moshe David HaCohen said he does not believe the Israeli government had anything to do with stopping the Egyptian writer from carrying out his threat to burn a Torah outside the embassy.

Russian Rocket Hits Synagogue in Ukraine

The Huliaipole Synagogue was hit by a Russian missile.

Zelensky: Denmark Ready to Send Tanks to Ukraine

Following the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, Frederiksen's government increased defense spending by more than a billion dollars.

Israel Sends Three Bulletproof Ambulances to Ukraine

An additional ambulance was sent to Ukrainian rescue forces in the past weeks and is already assisting rescue forces in life-saving activities.

Zelensky’s Advisor: Ukraine Accelerating Negotiations for Aircraft, Long-Range Missiles

Podolyak said his country’s allies understand that the armored vehicles they’re sending over must have air cover.

World Leaders Condemn Jerusalem Terror Attacks

The calls followed a painful Shabbat on which seven civilians were murdered and five injured in attacks by Arab terrorists in Neve Yaakov and the City of David.

Bipartisan Congress Members Urge the UN to Sack Antisemite Francesca Albanese

Albanese has asserted that the “Jewish lobby” controlled the U.S. and has likened Israelis to Nazis.

Report: Holocaust Education Expanding in Africa, Arab Countries, and Where It Really Counts –...

The Report includes an extensive discussion about Cyprus, presenting it as a model to be emulated.

Ukraine: Russian Army Using Mobile Crematoriums to Hide Losses

"Cremations take place without any identification and accounting of the bodies of the deceased occupiers."

‘Book of Names of Holocaust Victims’ Opens at United Nations Marks International Holocaust Remembrance...

"We must remember these individuals not as faceless and nameless victims, as the Nazis viewed them, but as individuals with unique life stories."

Palestinian Authority Workers Strike over UNRWA Funding Squeeze

The agency issued an appeal on Tuesday for donations to close its $1.6 billion funding shortfall.

Next on Ukraine’s Shopping List: F-16 Fighter Jets

“If we get them, the advantages on the battlefield will be just immense,” he said. “It’s not just F-16s: fourth-generation aircraft – this is what we want.”

Israel Rejects US Request to Send HAWK Missiles to Ukraine

Israel declines to send lethal military aid to Ukraine due to its security concerns vis a vis Russia’s control of the skies in Syria and the presence of a large Jewish community in the country.

WATCH: President Biden Announces the US Will Send 31 Abrams Tanks to Ukraine

“Delivering these tanks to the field is going to take time,” he warned, “time that we’ll ... use to make sure the Ukrainians are fully prepared to integrate the Abram tanks into their defenses.”

Australian Government Mulls Banning Entry to Antisemite Kanye West

The Australian Jewish Association has called on authorities to not issue a visa on the grounds that his planned visit constitutes a threat to the local Jewish community.

Germany Joins Poland, Decides to Send Leopard Tanks to Ukraine

Scholz added that Leopard II tanks would also be sent to Ukraine from Germany's European partners, approved by Berlin, with the aim of supplying Kyiv with two full battalions.

Israel’s Elbit to Provide NATO with Anti-Missile Systems

The system protects larger aircraft from the threats posed by infrared-guided missiles.

Poland Formally Asks Germany for Consent to Send Leopard II Tanks to Ukraine

Leopard II tanks were specifically designed to compete with Russia’s T-90 tanks, which are being used by Moscow’s forces in the war.


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