Photo Credit: MoD
Iron Dome test. Feb. 1, 2021

The Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in the Directorate for Defense R&D of the Israel Ministry of Defense, and Rafael Advanced Defense Systems completed a successful series of flight tests of the Iron Dome weapon system. The Israeli Air Force (IAF) and Navy also participated in the test, which was conducted in a base in central Israel.


The test was an important milestone for the new, advanced version of the missile defense system.

The test campaign was held in a number of scenarios simulating advanced threats with which the Iron Dome is expected to contend during times of conflict – whether on land or in the sea.

The new and upgraded version of the Iron Dome is expected to be delivered to the IAF for operational use. It will also be integrated and installed on the Navy’s Sa’ar 6 corvettes and will be central to the defense of Israel’s economic waters (EEZ).

The development of the Iron Dome is led by the IMDO in the Ministry of Defense. The prime contractor for the development and production of the Iron Dome is Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. The MMR radar is developed by ELTA, a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), and the command and control system (BMC), is developed by mPrest. The Iron Dome is an integral part of Israel’s multi-layered defense array developed by the IMDO.


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