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Restaurant Owner / Volunteer EMT Saves Baby.

A baby choked on an ice cube during dinner last Thursday night. Luckily, her mother knew that the owner of the neighboring restaurant, Moshe Amano, was a volunteer for United Hatzalah. Without wasting a moment, she rushed to the restaurant and desperately asked for help.

Moshe quickly picked up the baby from her arms and assessed the severity of the blockage. The infant was not breathing, and her eyes were rolling backward, a clear indication of a dire emergency.


Without hesitation, Moshe gently placed the baby girl on her stomach, supporting her with his hand. He delivered precise back blows between her tiny shoulders, aiming to dislodge the obstructing ice cube and restore her breathing.

Moshe remained focused and determined with each well-placed blow. Finally, after several tense moments, the ice cube was dislodged, and the baby gasped for air. A wave of relief washed over the terrified mother as her daughter’s skin color returned to normal, attesting to her recovery. The EMT/Restauranteur reassured the mother that her infant was out of danger and handed her back.

Reflecting on the intense situation, Moshe reflected, “In moments like these, every second counts. My sole purpose was to do everything in my power to save that precious life. I am grateful that I could be there for the baby and her mother when they needed help the most.”

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